Open-Ended Questions To Ask A Girl (205 Open Ended Questions To Ask A Girl)

Last updated on April 14, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Having awkward silence on a date is just the worst! No one wants to go on a date and be caught tongue-tied, looking for the next great thing to say. Talking is part of the dating process, so if you're short of things to say to your date, she may think you aren't really that into her. 

When you're getting ready for a date, your outfit and scent aren't the only thing you need to think about. You need to think of good conversation starters and small great topics to engage her in small talk. So, if you're planning a date with a girl you really like and you have no clue what you're going to say to her, here are a few interesting questions you could consider. 


205 Open-Ended Questions To Ask A Girl

1. Do you like the restaurant?

When you're on a first date with a girl, you want her to know that her comfort is important to you. Most guys neglect this. So, ask her if she likes the venue you picked for the date, it will show that you care?

2. Is the food good?

Another way you can show that you care is by asking if she likes the food. You don't have to bombard her with a million deep questions, just ask to see if she's doing well.

3. Where are you from?

It's important to ask a girl where she's from especially if her culture is a large part of her life and personality.

4. Where did you grow up?

She may not have grown up in her home country or hometown, so it may be interesting to know where she grew up, since her environment largely makes up her personality.

5. Did you like it there?

Not everyone liked the place they grew up in. Asking her this gives you a clue into what she likes and doesn't like. It's also a fun question that could lead to a great story.

6. Do you visit?

Asking her if she still visits the city, town or country she grew up in could give you an insight into how much she loved or hated her time growing up.

7. Would you go back if you had the chance?

This question may be asked out of curiosity but it will also tell you if she likes to leave things behind permanently or if she doesn't mind revisiting situations, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

8. What was your childhood like?

Asking the girl you like what her childhood was like shows that you have genuine interest in her journey to become who she is today.

9. How many are you in your family?

It's always a good idea to ask a girl you like about her family, especially if she's very family oriented.

10. What are they like?

Another family-focused question. It won't only give you an idea of what her background looks like, it will also help tell you more about what shaped her.

11. What do your parents do?

You're giving her another opportunity to talk about her family life and that's great.

12. How many brothers and how many sisters?

You'll know if she's from a large family or a small one. This way you can tell if she's like to be social and considerate or more closed up.

13. Does your family have a close connection?

This may be a direct question to ask a girl, especially on a first date, but it's not taboo. Personal questions are usually second-date questions. However, If she seems cool, just ask.

14. What’s the best advice you wish your parents gave you when you were young?

This question could help you discover the important lessons she regrets not knowing. Everyone has regrets including the girl you like.

15. What traditions and cultures do they hold dear?

It's important to know what principles her family holds dear, especially the ones shaped by her culture and traditions.

16. What parts of your culture are you least proud of?

This is a great question to ask a girl you like. By her answer, you can tell if she’s totally committed to all aspects of her culture including the toxic ones.

17. What parts of your culture are you most proud of?

Another question that will help you find out if she likes to form her own thoughts or if she just does what is expected of her.

18. Where did you go to college?

Another important question to ask a girl you like. Knowing where she got her education can give you insight into what she's like. When she’s talking, you could listen for an accent if possible.

19. What did you study in college?

Inviting her to talk about her major in school is a fun way to get her talking about what interests her.

20. Why did you pick your major?

Asking the girl you like what inspired her to pick her major could help you understand what inspires her too.

21. Is your profession related to that?

Did she get the chance to work a job that was in line with her major in college? Some more insight into her journey.

22. Would you change it if you could?

If she studied something she wasn't really into or ended up regretting later on, this is your chance to know.

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23. What are your passions?

This is your chance to find out the passions of the girl you like. It may not be the most creative way to ask but it's valid.

24. What country's cuisine is your favorite and why?

Who doesn't like food? And most of all, who doesn't like to talk about food?

25. What is your favorite meal and why? 

what is your favorite meal and why

If she gives a great answer to this question, it could help you find out what kind of food your date likes and where your second date could be.

26. Where's your favorite place to be?

This is your chance to find out where the girl you like loves to hang out.

27. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Asking about the future can be a bit tricky especially if she's in a transitioning phase in her life. However, there’s no harm in asking.

28. Are you religious?

A very key question to ask a girl you like, especially if you're ready for a serious relationship. Find out if you can live with this.

