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20 Other Ways to Say I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

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the mind is a weird place. Most of the times, we repeat happy memories and sad memories altogether. It makes us feel crazy and the only way to make it go away is to simply say it. What if words are not enough?


You can’t stop thinking about your lover and now it is making you mad. you do not want to look clingy but at the same time you want him/her to know that you love him/her. Why not find creative ways to say that your lover have always been in your mind? Here are other ways to say i can’t stop thinking about you;

  1. Thank you for reminding me what butterflies feels like

Isn’t cute when people say that the mere sight of them makes them all giddy and excited? When you say this you are saying that your lover is a remarkable person that you still fall for every single day. And it’s totally worth it!

  1. It’s been too long, let’s get together soon

This simple and effective line shows that you have always been thinking about your last encounter with your lover and that it was a very delightful encounter. This also shows that you crave your lover bad.

  1.  I miss you all the time

Hearing that you are missed by someone just means that that person enjoys your existence and always have you in mind! this is a subtle other ways to say i can’t stop thinking about you.

  1. I dream of you all the time

Dreaming about someone means that you always think of that person in the real life, it starts being your automatic thought in the dream world too. It’s such a sweet thing to say!

  1. You are the first thing in my mind this morning

Say this while smiling and your lover will show the Signs That Someone is In Love With You all over again. Being the first thought in the morning is something really special.

  1. This reminds me of you

You need to do this by giving your lover something that reminds you of them. this is a thoughtful way to win your lover’s heart because it feels that little details about them exist in your mind all along.

  1. Good morning/ good night texts

Texting your crush good morning or good night with a few positive words will make them know that you thinks about them every time, even when the day will end.

  1. I want to be with you so bad

Having someone want you bad, with a desire, just means that they have been thinking about you so much that it builds up in their chest and makes them want to collapse in your arms straight away. Saying this might make your lover show Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy

  1. Not being with you is driving me insane

This is a really passionate thing to say but it will make your lover melt straight away with all that love and passion that reflects through these words.

  1. I’m always here for you

Saying this means that you are always thinking about your lover as the first priority and always finding ways to make sure that your lover is happy in the relationship. It will make the relationship more heated and great! saying this also show Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally

More tips on showing that you can’t stop thinking of them

Sometimes words are not enough so you need actions to show that your lover is the constant thing in your mind, use this as an inspiration to make your lover crazy about you:

  1. Have a surprise for your lover – surprises is a pleasant way to say that you love your lover and that what you planned is a manifestation of how much you can’t stop thinking about them.
  2. Bring things that make your lover happy – is it a certain food or a certian thing? By giving your lover the thing you know they like, you are saying that you want them to be happy all the time.
  3. Always communicate – having a healthy and flowing communication with your lover is a sign that you can’t get enough of your lover which is great!
  4. Always initiate more meet ups – by simply asking them to meet up with you says volumes about how much you truly love their presence in your life.
  5. Ask about their day – by doing this you are showing that you can’t wait to hear about themselves and that you are crazy about them. it is also a great way to make your lover more relaxed and happy!
  6. Know their needs – by knowing their need, you can give it to them without them even saying it. By doing this, you which will make them feel loved, listened and wanted. It also shows that you are always thinking about the best for them.

Signs that your lover can’t stop thinking about you too

here are signs so that you know if your lover is feeling the same way too

  1. They reply to your texts a lot – it’s a good sign when you text your partner because you miss them and they reply with the same amount of excitement. If you find it hard to read the emotion behind the text, you should know the Signs That A Girl Likes You Through Texting
  2. They agree to more hang outs with you – agreeing to more dates with you means that your lover can’t stand being apart from you for too long.
  3. They stop you from leaving – when you guys want to part ways, your lover will try to stop you from leaving by stalling the time. This just means that your lover can’t and won’t stop thinking about you!

It drives us mad when we always miss someone. But we should not keep it in our heart and let it build up to an unhealthy degree. Do these creative other ways to say i can’t stop thinking about you so that you will feel relieved and the relationship will escalate even more

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