Different Ways To Tell Your Crush You Like Him A Lot

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When we are faced with our crushes, we are confused on what to do. Especially when you have all this big feeling building up inside you. The best thing to do about it is to let it out.

If you really want to make the relationship go forward, you need to do something about it. Tell him your feelings and the relationship might sky rocket. You need to find the creative different ways to tell your crush you like him;


1. Flirt With Him

Flirting is long known to be the signs that someone is interested with you. Don’t flirt too aggressively, it’s all about being casual and mysterious. It will help if you know the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.

2. Give Him Something

give him something

Giving him something that you made yourself or something that reminds you of him is a nice and thoughtful way to get into his heart. He will definitely know that you like him.

3. Hug Him

Hugging him will make him become in a positive mood and lets him know that your love towards him is true. It is a clear Signs Girl Loves You Secretly.

4. Kiss Him

A sweet kiss goes a long way for the relationship. If you kiss him, he will know there is something going on in this otherwise innocent relationship. It will also encourage him to make more moves.

5. Send Him Cute Goodmorning/ Goodnight Texts

To be the first and last thing on his mind everyday is definitely special. It is a great How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying I Love You Over Text.

6. Hold His Hand

Hold your guy’s hand when you two are together. This lets him know that you are not afraid to be physically closer and become more intimate with him.

7. Be Curious About Him

Stay curious about him. Get to know him, ask about him to the people in his life. Hearing this, he will know that you like him. Just don’t do this in a creepy and obsessive way.

8. Stay Close To Him

Staying close to him means being physically close to him in every chance possible. Intimacy can actually be made by staying close to him. Time by time, you will see him wanting to be close to you in every occasion.

9. Smile Whenever He Is Around

Smiling whenever he enters the room is an indirect way to tell him that his mere presence lights up your world.Smile genuinely, he will definitely fall in love with that sweet smile of yours.

10. Look At Him Sweetly From Across The Room

The Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy that is most known is playing with the eye. Look at him from across the room, maybe you already do this. But this time make sure he is looking. Then when he is, smile sweetly and laugh cutely.

11. Ask To Hang Out With Him

ask to hang out with him

Don’t be afraid to initiate things. Ask to hang out with him privately to show that you really want to be closer to him. He will surely get the hint.

12. Compliment Him

Compliment his look and his personality in a daily basis. Do this casually. You will see him blush and become more attracted to you who is making him feel so good.

13. Support Him

Try to support him in the activity that he is doing. Be his number one supporter, he will surely see that this is being done and he will like you more and more.

14. Adore Him

Adoring him by looking at him cutely and being crazy about him is a great thing to do to show him your love.

More Tips On To Tell Your Crush You Like Him

Running out of things to do to get him closer to you? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here are more tips on different ways to tell your crush you like him:

1. Be Loyal

Don’t be wiht someone else just to make him jealous. He will instead be confused and tired. Be loyal and show him your love

2. Pretend To Be His Girlfriend

Say “ if i am your girlfriend i would..” he will know that you have the Wife Material Signs.

3. Post Something Cute In Social Media

Post a photo or status that hints that you really appreciate and like him in your life

4. Show Jealousy

Show the signs that you are jealous when he is near a girl. This will let him know that you want an exclusive relationship.

5. Listen To Him

Listening to him when he is talking is a great and indirect way to make him know you care for him. Plus it is a recommended way to make him fall in love with you.

6. Be There For Him

Always be there for him in his ups and downs. He will appreciate someone that can be his everything. 

Signs That Your Crush Likes You Too

signs that your crush likes you too

The fortunate and splendid signs that your crush is adoring you too:

1. He Is Not With Anyone Else

When he is not in a relationship with anyone else, that means he is open for a loyal relationship with you. This is a great Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say.

2. He Puts You First

Because he is absolutely crazy about you, he wants to put you first. He wants to make sure that you are happy before he do any other thing in his life.

3. He Get Jealous

A boy who likes you will show the How To Tell If Your Crush Is Jealous Of Another Guy.

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Crushes are a tricky thing to handle. But if you really want to get past that crush phase you absolutely need to do something. That is why you need to tell him with the different ways to tell your crush you like him. That why you can start seeing the signs that your crush likes you too. Be brave and good luck!

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