Ways To Get Revenge On Someone You Hate (101 Ways)

It could be painful to watch someone go unharmed after offending you, especially when they did it to affect you emotionally. It's okay to feel offended because some people do wrong things to people without caring how those people would feel. You may expect them to apologize afterward, but not everyone knows this. This is […]

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103 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He’s Being A Jerk 

A complete jerk is someone with bad qualities, who doesn’t care how their behavior affects others. If your boyfriend has such attributes, you might get hurt more often than none. We understand how you feel and that’s why we created this article for you.  If there’s hope that your partner can change, here are some […]

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How To Get A Korean Guy To Notice You (7 Cute Ways)

Whether you are a fan of Korean dramas or you are in Korea and have met a Korean man you fancy but are unsure of how to get his attention, then this post is for you. Unlike the western culture and our dating scene, the Korean dating culture is quite different and unique. Beyond the […]

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Signs Your Boyfriend Only Wants Your Body (17 Clear-Cut Signs)

So you’ve finally got yourself a boyfriend; someone who isn’t afraid of labels, who actually lets you post him on your social media, and agrees to meet with your friends. As opposed to the usual one-night stand, he actually keeps calling you back. You’re overjoyed and excited but you notice that a few things are […]

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Sarcastic Things To Say To Haters (101 Witty Statements)

Does your lifestyle mean sometimes dealing with haters and rude people who, for some reason, feel entitled to an opinion on your life?  Your haters may not be quite as overt, but the truth is they exist, and the beef can be lifelong regardless of what form they take.  Now, ignoring them and focusing on […]

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Feeling Trapped In A Relationship (7 Tips To Resolve the Situation) 

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a relationship, you most likely did not set out to feel unhappy with the man you chose to be with. You did not sign up for feeling stuck in a space that is supposed to grant you freedom emotionally and physically. While you might not remain the same person […]

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Husband Feels Entitled to My Body (11 Tips to Deal with Entitlement in a Relationship)

Is your partner acting entitled? Are you saying, “My husband feels entitled to my body!” and in need of answers? If yes, you’re in the right place. Understand that many men unconsciously want maximum sexual satisfaction from their wives because that’s all they have. However, all healthy relationships need boundaries, whether sexually or not. Below […]

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Quotes About Caring For Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You (101 Comforting Quotes)

One-sided relationships are often tedious because you’re trying your best to make the other person recognize your efforts. Nonetheless, being with someone who doesn’t care can actually take a toll on your peace of mind. We understand how you’re feeling and created this article with quotes and sayings to make you feel better. Below are […]

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When You Send A Guy A Picture And He Doesn't Respond (17 Possible Reasons)

Did you send a guy a sexy picture, only for him to disappear? Is this making you nervous? Are you wondering what he’s doing with the pictures while ignoring you? You have every right to be uneasy in this situation, especially if it was a somewhat compromising photo.  However, you don’t have a significant reason […]

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How To Tell Him You Miss Him Without Sounding Desperate (31 Ways To Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Sounding Needy) 

Are you hoping to win back your ex? Maybe you’re thinking about telling him you miss him, but you’re worried about sounding desperate?  Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s a smoother way to let him know how you feel?  If so, this guide is here to help you out. It is packed with some useful tips […]

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