29. What religion do you belong to?

Find out if you and this girl you like have similar beliefs before you get invested.

30. Do you believe in destiny?

This is another window into her belief system. There's no need to be with someone if you can't discuss anything.

31. Do you like your current profession?

Asking her if she's happy with her current career path would give her a chance to vent if she's not and a chance to talk about her passions if she is.

32. What would you change about it if you could?

Find out what she would change about her current job.

33. Have you ever been on a successful blind date? And what made you change your mind about them?

This two-in-one question could give you hints about what to avoid on dates with her.

34. What's your most cringe moment?

This question is kind of a comic relief kind of question. Especially when things seem to be getting a bit too serious.

35. What things do you find funny?

This is a great way to find out what makes her laugh. It also makes meaningful conversation.

36. Were you a problem child?

If you want to get more laughs out of her, this could be a great question especially if her answer is yes.

37. What was the worst thing you did as a child?

Who doesn't like a good childhood mischief story? Sit back while she tells you about the most ridiculous thing she did as a child.

38. What was the worst punishment you got as a child?

More interesting childhood stories from this one and if she's a good storyteller, this conversation may last halfway through your date.

39. What's your most awkward moment?

This question will give you lot's to laugh about. Sharing your most embarrassing moments will definitely make you laugh, especially if you share your own experiences too.

40. What's your favorite animal and why?

A person's favorite animal could give you insight into their personality traits.

41. What are you really bad at?

If she is honest enough to tell you what she isn't good at, she's a keeper.

42. What are you exceptionally good at?

Give her a chance to brag a bit. Everyone likes to talk about what they're good at.

43. What are your hobbies?

There's no reason why you wouldn't want to know her hobbies. If you like her, you'd want to know what she’s interested in.

44. What food could you eat for the rest of your life if you were given the chance?

More food talk. It's a good question to throw in if the conversation started to get a bit stale or too serious.

45. What superpower would you pick if you had the chance?

This is a great thought-provoking question and can help you understand her personality even more.

46. What's your spirit animal?

This is a great place to find out what her inner nature is.

47. What are your irrational fears?

Everyone has irrational fears - those fears we just know are worst-case scenarios yet we can't seem to shake them off.

48. What do people commend you on the most?

This is one way to find out what other people think of her. This question is only relevant if you really care what people think.

49. What's the weirdest thing you've ever done?

Everyone has done something weird before, so there's always going to be an answer to this question.

50. What's your first task when you get up in the morning?

whats your first task when you get up in the morning

Her answer could give you a sneak peak into what her day looks like.

51. What are your favorite fruits and why?

If she has a favorite food, she probably has a favorite fruit. It's an interesting fact to know about your love interest.

52. If you could be an animal, which would you be and why?

Her answer could tell you a lot about her. Think about the traits of the animal she mentions, she probably has similar traits.

53. What do you like about me?

If you prefer asking direct questions, you will like this one. Simply ask her what she likes about you.

54. What was your first impression of me?

Another good question. Let her tell you if you did well on your first impressions.

55. Do you like long-distance relationships?

It's always better to find out if your date considers long-distance relationships to be worth her time. The earlier you're aware of facts like this, the better for both of you. Just in case one of you is planning to move anytime soon.

56. What do you do when you're home alone?

This could give you a clue of what your date is like when she's alone. Perhaps you do the same things too.

57. What do you think my spirit animal would be?

Give her a chance to analyze you too. See yourself through her eyes for a change.

58. Where would you like to take a road trip to if you could?

Lots of people don't like road trips. This question will let you know two things about her; if she likes road trips and what destinations she loves the most.

59. Which of my friends do you like the most and why?

If she has met your friends, ask her what she thinks of them. If she's able to relate well with them, that's a plus.

60. Which of my friends would you rather not be around and why?

Finding out which friend your date isn't necessarily comfortable with could help you understand what she doesn't like.

61. What makes you happy?

This is a great question that will help you discover what brings her the most joy.

62. How many meaningful relationships have you been in?

Not everyone likes to know about a potential partner's past since deep questions like these may be considered personal questions. However, it's always safer to know facts like this.

63. When was your last serious relationship?

If her last relationship was way too soon before you, you're likely to be the rebound. So, find out now and you'll know where you stand.

