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There is a hidden reason why you get nervous around beautiful women. 

A reason that most dating coaches don’t address. 

Most men are taught to approach women in a way that spikes their anxiety to unmanagable levels.

That’s why you’re always having to fight your approach anxiety, just to say ‘hi’ to a woman.  

It shouldn’t be this difficult, should it?

Well, it gets worse…

This anxiety-inducing approach strategy taught by most PUAs isn’t even the BEST way to approach a woman.

In fact, in most cases, it makes the woman very defensive and anxious to talk to you.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to do it. 

A method of approaching women likely to eliminate all of your nerves, while also helping them to feel calm and excited to speak to you. 

Fellas, that’s a crucial first step to getting into our panties.

If you’ve ever been harshly rejected by a woman, it’s almost definitely because you didn’t understand this effortless method of approaching women that feels natural and enjoyable for both parties.

Once you understand this superior method, your chances of taking us to bed skyrockets!

What’s more, when you use this strategy, it barely makes sense for us to reject you because most of the attraction-building takes place ‘under the radar’.

So, if you want to learn a method of meeting women that’s EASIER, MORE EFFECTIVE and virtually ELIMINATES THE PROSPECT OF REJECTION, read on.  


Your new rejection-proof strategy

You probably knew that most men find it difficult to approach women. 

But did you know that most women actually find it uncomfortable being approached - me included! 

A lot of the time we’re rejecting you, just to save ourselves from this experience - even if we really like you! 

That’s why I was so interested to learn about this alternative way of doing things created by UK dating coach Richard La Ruina.

Richard is one of the well-known dating coaches in the world. He’s been teaching men how to meet women for decades. I’d watched his YouTube videos in the past and spoke with a couple of his former clients, so I knew his advice was legitimate. 

But when I heard that his seduction method virtually eliminated anxiety for both men and women, I had to learn more. 

It felt like my duty as a female dating coach to see if it worked.  

So, I went ahead and purchased his digital ‘Stealth Attraction’ course. It seemed awfully cheap for what he was promising, but that made purchasing it even more of a no-brainer.

The main section of the course featured three hours worth of video lectures, explaining how this approach works.

It is split into five sections.  

  • Stealth Value. How to make a woman attracted before you even say anything.
  • Stealth Opening. How to effortlessly open the conversation and hook a woman’s attention. 
  • Stealth Seduction. How to seduce a woman ‘under the radar’ so that neither she nor her friends put up any barriers.   
  • Stealth Arousal. More advanced subtle seduction techniques that make a woman crave sex within hours of knowing you.    
  • Stealth Extraction. A natural, innocent and hassle-free method of taking a woman home from the bar or a date.

You’re taught exactly what to do in every step of the seduction - from saying ‘hi’ all the way to bedding her. 

Stealth is a recurring theme throughout all five stages of the course.

When I first saw this word spread throughout its chapters, I thought it must be a corny marketing gimmick.

Surely, intelligent women like me would be able to see through it…

However, as the course continued, I was amazed at the subtlety of the moves that Richard recommends.

There really was no point where I could imagine wanting to reject a man or make an objection. It just wouldn’t make sense to do so!    

The ‘Seduction’ and ‘Arousal’ chapters did some naughty things to my mind, also! I’m telling you these chapters are worth the money on their own. 

More importantly though, this course made it clear just how important it is to be subtle when firting with a woman. 

And I want to explain that to you in depth now... 

Why you need to be familiar with ‘Stealth Attraction’ techniques 

When you make it too obvious that you want a woman, you really are shooting yourself into the foot.

Even when a woman is really attracted to you, this might ruin your chances. 

Society trains women that it’s not ladylike to make it ‘too easy’ for men.

So, when you roll up and start telling a woman how hot she is, her natural response is to reject you.

It’s as instinctive as pulling her hand away from a hot stove. Even if she really likes you!

This is especially the case when she’s surrounded by her friends or other people who could judge her for being ‘too easy’.  

That’s not the only reason why ‘Stealth Attraction’ is key though. 

