Easiest Ways How To Get A Hot Girl To Follow You On Instagram

Last updated on May 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Thank God everything has become so much easier with social media. Even you can get the attention of the girl you like through it. One of the most highly used social media nowadays is Instagram. You can advertise yourself in any ways that you want, creating your own image, even become famous through Instagram.

You can use the Instagram to get the attention from the girl you like as well. In case, this hot girl. But how to get a hot girl to follow you on Instagram?

As we know, a hot girl will have many, many boys following her but she won't give all of them follow back. Not when you're just one of "those boys". You have to be outstanding enough to make her wants to follow you, and let me tell you how.


1. Follow Her First

Of course you have to do this. How can you expect her to follow you if you're not even following her account? But this is not a guarantee that she will follow you back any soon. For her, you're just one of those fans who admire her. Don't worry, you're just starting anyway.

2. Find Out Her Friends Through Instagram

Once you become one of her followers, you will have unlimited access to her social life. Soon you will know her inner circle. This is the next step for you. Find out who her best friends are and make connection with them. It will a huge advantage for you if she turns out to have some male friends.

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3. Get Close To Her Friends

get close to her friends

While getting close to her seems too much, you can start from her besties first. Enter her circle by making friends with one of them. It will be far less burdensome but it's a significant move as well. Being close with her best friends always benefiting for you.

4. Dig More About Her

Once you being friends with one of most of her friends, her name appears every now and then. Soon she will become a regular topic in your conversation. It's a good way to know her better, by gathering information by the most reliable source possible. But don't make it too obvious that she is your main goals. You may appear as a very, very bad person in front of their eyes. 

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5. Make Her Friends Post Something About You

Today is a day where everyone post their daily activities in the Instagram's story. It's hard for young people not to post anything in a day, and it's good for you. When you're with her friends, make sure they post your picture or anything related to you in her story. At first she might not giving any attention but the more they post about you, the bigger the chance for her to notice you.

6. Look Good And Cool While You're At It

Make yourself as cool and as good as possible when you appear in one of her friend's story. If you are in the same basketball club with them, ask them to post when you're showing your dribbling skills. If they come to your match, do a cool play so that they will share about you in their story. It works wonder than you could ever imagine. 

7. Find A Connection To Her

Being friends with her friends is the main key how to get a hot girl to follow you on Instagram. Make the most of it. Now that you are close to her friends, you must have known her favorite movies or activities. Link yourself with her through this by her friends. Say that she is a huge fan of Coldplay music, let her friends know that you like Coldplay too (even though you're not). Who knows you can to to their concert together someday?

8. Leave A Good Impression

By the time you meet her, she must have known about you quite a lot. Now it's time for you to show who you really are. Make sure you unleash all of your charm, giving your best to make her laugh. But remember not to make it too excessive and unnatural. Just be yourself and gather all the confidence in the world.

9. Meet Her In Person

meet her in person

Truthfully, it's about time for you to meet her when you're already friends with her social circle. When the day comes, you have to look the best, give your best, and do your best to charm her. It won't be easy but her friends will help you, as long as you're really good. Don't be nervous, take a deep breath and be yourself. 

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10. Post Her Picture In Your Story

Of course you won't be uploading her standalone picture and make it your story. Do it in the most natural way possible. As you're just had a meeting with her, ask to take a picture together and post it like it's just another moment in your daily life. 

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And here comes the most important thing: tag her account. This way she will truly notice your Instagram account. And if it's enough to make her hit the "follow back" button, congratulation!

See, it's not hard to do how to get a hot girl to follow you on Instagram. All you need to do is knowing the right direction to go.

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