What to Text a Guy After a One Night Stand – Dos and Don’ts

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Some people are not just ready with commitments that they opted to stay single for a while. Living a single life is said to be less stressful since they get to do whatever they want. But the need for sex is undeniable at times, especially when you used to it with your boyfriend. As you haven’t shown any signs you are ready for a new relationship yet, having one night stand is the best choice in store.

What to Text a Guy After a One Night Stand

After a one night stand with some guy that you (most likely) haven’t met before, it could be hard for you to forget since how good he served you the night before. Indeed, one night stand leave an unforgettable experienced and become one of the biggest thing you have ever done.

No wonder your hands get itchy not to text him the next day. But what to text a guy after a one night stand? It’s pretty unusual and not recommended to text a guy after a short hook up. Just like how you call it, one night stand should end once morning falls. But if it’s really hard to resist the urge of texting him, there are several unwritten rules to follow.

You must keep your text short and simple. Make it no more than just one sentence. Avoid something inviting like you want some more. Just by praising him for last night is enough to let him know that you don’t mind for another round. Pass the baton on him first and let him set the mood.

Not that you’re being obedient and let him drive you but woman tend to hurt worse when they have a one sided crush.

Here are the safest text you should send to your one night stand partner in the morning.

  1. “You were hot last night.”
  2. “I’m enjoying last night’s ride.”
  3. “I had some fun.”
  4. “Thank you for having me.”
  5. “You were veeeery good.”
  6. “What you done was impressive. Should give you a standing ovation.”
  7. “You were great.”
  8. “Glad you find the way to enter me.”
  9. “Definitely one that I never forget.”
  10. “Thank you for giving me a joyful night.”
  11. “I want to thank you for last night. Never know you’re that fun.”
  12. “I’m astonished by your outstanding performance.”
  13. “You’re done a remarkable work.”
  14. “Can’t help but saying I really enjoyed it.”

Text You Should Never Sent

If you think that he would be happy to be invited for second, you’re wrong (or you’re not). Usually people are done after a one night stand, just like how it called. But then again some girls are not aware this and busy finding the ways to flirt without coming on too strong. Just like you, he probably goes for one night stand because he doesn’t want to be tied by a commitment. Imagine how would he react to the signs of a girl flirting from you?

Make sure you sent none of these text below.

  1. “I was very happy last night. I’d like to do it again.”
  2. “I can’t forget how you ride me. I was wondering if you are the same?”
  3. “Shall we go for another round tonight?”
  4. “When will we do that again?”
  5. “Have you wake up?”
  6. “Your kiss linger on me. I just want you to know.”
  7. “What about dinner tonight?”
  8. “You know what? I miss you already.”

Reasons to Have a One Night Stand

Once in life, you must experience what is called a one night stand. There’s always a very, very good reason for it.

  • No String Attached is Less Stressful

Being in a formal relationship where you declare love to each other and dating is emotionally exhausted. You can be as free as you are before and you have to consider you significant other’s feeling before you do something. Clearly, it can be the best ways to move on after a bad relationship.

  • As a “Vacation” from Normal Life

One night stand relationship can be treated an escape from a stressful daily life. To meet with somebody outside our regular life can be refreshing in a way we never know before. Take it easy because it’s how to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way.

  • A Good Time to Play

Having sex with a complete stranger is awkward in some ways, but there are more fun coming. It’s a safe “playground” where you don’t have to be embarrassed or insecure about your body since you simply don’t care what he’d think about you. You can make as many experiment as you want with no burden. You will disconnect with him the next morning anyway.

  • Fulfilling the Drought

One night stand is the water to fill in your drought of sex. It’s less stressful, no string attached, you can go away anytime you want.

  • You Simply Want More

This is the case if you have hooked up with someone before and you want more. Then you set up a one night stand for fun with him because you miss his ride on the bed.

Thinking about what to text a guy after a one night stand could be harder that it should be. You have to be careful not to get swayed, especially when you have just had your first ever experience. Define the fine lines between sex and love. Love may produce sex, but sex doesn’t guarantee love. It’s why you shouldn’t be dragged too far just because he impressed you so much the night before.

Unless he show some signs that he is falling in love with you, set the guard up and keep things casual. Some guys are nice to girls because they simply respect them and not that they have any special feeling toward them.