What Is My Capricorn Man Thinking About Me? He Loves Me Or Nah?

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As a lover who falls for a Leo man, you often think deep in your heart what is my Leo man thinking about me? Guessing for what is unknown is sometimes frustrating since you are not willing to ask directly for what is he thinking about you and guessing a Leo man is quite tricky because he is a total introvert who doesn't like to show anything.

His personality shows that he is indeed a very hard to see through person, also, a very hard to please one.


1. He Is An Introvert So He May Think You Are The One But Never Let Everyone Know

he is an introvert so he may think you are the one but never let everyone know

He is an absolute mystery for he never shows interest of what is going on around him, so if you can only guess, you will hardly find anything. However, he might think you are the one for him.

He just doesn't like bragging about it.

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2. He Is Very Sensitive He Could Ignore You Without Explaining The Problem You Have Made

Sometimes, he decides to ignore you for days to let you know what you have done wrong. He will not tell until you realize what was wrong and secretly hope you will apologize.

3. He Is An Anti Social, He Almost Never Tags You Anywhere Online

If you want a guy who will brag the romance of your relationship anywhere online, you will face difficulty having one with your Leo man.

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4. Your Cap Man Is A Workaholic, You Will Be Alone More

Capricorn man is a total workaholic, he will spend most of the time outside with his friends or colleagues.

This doesn't mean he ignore you, he just like to work and finish everything so that he won't take work stuffs at home.

5. He Is What Every Woman Needs In Bed, He Aims To Please

He will satisfy you and never let you down in bed. A Capricorn man is very wild yet caring her girl so don't worry about it.

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6. He Might Think You Like Books As Well

he might think you like books as well

If you have a chance to see his room at least once, you are special. A Capricorn man loves historical and old stuffs including books, and he secretly hope that you like them as well so you both will have regular "reading date" together.

However, he respect his girl to be herself than faking to follow him. Any book will work, though.

7. He Might Think You Are His Everything But Often Hurt You Because He Doesn't Know The Correct Way To Show

Sometimes, words coming from a Capricorn man is too strong and you can't handle it anymore while he says it is for your own good, indeed it is. Those words, though, never comes with bully hands, he would never hurt you physically.

However, you may cry if he starts causing trouble since he doesn't know how to talk with girls.

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8. He Might Have A Long Term Plan With You But Never Share

Your Capricorn man is very committed when it comes to money management. He would save money for a big and long-term plan.

If he starts to prevent you to spend too much money, he might have a plan to have a big marriage ceremony with you.

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9. He Might Think You Spend Too Much Money On Unimportant Things

As your Capricorn man is like a father material man, he would think you spend too much money on things he thinks unimportant like make up, another clutches, another phone case or nails.

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10. He Might Think You Are Childish

he might think you are childish

Since a Capricorn man likes historical stuffs and books, he might think you are childish.

The combination of his mute and deep personality may kill you and risk your relationship if you can't keep on understanding him.

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