64. How long did it last?

If you're really interested in knowing the details of her relationship break, you could ask her how long it lasted.

65. Why did it end?

Knowing why a relationship ended is important. Although it's always best to hear both sides of the story, hearing it from her won't hurt. Just pray she's honest.

66. What was your first relationship like?

Most people's first relationships weren't the most pleasant. However, the first relationships are always the most special. So it's useful to have some of that information.

67. How old were you when you first fell in love?

This isn't one of those important questions you absolutely have to ask a girl on a first date. It's not necessary to talk about her, but it's a nice random fact.

68. What are you looking to get out of your next relationship?

Now, this particular question is important and perfect for a first date. It's best to know what they want out of a relationship with you so everyone is on the same page.

69. What is your quirkiest habit?

Everyone has a secret, quirky habit. It would be fun to hear her talk about her.

70. What is something no one knows about you? 

Dare her to tell you something no one else knows about her. Sometimes it's easier to share your secrets with a stranger.

71. Have you ever been to jail and why?

It will surprise you how many people have run-ins with the police. Even innocent-looking people. Some people have very amusing stories to tell too. Find out if your girl has one.

72. Have you ever cheated in your relationships? And why?

This is another piece of information that would surprise you. A lot of people have cheated in past relationships including women. If she's honest enough, she may admit to it.

73. What do you consider to be the stupidest thing you've ever done?

We've all done stupid things before. The good thing is that when we realize it was stupid, we can laugh about it.

74. What's your biggest fear?

Discussing each other's fears is a great way to keep a conversation going. Since everyone has fears, there will be a lot to talk about.

75. What would you never tell your parents?

what would you never tell your parents

Another chance to hear a secret. However, you've got to ensure that you're both comfortable enough with each other before you ask her this.

76. What's the craziest dare you've ever agreed to do?

We've all played a good game of truth or dare at least once in our lives. Hearing her crazy dare stories would really give you something to laugh about.

77. What's the worst lie you've ever told?

This is likely to be a story from her childhood since most of us told our worst lies when we're kids. Get ready to have a good laugh.

78. What's your favorite thing about yourself?

Listen carefully to the way she talks about herself and you can tell if she has a healthy self-esteem or if she still needs to stabilize her emotions.

79. What do you like most about your life?

Any healthy-minded individual will have things they like about their lives. Listening to her talk about this will be pleasant for both of you.

80. What brings your inner child to life?

This is a great question if you want to find out what your date's younger self was like.

81. What's your favorite memory?

Bringing up the good memories would be nice too, apart from lightening things up, it will put a smile on her face for sure.

82. What's your favorite movie and why?

This is a nice way to find out if you both like similar movies. If you do, that's a big plus.

83. What's your worst movie and why?

Also, a great way to find out what movies are unappealing to her. If you happen to hate the same movies, that's a score.

84. What movie made you cry the most?

If she's emotional when she watches movies, this is the best way to find out.

85. Who's your favorite movie star and why?

Talking about movies and movie stars is always a great way to make conversation.

86. Who's your favorite celebrity and why?

Her favorite movie star may not be her favorite celebrity, so this is a pretty good question.

87. What's your happiest memory?

Her happiest memory may not necessarily be her favorite. So throwing this question out there isn't an error.

88. If you could have only three things, what would those things be?

If you'd like to make things even more interesting, tell her that she can only answer this question in three words.

89. Do you like pets? Why?

If you're thinking of getting into something serious with this person, this question is really important. If you're an animal lover, you don't want to end up with someone who hates animals.

90. Do you have a pet now and what kind of pet do you have?

Finding out if she's a dog person, cat person, fish person or reptile person is important. You don't want to end up with a snake owner if you're afraid of snakes.

91. What's your pet's name and why did you name them that?

This question is light and playful. It's one of those funny questions you throw in when things seem to be getting too serious.

92. Have you ever lost a pet And what happened?

Most pet owners have lost pets before. This is a nice way to discover new random facts about her.

93. Did you have pets growing up and which of them was your favorite?

If she grew up with a pet or multiple pets, there's a chance that she is a responsible person. Taking care of pets when you're a child can help teach you responsibility at a young age.

94. What was your favorite thing about your childhood?

Giving her a chance to talk about her childhood is always a good idea. Especially when they are positive events.

