How To Go Down On A Girl (11 Vital Tips)

Oral sex can be awesome for both you and your lady if you do things right. Doing some research about her anatomy and things that may turn her on is a pretty good start but there's more to it.  One of the most important things to do when you're in the process, is to be […]

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What To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Calls You Beautiful (23 Things To Say)

Are you wondering what to say when your boyfriend calls you beautiful? Do you struggle to find the right words?  It can be tough. After all, it probably seems inappropriate to call a man ‘beautiful’, even if he is devilishly good-looking. So what should you say? I’ve listed dozens of ideas in the guide below.    […]

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17 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Capricorn

Do you have your romantic eye on a Capricorn? Perhaps you feel a connection, but something also feels a bit ‘off’? Maybe you’re hesitating but you don’t know why? If so, perhaps this guide will help you straighten your mind out and get to the bottom of why you’re not completely sold on this person.  […]

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Why Is My Ex Texting Me 6 Months Later? (13 Possible Reasons)

Are you wondering why your ex is texting you six months or more after you broke up? It can be confusing and discomforting when someone you really cared about reappears out of the blue like that… Maybe it’s playing on your mind and you need to know why he texted you? At the same time, […]

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When Your Girlfriend Goes to a Party Without You (13 Things to Do)

Relationships are complicated. One minute, a girl can’t get enough of you, the next, she’s attending parties without you. Now, I know all about not wanting to be “that guy”. You know the one who tries to cage his girlfriend and dictate her every move. But you are also only human, and worry just so […]

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Why Guys Ghost Then Come Back (11 Reasons Why He Disappears)

Are you wondering why guys ghost you only to reappear later? Perhaps you’re wondering whether these guys are worth your time.  Maybe there’s a genuine forgivable reason why men would do this - and you should give them a second chance. Or perhaps he’s just a nasty player who’s not worth your attention. It could […]

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Are Muslim People Forbidden To Kiss Before Marriage? (7 Ways Muslims Show Love If They Cannot Kiss)

Haram is an Arabic term that describes what is unlawful, or what many terms as sin. In Western Culture, so many things are permissible. In fact, personal choice is put above all. However, people who embrace their Islamic faith don’t have such freedoms, and for good reason. Religion is not put in place to punish […]

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How To Tell Someone You Don’t Want To Be In A Relationship Anymore (11 Tips)

The only thing harder than deciding you don’t want to be in a relationship anymore is telling the other person. It can be beyond difficult to find the right words to say. You have to make sure the location of the break-up is ideal.  More than anything, you don’t want to accidentally lead them on […]

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13 Signs Of Scorpio Woman In Love With You

Are you having strong feelings for a Scorpio woman? Do you wonder whether she feels the same?  This sign isn’t always the best at showing their feelings, but there are few subtle giveaways that Scorpio women show when they like someone. These are revealed in the guide below. But perhaps a more important question to […]

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Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She Is Sick (31 Sweet Ways)

Are you looking for some ideas to make your girlfriend feel better when she is sick? Something to show you really think a lot of her?  After all, it’s when times are tough that we can really show we care for someone… Well, you’re in the right place, because I have included an epic list […]

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