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What Should I Do For My Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday Party? Reasons and Ideas to Celebrate

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A birthday party is one of the event or day in someone’s life that is so special. This is because every person will welcome their new age. There are a lot of ways to celebrate someone’s birthday, different culture will have a different way to celebrate someone’s birthday. The question now is, what should I do for my girlfriend’s 21st birthday party? Because surely your girlfriend is included as someone special in your life.


Are you confused just like the question of does telling little white lies causing big problems in relationship? Here I would like to give some information that can you use, and hopefully these information will work for you.

Reasons to Celebrate Birthday

Some people are celebrating their birthday party to the fullest. But, some people do not mind not to celebrate their birthday and they tend to forget it, since it is only a matter of number. So, what should I do for my girlfriend’s 21st birthday party? Do I really need to celebrate it? Here are the reasons why you should celebrate yours or hers.

1. An opportunity to give thanks

Celebrating your birthday or the people you love will give an opportunity for that person who is having a birthday to give thanks. To give thanks towards the life and everything that she has in her life. This is a special occasion in someone’s life.

Since it is a special occasion then you can have some things to say to your crush on his birthday. At that moment in your life when you are able to give thanks for everything you already have you will generate positivity. Positivity is good for everything, including your relationship with her, so celebrate it.

2. Entering a new beginning in life

21st birthday is close to the meaning of maturity. Surely the 21st birthday will be different with the previous birthday celebration. In the 21st birthday, someone is acknowledged as an adult where you can have the freedom and responsibility as an adult.

Ideas to Celebrate Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

1. Candle light dinner

The first idea to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday is by having a candle light dinner together. Candle light dinner can provide a good ambiance for you and your girlfriend. And most restaurants will provide a birthday service if someone is having their birthday. Which will make the dinner better.

To have a romantic dinner, it does not necessarily require restaurant service. If you are able to cook, you can actually create your own kind of dinner which is more romantic since you put all of your effort to prepare it. Aside from the dinner you have prepared, you can also give some cute ways to tell your girlfriend you love her.  

2. Movie date

How about movie date? Bought her a movie ticket and make sure that the movie can excite her. She surely will appreciate the effort you did. Meanwhile, if you can choose the right movie, movie date won’t be less romantic than dinner. The point to make someone feel special is to make her happy, if she if happy with the movie, mission is accomplished.

3. Party

Birthday celebration is identical with party, whether it is big or small. You can also create a small party for your girlfriend with your and her friends. Make sure that she is the center of attention and enjoying the party, and you can also try on how to get a girl to ask you to a dance in middle school party. She will be so happy to be treated  that way.

4. Surprise

If you think you can’t do a party for her, you still can give her a surprise. And know the way on how to talk to your girlfriend’s mother for the first time if you are going to give her a surprise in her house in the middle or the night. Whether it is a simple or a big surprise for her, at least you already gave a try to make her feel special. And who does not like surprises from a special person?

The key to keep winning a girl’s heart is to make her feel special. Any kind of your action in order to make her feel special is already a good start. Try to keep it original, by your own way and not copying other people way to surprise their girlfriend. So if you are still confused on what should i do for my girlfriend’s 21st birthday party? I think you already know the answer.

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