Best Ways To Win Aquarius Man And Make Him Fall For You

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Aquarius man is one wonderful creature that make us easily fall in love with him. However, winning his heart is another thing. You could be easy to fall for him but he won't be falling in love with you right away. He is very, very picky when it comes to love. And what makes it harder is that they won't fall for physical appearance solely. So just because you have done the head to toe makeover, it doesn't guarantee that you can win his heart.

You need to know the best ways to win Aquarius man and make him fall in love with you. It's a bit tricky doing the ways How to Make Him Fall in Love with you, but still worth to try.


1. Start Off By Being His Friend

start by being his friend

It takes time for an Aquarius man to fall in love, so jumping straight to dating after a few meetings is not his thing. You need to go through the process, starting as his friend first. He believes that time will reveal whether you are worthy enough to be his girlfriend or not. Really picky, isn't he?

2. Be Unique And Attractive

As Aquarius is not into physical appearance, so you need to be unique in other way. Of course you have dress yourself properly but what's more important is that you are following your passion in life. He likes a girl who knows what she wants and how can she achieve it. And of course, be yourself in everything you do. You don't need to do something crazy or exceptional to get his attention.

3. Don't Do Drama

No man in the world love drama. Neither your Aquarius crush. Instead of filling your life with drama everyday, you better focus on your life and how could you make it better. Stop complaining and start living, that's how he will see the Wife Material Signs that worth to date.

4. Surprise Him

Just like any other man, Aquarius loves surprises. And don't forget to add some sincerity in it. Not just common surprises, but one that included your heart in it. Such as packing him your homemade lunch and delivering it on the day when he's working is not a bad idea. He is not into expensive gifts, so there is no need to spend money on it.

5. Keep The Positive Vibes

Aquarius tend to distant himself from anything negative. He prefer to keep the positive vibes around because for him, it do wonders for his life. Be happy when you are around him, not the fake happiness but genuinely happy. Your smile and the positive vibes you bring will soothe him when he's having a rough day. 

6. Give Him Your Trust

give him your trust

This is the most important foundation of a relationship, including for Aquarian. He takes time to know you better because he wants you to trust him and he want to put his trust to you as well.

7. Do Volunteer Work

Aquarius is a good person at heart, so he wants someone like that to date. Doing the volunteer work will be enough for an Aquarius to know that you are worthy of his love. Try to do volunteer work together and he will fall in love with you right away.

8. Be Patient

As it takes time for Aquarius to fall in love, it requires patience to win his heart. For some Reasons Why Aquarius are Hard to Understand because he sometimes can be stubborn and selfish, the best Ways to Please an Aquarius Man is by being patient.

Signs Aquarius Man Fall In Love

Now is time to check whether all the best ways to win Aquarius man heart is working or not...

  1. He ask you to accompany him for meals 3 times a day.
  2. He tries his best to keep you entertained. Always.
  3. He shows romantic behaviors to you.
  4. He talks about his future, and involving you in it.
  5. He wants to be your best friend.
  6. He always there to help you with anything.
  7. He wants to know you more.
  8. He wants to spend his time with you.
  9. He tells you he loves you.
  10. He prefers to spend his time with you rather than with his friends.
  11. He becomes passionate to you like take your hand while walking and hugging you all the time.
  12. He becomes nervous in front of you.

Aquarius Traits And Characteristic

aquarius traits and characteristics

Why did you have to do the best ways to win Aquarius man? Of course they have plenty of goodness right inside their hands. Here are some traits and characteristic of an Aquarian you need to know.

1. They Have A Gold Heart

Yes, Aquarius is a good person inside and out. They willingly help people in need and will support you in reaching your dream.

2. They Know How To Protect Themselves

You don't need to worry for Aquarius man. They won't stay still when somebody stepped on him. They know how to get revenge.

3. They Are Open Minded

It's one of the good traits about Aquarius. They are open for a change and not quick to make judgement about new things.

4. They Have A Large Number Of Friends

Aquarius will never be alone. It seems like they know everyone and everyone know them. You won't believe how fast they adapt with new people.

5. They Are Intelligent

Talking about cleverness, you should never left him out. To keep up with him, you probably need to update on the latest issues.

After knowing all the best ways to win Aquarius man heart, you have make one step forward to make him fall in love with you. When things doesn't go as you wish, just be patient and don't give up easily.

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