95. What do you find attractive in a man?

This is an indirect way of asking her if she finds you attractive while also finding out her taste in men.

96. What's your love language?

This is probably one of the second date questions, but if you're both hitting it off faster than you expected, go ahead and ask her.

97. If you could relocate to any country in the world, which would it be? Why?

Another random question that could give you insight into her likes and dislikes. Plus, if you like traveling too, you could plan your next trip to one of these destinations.

98. What makes you blush?

Lmao, if you actually want to see her usher, try asking her this one. She'll definitely blush while attempting to answer it, especially if she’s a shy girl.

99. What makes you secure and comfortable when you're with a man?

This is another indirect way to find out what you could do to make her feel safe, secure, and comfortable around you.

100. How would you know when you're in love?

how would you know when you're in love

It would be nice to hear her talk about the signs she displays when she's in love. That way you could look out for them too.

101. What's your best romantic memory?

Taking her down memory lane to recount some of her happy and funny memories is always a good idea.

102. What are some romantic gestures you like?

This is the way to get ideas from her. If you're wondering what kinds of gestures she considers romantic, this is a cool way to ask her.

103. How would you know if you found someone special?

This is one way to find out she knows what she wants in a partner. If she doesn't hesitate, she probably knows what she wants.

104. Do you always look this good?

This is another way to make her blush. You could say this question is more reliable.

105. Are you always this nice?

If you think she's nice, don't hold back on telling her so. Let her know you think she's nice.

106. What do you absolutely hate about first dates?

First dates are usually the hardest dates to get through. You're meeting this person for the first time so you have the pressure of making a good impression. Discussing this could take away the awkwardness.

107. What is the worst pickup line that has been used on you?

This topic will give you both something to laugh about. Pickup lines are usually cheesy and ridiculous, talking about them will make for great conversation.

108. What was the worst date you'd been on?

Worst date stories can both be entertaining and cautionary. If it's a funny story you can both laugh about it while you secretly learn what not to do on dates with her.

109. Have you had a nickname before? What was it?

Talking about nicknames never gets old. Apart from being hilarious, you can always use it to tease her when you get closer to each other.

110. Why were you given the nickname?

What's even more hilarious than the nickname itself? The story behind the nickname! Get ready to have a good laugh.

111. What do you hate for no reason?

Everyone has something they just don't like for no reason. It could be a sport, a movie, or a song. Whatever it is, have fun sharing these things with each other.

112. What do you get misunderstood for?

Everyone gets misunderstood every now and then. It's nice to have someone to discuss these things with if she is willing to share, she's a keeper.

113. Who are your friends and why did you pick them?

If you believe in the old saying; 'show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are', you may want to ask a girl this. Knowing who her friends are and why she bonded within could give you a sneak peek into her personality.

114. Do you like chick flicks? If not, why?

Not all girls like chick flicks even though lots of them do. It would be nice to know if your date is one of them.

115. What was your favorite chick flick and why?

If she loves the female scene, ask her which one is her favorite even though you know nothing about them.

116. What are your favorite books?

If you love reading, you may like to know if your potential girlfriend loves to read too. Perhaps you've even read some of the same books.

117. What was the last book you read?

This is a great way to find out if you've read the same books or if you even like the same kinds of books.

118. What movie or book character can you most relate to?

This is another question that could help you understand her on a deeper level.

119. What manly things do you find fun?

If you'd like to find out what activities she may enjoy doing with you, this is a great question to ask.

120. What friendships or meetings completely changed you the most?

This question could also be an insight into what made her the person she currently is.

121. If you could start a cult what kind of cult would it be?

The answer to this question is definitely going to be hilarious and will also let you know what she believes in.

122. What is the one job you could never do?

Everyone has a deal breaker when it comes to jobs. Find out what her's is.

123. What are the most sensitive spots on your body?

This question may be best for a second or third date. However, if you two are already heading down that path, why not? As long as she's comfortable with the discussion, go ahead.

124. What's your best family tradition?

Asking about her family traditions is a great way to understand her principles and what she stands for.

125. What do you weirdly find amusing?

what do you weirdly find amusing

Ask her what makes her laugh. It would show that you actually care about her happiness and amusement.

