10 Reasons For Dating Balinese Man - No.5 Is Traveler’s Favorite!

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Here come a topic that I personally think is interesting. “Why dating Balinese men is a must?”. Before we dig further into the topic, let’s have a short introduction about Bali itself. What comes first into your mind when you hear the word “Bali”? Is it the beautiful coastline dubbed the paradise of the world? Or is it the strict culture that remains strong up to this day? Or the six-packed lifeguards going around the beach?

Speaking about Balinese beautiful destination and its culture are probably common. Why don’t we talk more about the men? There’s a lot of account and story spread all over the internet about dating Indonesian men, and Balinese in particular. Most of them written by travelers who spent their holiday in Bali and (in)accidentally in love with the men.

Balinese men is something you will never get tired of no matter how many times you have repeat your story about them. So let’s talk about where their attractiveness exactly lying on? Just read down this passage until the end all reasons on dating Balinese man.

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1. Baywatch-Typical Boyfriend

Too young to watch Baywatch? Or old enough to become their fans? Wishing you have as cool as Baywatch boys as a boyfriend? The answer is simple. Date Balinese men. Many Balinese men work off the coast as a lifeguard. They run here and there every day to make sure every single visitor of the beach is safe and far from danger. Wouldn’t it be really cool if you date one of them? That's one of the reasons why dating a Balinese man.

2. Their Exotic Skin Will Never Get You Enough

their exotic skin will never get you enough

What's more reasons why dating Balinese man? This particular reason in common among women tourist. Balinese men healthy looking and tanned skin will surely catch your eyes first. Sun-tanned skin with toned muscles give an impression how reliable they were to be a boyfriend. Balinese men get this feature naturally, by the tropical Indonesian weather that makes them hugely exposed to the sunshine. Good to see and also good to have, right?

3. They Are Generous Person

Bali, as we know, is one of the top travel destination in the world. Millions of people come in and out of Bali every single day. This is why Balinese men are generous. They will help you find anything you need. Whether you lost, or you want some good place to eat, or want to go to the hottest destination in Bali at the moment, these Balinese men will be willingly help you, even take you there!

4. They Are As Polite As You Want Them To Be

Balinese origin is a very polite person. They never raise their voice high or rushing things. They always seem like the type who do everything calmly and slowly. When you date them, the chance of having fight probably minimum. Their politeness somehow makes them really cute and you would immediately want to date them!

5. You Will Have Your Own Private Date With Them

If you feel sick of the crowd in Bali everywhere you go and you want some peace and quiet, your Balinese boyfriend will take you there. As a Balinese native, he surely know where to take you. Some private beach away from strangers, where you can enjoy it as yours

6. Get Ready To Be Spoiled With Affection

Indonesian men was known to be affectionate towards their lover. So when you date one, including Balinese, get ready to be showed with it. Don’t get annoyed when they text you multiple times a day just to make sure you eat you meal. Isn’t it a cute way to express love?

7. Their Dialect Is Sexy

their dialect is sexy

Indonesia consisted of thousand tribes and local culture. Among the Bali was the one. Bali has their own unique way of speaking, in particular. While the men was called “Bli” the women was called “mbok”. Try to have some conversation with them. You’ll notice that they have distinct tone and dialect while speaking. And trust me, you’ll fall in love with them once you hear their voice.

8. Would You Take A Go On Royal-Like Life Once?

Bali was well-known with their social division called kasta. Just like those in a royal family, there are four level of social class in Balinese society, with these following order: Brahmana, Ksatria, Waisya, and Sudra respectively highest to lowest. If want to live you life once like a princess, try date Brahmanas. But the chance were very thin because they tend to seek partner within their own caste.

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9. You Will Find Your Ideal Type In Them

From religion-devoted men to baywatch-like bad boy, you will find every type of your ideal men in Bali. Hot and sexy lifeguard, street singer, tattoo-maker, devoted Hindu, you could meet those kind of men in Bali. You just have to find them in the right place.

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10. You Can Learn Their Culture Deeper

You have some secret mission in Bali? Are curious about Balinese culture and would like to learn some of theirs? Then date Balinese men. As known worldwide, Balinese has a special culture from a big traditional ceremony to particular manner they should follow everyday. If you, maybe, would like to know these things better, learn it together with you Balinese boyfriend!

These things surely give you enough reason why you should date Balinese men. They’re not just sexy and hot, because once you know them you will feel that they are Balinese (by their uniqueness and distinct personalities). Dating, however, has always personal preference. You could date just anyone you want and you like. But hey, dating Balinese was never that bad, right? There are many good reasons on dating Balinese man.

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Perfect Dating In Bali Indonesia

perfect dating in bali indonesia

After finding Balinese boyfriend, next step is to find a romantic place to date. Lying under the sunshine and go clubbing are very common. If you want to try some new adventure with him, these are a-must-things-to do in Bali with your Balinese boyfriend.

1. Have A Romantic Dinner

Bali is gifted with wonderful view and amazing landscapes. Many places in Bali offer romantic dinner just for you and your partner. You can try having dinner at Canggu, with the candlelight by the beach dinner that would be very good to enjoy with your partner. Or you can enjoy luxurious dinner in Uluwatu. You can dine together next to infinity pools at the edge of cliffs, complete with the stunning view and exceptional cuisine.

2. Take A Cruise Day

You take take all in one cruise day in Bali, visiting the sister islands Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. You can enjoy private beach tour and snorkeling in a crystal clear water. Because this cruise is always full, go make you book soon!

3. Watching The Sun Rises From The Top Of Mount Batur

Although Mt. Batur was still an active volcano mount, it didn’t waver the traveler to go hiking in here and witnessing the stunning sunrise from the peak of this mount.

4. Taste The Traditional Luxury Spa In Bali

If you’d like to try this one, Seminyak is the most recommended. The are a lot of spa house with different packages offered. Get ready to pamper your tired body after spending the whole day with your loved ones. Moreover, you can enjoy this luxury together!

5. Take A Tour Around Bali From A Helicopter

As millions of people visit Bali every other day, traffic jam is a popular sight everywhere in Bali. This will waste your precious time. To avoid all the traffic, try enjoy Balinese view from the sky. Yes, you can take 60 minutes long helicopter ride to take a tour around Bali. From the popular Kuta Beach, Ubud’s river and farm, and even the caldera at Mount Batur. Without wasting most of your time, you can freely enjoy all of Balinese beauty.

6. Raise Your Adrenaline With Some Adventures

raise your adrenaline with some adventures

Wanna try something new? Starting to get bored with all-relaxing activity? Then try raise you adrenaline by taking some adventure together. Go rafting together, take a slide down on canyon waterfalls and gorges. You can find all of this in Sekumpul.

7. Attend A Cooking Class

This is another fun activity you can do in Bali. Try to explore the Balinese cuisine with your partner. You can experienced this in an open kitchen in Bali countryside, cooking while overlooking the rice paddies.

8. Cycling In Ubud

If you don’t mind to sweat a little bit, try some exercise in Bali by go cycling in the countryside. Ubud is the most recommended place, for you will go through the stunning rice terraces, mountain and rivers!

Those are some anti-mainstream things to do in Bali with your partner. Everything seems really good in Bali. From their food, their landscapes, to the Balinese men. So let’s date this Bli and have an unforgettable adventure with them. In case you ever heard, always spread love in every corner!

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