The truth is: women see flirting as a dance. There needs to be an element of mystery. A bit of push and pull. A sprinkling of ‘will we, won’t we?’  

This is what excites us! 

We want to experience the thrill of the chase.

When you come on too strong, you ruin that for us. It’s like spoiling the end of a fantastic love story - and we kind of hate you for doing that!

When it’s obvious we’ve got you, there’s no nothing left to excite us!

Imagine a love story when a man asks a woman out, she says yes and they sleep together. How boring would that movie be?  Beautiful women can experience that love story any time they want.

But we’ll feel terrible about ourselves if we let it happen too often - and especially if our friends find out. 

This whole idea can be confusing for men. 

After all, you need to do something right…?

Because women aren’t in the habit of taking the lead and seducing you. We hate that too. That’s also seen as unladylike - and we fear rejection even more than you guys. 

Thankfully, once you adopt the strategies outlined in ‘Stealth Attraction’, you’ll be able to consistently find that sweet spot of showing your intent to a woman without being too direct and scaring her away.  

‘Stealth Attraction’ is packed with bonuses for a limited time

When you purchase ‘Stealth Attraction’, you don’t just learn the five steps to this superior approaching strategy.

You also get:

  • Social Domination. Richard’s popular audiobook, which teaches you how to build a high-value social circle, and use it to attract more women into your life. 
  • Approaching Confidence. A hypnosis audio file, designed to permanently erase the fears that  cause approach anxiety. 
  • 14 days of access to the MPUA University. This is Richard’s archive of video lessons, packed with more materials to rocket your seduction skills to unknown levels. A monthly subscription usually costs $69.95, but you get 14 days of access for FREE when you purchase ‘Stealth Attraction’.

These bonuses are only available for a limited time, so don’t hesitate if you’re thinking about buying ‘Stealth Attraction’. Clearly, these bonuses could prove to be very useful if you’d like to attract more beautiful women into your life. 

Approach anxiety, rejections and loneliness can be a living hell

I’ve worked with enough single men to know what it’s like to be in their shoes.

It must be so tough having these horrible butterflies in the stomach every time you want to approach a woman you like. 

It’s surely embarassing and soul-destroying getting rejected by the majority of them (as most guys are).

But then you have to go through this gruelling process, otherwise you end up lonely, sexually frustrated and feeling like less of a man.  

Or at least you used to…

‘Stealth Attraction’ takes the pressure off you in such a wonderfully simple way, while dramatically boosting your chance of actually making a connection with the women you approach.

No more nerves. No more awkwardness. No more feeling the bitter sting of rejection. 

Just you and them enjoying each other’s company in the most beautiful and natural way! 

That’s why I want to tell the world about ‘Stealth Attraction’!

If all men knew about this strategy, the world would be such a happier place.

I’m also so pleased that Richard decided to make this course so affordable. 

It’s currently priced at just $69.99 - and that’s with all the free bonuses included. 

So, if you’re tired of being anxious and frustrated at the idea of approaching women, I am urging you to purchase this course right now. 

It will be the best investment you could ever make in your personal life  - and all for the price of a pair of jeans.

If you want to learn more about how ‘Stealth Attraction’ works...

Richard has created a short video outlined what you can expect from the ‘Stealth Attraction’ course. 

It contains a few previews of the ‘Stealth Attraction’ techniques themselves. So, if you’re even a tiny bit curious about how to attract women this way, you really should watch this FREE video right now.

Click here to watch the 'Get Her Now' video.

(Turn your speakers on and click the play button to watch it)

Before you start, here are some instructions that I’d recommend you follow. 

Make sure to watch the whole video. If you don’t have time to view it all in one go, bookmark the page and watch it some other time. The video isn’t as effective when watched in multiple sittings. 

Do not use the information to tease women or unnecessarily play with their emotions. These techniques should only be used to attract the woman you really want. 

If you found this video useful, share it with your single friends. This will make the world a better place for them - and the women they are approaching!

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