126. What is the strangest thing you've said?

This is similar to the questions about her most embarrassing moment. Her answer could give you both a good laugh especially if they involve an innocent mistake.

127. What's your best feature?

Ask her what she considers her favorite physical feature. It would also tell you what she thinks of herself.

128. What do you consider your worst feature?

Try asking her if she is comfortable talking about her body before asking her this. Assure her that it's not sexually motivated. Knowing her least favorite feature will help you figure out what she's insecure about and how to help her with that if things work out for both of you.

129. What's the weirdest conversation you've ever heard?

It would be nice to talk about weird conversations you've each heard. Apart from the banter, it's just nice to hear stories about strange things.

130. What's your most attractive trait in a person?

This question will help you understand what character traits she’s attracted to and perhaps is trying to develop.

131. Who in your life do you currently admire the most?

Everyone has at least one person she looks up to in her life. Knowing this could give you an idea of who she's hoping to become in a few years.

132. What are you really grateful for?

Discussing things you're grateful for is a great way to bond. Good vibes equal good dates.

133. If you're into art, what's your favorite art piece?

You'd probably ask this question if you're into art yourself. It would be nice to share your passion with her.

134. Do you consider yourself to be a friendly person and why?

Asking her what she thinks about herself gives her a chance to be open with you about her perception of herself.

135. What was the most life-changing event in your life?

It would be nice to discuss a major turning point in her life. Again, it's a great way to learn about her background and journey.

136. What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

A person's dreams could mirror their current lifestyles, expose their fears or help you understand what goes on in their minds. Hearing about her weirdest dream could be a light way to discuss this.

137. What would you consider perfect happiness?

This is one of the deep questions she may really appreciate. Apart from discovering what her idea of happiness is, it makes both of you think.

138. What was the last movie you saw?

Discussing movies could never go wrong, especially if you both love to watch television. Asking her what movie she saw last could open up a whole new conversation and keep things interesting.

139. If you could bring back one canceled TV show, what would it be?

This is another question that will show you what she’s passionate about. It's also great because both of you can either agree on or argue about how great or terrible the movie was.

140. What genre of music is your favorite?

You can never go wrong asking about her favorite type of music. It's a plus if you both share similar tastes.

141. Who's your favorite musician and why?

If you're going to talk about her favorite genres, you'd probably be interested in knowing who her favorite artists are too.

142. What song could you listen to over and over?

We all have those songs we consider to be timeless. No matter how many times you play it, it never gets old.

143. What do you look forward to every week?

This especially applies if you're both nine to fivers or if your lifestyle seems monotonous for most of the week. It would be nice to learn what her light at the end of the tunnel is.

144. What were you up to last weekend?

Finding out what she does on her weekends is useful information too. In Case you'd like to plan a special weekend for her once you get acquainted.

145. If you won a million dollars, would you keep working/going to school?

Thought-provoking questions like these aren't just fun, they also help you understand what she would really like to do with her life if she had financial freedom.

146. What do you like most about the outdoors?

Whether she's a night person, an introvert, or an extrovert, there has to be one thing she likes about the outdoors. It would be nice to know this so you can put it on your list of potential things to do together.

147. What do you like most about the indoors?

Find out what she likes to do at home too. There's always got to be a balance.

148. If you had the chance to open a business, what would it be?

People often open businesses selling products they made or providing services they're good at. This question could help you find out what she's good at.

149. If you were to choose a new talent or skill, what would it be?

It's always a good sign if a person constantly wants to develop and improve themselves.

150. If your house caught fire, what would you grab first?

if your house caught fire what would you grab first

Her answer would show you what's most important to her. If she mentions more material things, just know you're dealing with a material girl.

151. Name one personality trait in other people that impress you?

Finding out what impresses her about other people could help you understand what traits she respects. Perhaps you could even try developing them.

152. What character traits in other people repel you?

This is like asking her what attitudes she hates. It's best to know this early so you can avoid doing them.

153. What cheers you up when you're in a bad mood?

It's always a good idea to know what cheers her up. If you're going to be together, this is vital information.

154. What makes you stand out from everyone else?

When you're aware of the qualities she considers special and unique to her, you'll be able to openly appreciate them instead of just her looks.

155. What's your greatest achievement?

It would be nice to know what your date has achieved so far in her life. Who knows, you may be dating a high flier.

