27+ Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say

Last updated on May 28, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether a man loves you secretly? 

Maybe it’s your crush that’s giving you mixed signals? Or it’s a boyfriend who is being guarded with his emotions? 

Either way, it’s more common than you may think for a man to struggle to declare his love for a woman.

Often, men are worried it will go unrequited or that they are better off keeping their feelings to themselves for whatever other reason. 

However, we are only human and we give away signs that we have these strong feelings.

Below, you will find a list of 28 signs that a man is in love with you, even if he won’t admit it. 

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If you’re content looking for behavioral clues, then read on. This guide will give you the signs to look for.


28 Signs A Man Likes You Secretly

1. Always Smile While He Thinks About You

For the first time, usually a guy do not realize if he always smile while he thinks about you.  But, if he really loves you, they will always smile for your shadow.

2. Always Listens, Because You Are Everything

No matter if you talk about the important topics, he will always listen your voice when you are talking with him. He will not complain and protest about it. Your voice is everything that he want to listen. He will have free time to listen what you want to say or talk.

3. Best Memories For Your Talk Topics

Besides he will always try to have free time to listen, he will also has memories about your topics. No matter it is important or not, he will remember. He has best memories for your talk topics even if it is not interesting.

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4. Your Opinions, His Valuable Things!

You are not a good advisor, but still your opinions are still valuable for him. He will still listen, consider, and evaluate your opinions to add it in his list before decide something. Although, in next day he will not take your opinions but he will still regard and appreciate your opinions because he want involve you in his life.

5. Your Life Is His Interest

If he loves to share about his life to you and he also love you to share your life. Your life is his interest. He wants to know about you more.

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6. Your Gloominess And Sadness Affects His Feeling

Love can make someone to feel what they do not experience. It is natural because love is a shared feeling. It is the reasons why your gloominess and sadness can affect his feeling. He can feel what you experience.

7. Your Smiles Are His Happiness

your smiles are his happiness

What you want to do, you like or dislike, your happy or unhappy, the guy that loves you secretly can feel and involve in your feeling. So, your smiles and cheers are his happiness.

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8. Be More Humorous

Although he is not good in humor or joke or he is bad clown but for you he will try to be humor guy more. Your happiness is his priority, he does not care about his appearance in front of you. Your smile and cheers are his first priority.

9. Spends Time To Meet You

Because you are important beside his career and work, he will always take time to meet you. He can always find a time to meet you in his busy day. He will take his rest time to meet and spend his time with you.

10. Stay Longer With You

He always love to stay with you in long time because you are the one of his happiness in life. The time that he spend with you appease his anxieties in his life. He will forget his problems for awhile he spend his time with you. You are a medicine that he has to take.

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11. He Treats You Better Than Other Girl

If you are in friend relationship before maybe you can get difficultness to identify his secret love for you. But, you can see or give more focus on how he treats you and compare them with how he treats the other girls around him. You'll find out that he treats you better than he treats other girls. Being sensitive and aware are the key to detect his secret love for you.

12. Doesn't Mention Another Girl

You are his concern, it is his reasons he does not mention another girl when he spends his time with you. He will consider you are the best and he does not care with another girl in his around.

13. You Are Always First

He has new positions in his work or he has good news for his life? If yes then he contacts you as the first before anyone else, it is a signal if he loves you secretly. He will always involve you in his life journey.

14. Using “We” In Talking Is His Habits

using we in his talking is his habits

He expresses that you are part of his life. He always involves you in his life. It's the reason, why he unintentionally uses “we” every time he talks.

15. Involve You In His Plans

You are his mate in life (secretly), it is a reason if he always tries to involve you in his everything in life. He will involve you in his plans. He wants to spend his life together with you.

16. Allure You Every Time

Without your awareness, he will try to allure you every time. He never speaks if he loves you but he will always try to tease your time with his talking. Maybe you can ask yourself what he wants to do and why he wants to do. The best answer to it because he loves you secretly.

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17. Talks A Lot

The power of love has the energy to change a bashful guy from quiet to boisterous. He loves to talk a lot because he feels that you're his satisfaction. He will talk about everything with you, about his life, plans, work or even about how annoying his friends really are.

18. Notes Your Special Day

In your special day, he's always the first to greet you because he remembers your special day. He makes a note for your special day.

19. You Never Annoy Him

Think about this. He's always busy every day in this week and you annoy his time, but it doesn't affect his productivity. Because if he loves you he will never tell that you're an annoying person. He always has the time to respond to your teasing even in his busy time.

20. Can Not Stay Mad At You

Although he is in the bad mood because you make him angry too much, he cannot stay mad at you for a long time. He will loosen his ego to contact you first then discuss the matter.

21. Often Giving Compliments To you

often giving compliments to you

He will try to compliment you for your achievement, appearance, and performance in every possible way. He often compliments you directly, through phone message, calling or Facebook status.

22. Very Protective

He will get more worried about your conditions. He's very protective of you. He doesn't want you to get lost. You are his soulmate that fulfills his life.

23. A Bit Jealous

During you're friendship days, isn't it easy for you to detect his love? If you feel yes, you can make a note when he feels a bit jealous and unintentionally shows it to you. Although he never says if he loves you but from his jealous expression you can know if he loves you secretly.

24. Beautiful Friends Of You? Doesn't Matter!

Although you have friends that have more beautiful appearance than you, it doesn't matter for him, because he clearly loves you. Your beautiful friends does not influence his interest on you. You are the most beautiful girl on his eyes.

25. Flatter You

He enjoys complementing you even during in his busy day. Flattering is one of his way to show his secret love to you without him speaking it loud.

26. Takes You Into His Eyes

You often have mutual regard. You look at him and he look at you in same time. He loves to take you into his eyes. He keeps the conversation still on track but his eyes are talking to you secretly. If you want to know his love, looking into his eyes is your way to find it.

27. Touchy-Lovely

Touching is the body language that can connect his heart to your heart. It is one way of showing the signs of love. If he loves you secretly, he will touch you even if he does not speak his lovely feeling to you. His touches are not always sexually intimidating but about deep feeling, about love that can not be told.

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28. Blushing Face

Sometimes, you'll find that your compliment makes his face blushing. It can be a sign that he loves you secretly. He can not hide his feeling all the time.

In Conclusion

It is not easy to detect love if he's tricky enough to hide his feelings, but everything has signals. If you find the majority of the list above, you can assume that he surely loves you secretly. Moreover, if it's not sure for you, you can ask him bravely. Start talking about his love signals first doesn't matter because the clear feeling is more important. You need to pay attentions to the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly. And in case you already heard, always spread the love in every corner.

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