Feeling Trapped In A Relationship (7 Tips To Resolve the Situation) 

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a relationship, you most likely did not set out to feel unhappy with the man you chose to be with. You did not sign up for feeling stuck in a space that is supposed to grant you freedom emotionally and physically. While you might not remain the same person […]

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Husband Feels Entitled to My Body (11 Tips to Deal with Entitlement in a Relationship)

Is your partner acting entitled? Are you saying, “My husband feels entitled to my body!” and in need of answers? If yes, you’re in the right place. Understand that many men unconsciously want maximum sexual satisfaction from their wives because that’s all they have. However, all healthy relationships need boundaries, whether sexually or not. Below […]

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Quotes About Caring For Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You (101 Comforting Quotes)

One-sided relationships are often tedious because you’re trying your best to make the other person recognize your efforts. Nonetheless, being with someone who doesn’t care can actually take a toll on your peace of mind. We understand how you’re feeling and created this article with quotes and sayings to make you feel better. Below are […]

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When You Send A Guy A Picture And He Doesn't Respond (17 Possible Reasons)

Did you send a guy a sexy picture, only for him to disappear? Is this making you nervous? Are you wondering what he’s doing with the pictures while ignoring you? You have every right to be uneasy in this situation, especially if it was a somewhat compromising photo.  However, you don’t have a significant reason […]

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How To Tell Him You Miss Him Without Sounding Desperate (31 Ways To Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Sounding Needy) 

Are you hoping to win back your ex? Maybe you’re thinking about telling him you miss him, but you’re worried about sounding desperate?  Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s a smoother way to let him know how you feel?  If so, this guide is here to help you out. It is packed with some useful tips […]

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How To Tease A Girl On Text (35 Vital Tips)

The advancement of technology has somehow still not solved the mystery attached to the art of texting women. This mystery gets stronger with time, even when everyone seems to own a cellphone. If you've felt attracted to a girl or a couple of girls over the last few months, chances are you've been thinking of […]

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How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You Just By Texting Message (35 Tips)

Are you useless at texting girls?  Do you consider yourself to be quite good at meeting girls in real life, only to get regularly flaked on or ghosted? Maybe you're able to attract lots of matches on Tinder but unable to convert any of them into dates?  In both these scenarios, your texting is nearly […]

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Why You Should Never Date A Pothead (11 Serious Reasons)

Stoners are some of the most chill people you will ever meet. If you come across one who has it together enough to attract you, it can take all you have not to fall for their openness and their laid-back charm. Their potential for interesting conversations is second to none. They always have a plan […]

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What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Away For A Week (31 Things to Do)

When you love someone, it is normal to want to be with them at every waking hour. Nevertheless, there will be times when they will be out of your reach - perhaps, you are in a long-distance relationship or have conflicting schedules. Regardless of the reason, you should know how best to spend this time […]

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How To Find Girls On Omegle (15 Vital Tips)

The difference between dating online and in-person keeps blurring by the day. As an author, there have been endless times when young females and sometimes males reach out with their experiences and skepticism for considering an opposite gender on a dating website. And I can understand their opinions, and the dating pool online can be […]

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