156. What wouldn't you give up even though you were offered a million dollars?

This is another question that could help you discover what's important to her. Very few people will withhold certain things for a million dollars.

157. What reminds you of home?

There's no place like home. Asking her what things make her feel nostalgic could help you understand what she loves most about her home.

158. What makes a home in your opinion?

Everyone wants to build a home someday, what would you like your home to look like? Asking her what reminds her of home could help you determine if you are on common ground in terms of what a home is.

159. In one sentence, what's your biggest regret?

Who doesn't have regrets? Not many people like to talk about this. However, it wouldn't be bad to bring it up. You could go first if she's reluctant.

160. What do you wish you invested more time in five years back?

This is a more gentle approach to asking about her regrets. If you want to be subtle, ask this instead.

161. What are five words that best describe you?

If you want to know how she sees herself in comparison to how you see her, this is the best question to ask.

162. What do you prefer to do in your free time?

This is another way to ask a girl about her hobbies. Yes, how she spends her leisure time is your business now.

163. Where's your favorite vacation spot?

If you like the idea of traveling, it would be nice to know her favorite vacation spots in case you want to plan a surprise couples trip for both of you.

164. What's a rare skill you've mastered?

This is a cool way to find out what skills she has. This is a good way to get to know her in depth.

165. What's the first thing you notice about a guy?

Bet you'd like to know if she's more visual or if she is the type of girl who appreciates character and attitude more. This way you'll know where you stand.

166. If you somehow got x-ray vision glasses, what's the first thing you'd use them for?

Ask her this question and you just may discover something new about her. Perhaps she's a bit naughty and would admit that to you.

167. What do you think we have in common?

Attempting to see hints from her point of view when you're getting to know her is quite useful. A question like this could help you with that.

168. If you're not the 'romantic gesture' kind of girl, what would you prefer?

This is another way of finding out what her life language is. Remember this information for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

169. If you had one day to live, what would you do first?

This is food for thought. It won't only make her think and get creative, it would make you think too because you just know she'd throw the question right back at you.

170. What do you think looks best on a man in terms of style?

Let's see what she likes her men wearing or if she pays attention to that at all. If she had some things to say about this, it would be wise to take notes.

171. What's the weirdest thing that turns you on?

Asking questions about physical intimacy is a great way to turn the heat up a bit. If the date is going well so far and you both are getting comfortable with each other, don't be shy to ask.

172. What's your ideal first date?

If you want to know how great you did planning the first date, you could ask this question. If her description is similar to what you planned out, extra brownie points for you.

173. What are some things you wish you could unsee or unknown?

This is a really good question to keep the conversation interesting. It will result in good stories and perhaps even funnier photos. 

174. If you could reverse a pickpocket situation, what would you put in a stranger's pockets?

You've got to admit, it's a funny question so don't be surprised if she laughs a bit harder than you thought she would. However, expect to provide your own good answer because she will likely throw the question back at you.

175. What's the most bizarre lie you've heard?

whats the most bizarre lie you've heard

Having her share funny and embarrassing stories will keep the date fun and interesting.

176. If you had just $3 to spend at the dollar store, what three things would you buy?

This is another question that will help you discover what she's really into.

177. What's your favorite airline and why?

Again this question is bound to come to your mind if you like to travel. It's a great way to find out if she appreciates the same things you do.

178. What's your favorite hotel and why?

It's also a great idea to find out if you happen to like the same hotels and if you've stayed in the same hotels.

179. Which Disney villain is your favorite?

If you're both millennials, this is a great way to revisit your childhood.

180. If you could be a supervillain what would you choose to be?

This is a great way to find out what her villainous traits are. If she can relate to a particular villain, she probably has a few of those traits too.

181. What do you consider to be the most exciting thing to happen to you?

This is a great way to find out what makes her extra happy and excited.

182. What books could you read more than once?

You can tell a lot about a person by the storylines that catch their attention. If the movie she could watch over and over again is romance, then she may be a romantic.

183. What movie could you watch over and over?

Much like a book's storyline, a movie's storyline could tell a lot about a person's inner thoughts.

184. What activities stress you out the most?

The answer to this question would provide you with useful information on what she's not very fond of.

185. What are your goals for the next three years?

This is the best question to ask a girl if you want to know her future prospects and goals for a certain time period. 

