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Why Does My Girlfriend Ignore Me When She Is With Her Friends?

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Why does my girlfriend ignore me when she is with her friends? – Have you ever in that situation when she is ignoring you? Oh, maybe you made a mistake you did not realize and that what makes her ignoring you. If you think that you know her enough, but you are still wondering why she is ignoring you, especially when she is with her friends, maybe you need to think twice.


Why Is My Girlfriend Ignoring Me All of A Sudden

You can actually ask her on why does my girlfriend ignore me when she is with her friends? But, if she is ignoring you, will she response? Rather than confusing on looking for the answer here and there, I would like to give you some information about her that maybe you have not known before. Here are some.

1. She is on her period

This is not a secret anymore that most girls will become more sensitive during her period. Her sensitivity is caused by the hormones in her body. During her period she can be that type of girl you won’t ever met ever, and there are things you should never say to your girlfriend on her period to make you safe and to not get the situation getting worse.

2. She had a tough time

Whether you have been in a long period of relationship with your girlfriend or not, people can have a secret or problem that they keep themselves. Your girlfriend may do it not to upset you or make you worry. Ignoring you means maybe she just wants to forget the problem for a while and enjoying the time with her friends. Her private issues or problem can also be a social problem with her friends, this is why she enjoys time more with her girlfriends than you.

3. She wants your attention

Your girlfriend may do not know the way on how to let your boyfriend know you need more attention, and she thinks that ignoring you is the best way to do that. By ignoring you, you will slowly realize that she is changing, not there for you like she used to be.

4. You made a mistake

This is one of the most frequent case. A girl ignoring you simply because you made a mistake you did not realize. Since girls are not that type of person who uses to talk to you about the problem directly, they will simply ignore you.

5. You are the one who is ignorant

Last but not least, you are the problem, you are the ignorant one. You might see that she is trying to ignore you just recently and this shows that she is tired with your ignorant attitude she can’t stand with. Know what happens when you ignore a gemini woman and figure out a way to have a better communication. 

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Ignoring You

So, if you want to fix your relationship better, your communication better with her surely there are things that you can try to do. For more information you can also read my girlfriend is ignoring me, what should I do to handle this.

1. Give the space she needs

Ignoring someone can also have a meaning that we do not want to be disturbed by that person. Maybe she is mad to you, having a bad day, or any other things happened to her that you do not know. So, give her a space. This will also show that you are trying to understand her condition.

2. Introspection

There is no need to keep asking her what happened if you don’t do self introspection. Maybe it was not her fault but your fault. Saying sorry to her won’t change anything, it is better for you to start doing something. If there was a mistake you did then try your best not to make the same mistake.

She has her own reason why she does not like you to do a certain thing. And surely her reason is only to maintain a good relationship between you and her. If you are that type of person who prefers her to talk to you directly rather than ignoring you, tell her when she is calmer.

So those are the information on why does my girlfriend ignore me when she is with her friends? I hope you enjoyed the article and can apply some information I gave you to help you out. Thank you for the time given to us, find another interesting article that may help you too such as does telling little white lies causing big problems in relationship?

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