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30 Ways to Get Revenge on Someone Without Getting Caught

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Ever have a built up anger or frustration to someone ? Whether it’s because you see the Signs Your Girlfriend Would Cheat on You or Signs That She Friendzoned You This built up anger that is buried inside you is not good. That is why you need to let it out. The way to do it is by revenge.


Revenge is risky because once you get caught, your life will be going down a spiral since then.But we are not saying that it is impossible. There are a couple of  ways to get revenge on someone without getting caught. Take a look at this tips and start planning your secret and vicious revenge ;

  1. Anonymous Text

Get a phone and text that person sick and twisted text that will haunt their day. Make sure it is not your personal phone but it is a phone you can throw away easily.  That way that person cannot trace your number back.

  1. Change The Name Of The Sender Of The Text

Want them to get all anxious and make the text seems more personal but still anonymous? Doing this will make you have more freedom in being anyone you want to make them miserable.

  1. A Secret Package

Send them things that frighten them and disgust them but do not mention who it is from. A mail is a great and secretive ways to get revenge on someone without getting caught.

  1. Secret Letter

Send them an awful content for the letter. It can be a place where you pour all your hatred towards them. Send it anonymously and you can let out all your anger freely.

  1. Fake Photos

Send them fake photos that might make them sad, frightened or furious. You can send it through a fake email,social media, or through the post. An image will always be in their mind, especially a bad one.

  1. Twisted Greeting Cards

Send them scary or twisted greeting cards that will make their day worse and worse

7. Fake Photographs

Send your person of choice a fake photo that will ruin their reputation and their life. Nowadays we’ve got plenty of ways to do it which is by using photoshop or other editing tools. Make sure that the photo is believable.

  1. Hacking Their Social Media

Hack into their social media by your self or with a hired expert. After that you can take over their social media and use it to do humiliating things that make their life goes downhill. Once you’ve done it, it will be hard to recover.

  1. Incriminating Articles And Websites

This might be a little intricate and hard to do but it is really worth it. Put up some fake articles and websites that fakes stories about their life in a shocking and negative way. What is on the internet stays on the internet!

  1. Scary Cd And Records

Send them a cd and record filled with scary voices and messages. Leave it on their door or send it through mail. This is a great and haunting way to make their life bad. They would not know How to Know When People Are Lying To You because it is sent anonymously

  1. Send Them Deliveries

Call a food place and ask for an astonishing amount of food. Then send it to their house. They will be left angry, frustrated, and out of money.

  1. Call A Service Man

Order them a plumber, electrician, or a house painter. Then tell them to do a specific job. Once the service man goes to their door, they will be confused and humiliated.

  1. Stink Their Room

Put something stinky around their space. It can be an animal carcass, a very stinky sock or something else that have an everlasting stink. This will make them irritated and tired from trying to make the stink go away.

  1. Call A Cops On Them

Incriminate them by taking out their license plate or other things. Then call a cops on them. By doing this, they will be frightened.

  1. Hire A Stalker

Hire a stalker to follow them but not do anything. Make it a little obvious so your target of choice can feel a little paranoid whenever they walk the street.

More Tips on Ways to Get Sweet Revenge on Someone

A little more tips on what to do to make the person of your choice’s life to be worse and worse;

  1. Hire A Professional Revenge Company – there are some company that offer a various range of ways to revenge. This will make it more anonymous and easier.
  2. Plant Incriminating Things On Their Property – put things that will make them go to jail for a day or two
  3. Blur Their Focus – blur their focus when they are trying to achieve something by taunting them and making them fail.
  4. Grow and Become Better Than Them – a not quite obvious way of getting revenge is by growing so much more than them
  5. Be Happier – Still works and it is always known to be an anonymous way to make their life miserable

Signs That Their Life is Miserable

Signs that you have done a great job at doing a revenge

  1. They Get Quiet – they are so scared and sad that they get quiet almost every time. If you ever think about helping them even though they hurt you, know the Words to Say to Someone Going Through a Difficult Time
  2. They Are Not Focused – they can’t focus on their work or anything because their life is going downhill
  3. They Get Nicer Towards You – They feel like the have done something bad so they get way nicer towards you
  4. They Stop Growing – they stop trying to improve because life is bad

When you just can’t find Ways on How to Get Rid of Bad Feelings towards Someone, you need to let it out. Although karma is something nice, of course we want to do something directly at someone that hurt us. Revenge is a well known way to make all your pain and anger go away. Make sure to do it discreetly so you don’t get caught by seeing the ways to get revenge on someone without getting caught.

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