186. What things are at the top of your bucket list?

Everyone has a bucket list. We all have things we'd love to do before we leave this lovely earth. Find out if hers are similar to yours.

187. What was your favorite childhood activity?

Meeting people is great, but meeting a person's inner child is even better. Talking about her favorite childhood activity will introduce you to aspects of her younger self.

188. What inspires you?

Who wouldn't want to know what inspires a potential mate? Perhaps it even aligns with what inspires you too.

189. What was your life's dream at 5?

At five, most of us have wild and unrealistic dreams of what we wanted to be when we were older. This could make for an inter-story.

190. What are your guilty pleasures?

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. It could be a cringey, cheesy movie that everyone hates, yet we just can't stop watching. Finding out hers could really give you something to laugh about.

191. What's your strangest pet peeve?

Your date definitely has things she hates seeing others do. It's best to find out what these things are sooner rather than later.

192. What movie do you think portrays an ideal world?

It would be nice to get a glimpse into what she thinks is an ideal world. Her answer could show you this. However, get your own answer ready because she may like to know what you think too.

193. If you could teach anything, what would that be?

This is another way to ask a girl what she's good at and what she's willing to share with the world. It's a good fact to learn about her.

194. What's your favorite staycation activity?

You don't have to travel halfway across the world to have fun. You can have fun or relax in the same city you currently live in. Ask her what she would like to do if she could stay in your city.

195. What's your favorite vacation activity?

There are some things you enjoy in your city because they just aren't available. For example, skiing. Find out what activities your date loves to do when she travels.

196. What's a song that always gets stuck in your head?

This question is simply for fun. We all know that jingle or tune that gets stuck in your head every time you hear it. It would be funny to find out what hers is.

197. What's the most bizarre thing you've ever done?

Still in the category of funny stories to hear about her, this question makes for an interesting conversation.

198. What's your favorite vacation memory?

Recalling funny and memorable scenes you each had on vacation is premium. Throw this question in while you're discussing and watch the conversation flow naturally from basic to exciting.

199. If you could turn back time, what would you change?

It's rare to find people who haven't thought of turning back time to correct a mistake. Find out more about your date and her regrets by asking her this question.

200. What do you consider to be the worst habit?

what do you consider to be the worst habit

You can find out the habits your date finds ridiculous by asking her this. Perhaps you find them annoying too.

201. Where do you go to meet people?

If your date is the social type, ask where she prefers to go to meet people.

202. If you were a superhero, what would your name be?

This question is a great intro to a whole new discussion and an interesting one at that. See what her hero name is and she may even discuss who her arch-nemesis could be.

203. What's the best thing you've ever done for a good friend?

Sometimes women don't give themselves enough credit when they do the most sacrificial things for each other. This is your chance to give her the accolades she deserves. 

204. What are your plans for this year?

If she's got plans for this year, it would be nice to know them. In case you can squeeze yourself in there too.

205. What do you procrastinate the most?

Everyone procrastinates once in a while. Find out what tasks your date feels too lazy to complete. 


What questions make a girl blush?

Interesting questions like 'has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?' Or 'I think I'm falling for you, can you tell?' Any question that points her towards the way you feel about her will make her blush. Most of these questions are rhetorical so don't expect a response. 

What are good open-ended questions for dating?

When you're just getting to know a person, the best way to do this is by going on a few dates. While you're on these dates, it's best to ask a girl open-ended questions so you can give her a chance to elaborate. For example, 'what do you do for work?'

What is an open-ended convo?

An open-ended convo is a conversation that gives both parties the chance to respond to each other with more than one word like 'yes' or 'no’. Both people are required to respond elaborately with reasons for their answers or follow up questions. 

What are some juicy questions?

The juicy questions are questions that lead to more heated up conversations. For example, 'How many people have you kissed?' Or 'what turns you on?'. You could also ask, 'Have you ever gone skinny dipping?'

What is a good flirty question?

Some good flirty questions to ask a girl are; 'do you prefer to kiss or cuddle?', 'would you mind if I kissed you now?', 'What's your biggest turn on?', 'Do you always look this stunning?' Or 'what's your biggest turn off?'

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, when you're getting to know a person, do a lot of talking but ask the right questions. Please let me know what you think about this topic in the comment section below and be sure to share it with friends. 

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