Should You Ask A Girl If She Thinks You’re Attractive Or Not

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You want yourself to be perfect from head to toe when you see your crush. On top of that, you do your best to catch her attention. But before you declare your love and ask her to be your girlfriend, you want to make sure that she is attracted to you. But how to do it? Are you sure that she has shown all the signs she likes you but is shy?


Should You Ask A Girl If She Thinks You’re Attractive

Guys can sometimes be impatient and not knowing the best way to find out if a girl is attracted to them. They better directly ask so that they no longer die of curiosity, but should you ask a girl if she thinks you’re attractive.

Testing the water is nothing wrong but asking direct question like that is not the way how to do it. She may have a good impression after all the Funny Ways To Cheer Someone Up Over Text and Make Them Smile Again you sent her, but it will be evaporated in the thin air once you ask that question.

Why You Shouldn't Directly Ask

Girls has their own reasons why they don’t want any guys to directly ask whether they think he’s attractive or not. Here are what could make you think twice before doing it for real.

1. It Makes Things Awkward

it makes things awkward

Imagine a situation where you are not interested in someone yet and she asks you if you’re interested in her or not? Things would be perfectly awkward. Answering that you’re not might hurt her but saying yes is like giving her a false hope, and it’s the last thing you want to do. That is what will happen to her if you directly ask her. Give her some time to consider her feeling before she said she is attracted to you or not.

2. You'd Sound Too Narcissistic

The impression she gets after you ask: you are full of yourself. No girls like a narcissistic guy who think highly of himself. Why don’t you give her time to think whether you are attractive or not, instead of cornering her the way you do? Soon all the Signs She’s Not Interested in You will emerged.

3. It's Going To Turn Her Off

After losing all her interest in you, the next thing is for her to completely lose from you. Those kind of question is a big turn off for her, seeing how you care so much about yourself and not considering her at all. You will come as someone who is selfish and she might not want to have someone like you in her life.

How To Tell If She Finds You Attractive

Instead of wondering should you ask a girl if she thinks you’re attractive and ruin everything, you better find out yourself. How? By knowing her better and see how she behave with you. These tips below could come in handy.

1. See How She Talks To You

Watch her carefully when she talks to you. From the way she talks, the words she choose while talking to you and her facial expressions. It will tell it all. When a girl is interested in you, she will be happily talk to you and all smiles. A girl who is not interested in a guy will not waste her time to talk with him.

2. Watch Her Body Language

Her body language tells it all. You can judge her heart by seeing how she acts around you. A girl’s behavior is the mirror of her heart. If she is all smiles to you, want to spend many times with you and replying to your text and answering your calls, it’s positive she is interested in you. Keep making her smile since it’s the best Ways to Make a Girl Fall Deeply in Love with You.

3. Joke With Her

joke with her

The fastest way to catch her attention is by joking with her. Make her happy and smile with the funny jokes. When a girl likes someone, she will laugh her heart off to any jokes he throw even it’s lame and not funny at all. It’s her way to show that she cares about him and stand up for him in any situation. You don’t need to directly ask whether you are attractive or not. Try joking with her and watch how she reacts to it.

4. Ask Her Friends

Her friends could be the most valid source to fulfill your curiosity. Be good to her friends so they will be willingly help you. If you want to know that bad and not knowing How to Tell If a Leo Woman is Interested in You, go ask her friends. There will no better answer than the one they give.

5. Ask Her To Meet Again

One meeting is not enough to judge whether she is attracted to you or not, but that first meeting is crucial. If you really want to know if she thinks you’re attractive or not, ask her for a second meeting. She will say yes if you left a good impression and looks like she want to know you more.

6. Spend Time With Her

The more time you spend with her, the more you know what she thinks about you. Do as many fun activities with her, such as the hobbies that both of you like. It’s how you can draw her closer to you and know her better.

You should stop wondering whether should you ask a girl if she thinks you’re attractive or not. Since there are many better ways to do it, do one of it. You don’t want all the efforts you have done all the time comes in vain because one that stupid question.

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