Undeniable Signs That She Doesn't Want To Marry You

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Usually woman love the thought of marriage and loving someone. The fantasy of a wedding has even began since woman are a child. The thought of a family and a big gown is always a happy thought. But some woman are petrified by it. Is your girlfriend one of them? Have you known the signs that she doesn't want to marry you?

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When a relationship is going forward, of course you would want to get married and have a family. Some girls love a wedding but some are scared, and there are a whole lot of reason on why they are scared. Do not get yourself hurt by dating a girl who sees no future with you. We are going to uncover the signs, reason and how to deal with it. Here are the signs that she doesn't want to marry you.


1. She Ignores The Hints

Woman are the queen of hidden hints and hidden intentions. Not only are they great at making it, they are also great in interpreting it. Maybe you have talked about the future with her and laying out hints that you want to propose to her. If she does not act different or if she did not get the hit, she probably does not want to marry you. This insensitivity is actually her trying to forget the whole thing and hopefully brush it off your mind. All of this is a big sign of a fear of marriage with you.

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2. She Doesn't Talk About The Future With You

she doesn't talk about the future with you

When a woman is in a serious relationship, usually they start to fantasize about the future. Two kids and a big home is the picture they always see in their mind when they see you. But one of the signs that she doesn't want to marry you is no imagination of the future. When you ask her what the future will look like, she will probably mention work first or her own personal plan, but there is not a picture of you in the picture. This is a big sign that she does not want any type of future with you.

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3. She Acts Different Around You In Public

If this woman acts very different around you than she does in public, this is definitely one of the signs that she doesn't want to marry you. In public, she will act distant as if she does not want to be seen with you. This is because she want all the hot guys to see her as a single girl who is ready for a quick relationship. An act of dishonesty like this is a sign that she is scared of a long term commitment and ultimately one of the many signs that she doesn't want to marry you.

4. She Have Not Introduced You To Her Family

You know that a relationship is getting really serious when both sides of the relationship have met each other’s family. This is because we usually bring home someone we are a hundred percent sure with and we want to get our family approval of the relationship. But if your relationship have been going on for a long time and you have not met her family yet, it is probably her big fear of marrying you that is stopping her way.

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5. There Is No Label On Your Relationship

Girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancee, ex is the term that is used often in every relationship. A big hint that she does not want to marry you is if she does not even want to put a label on your relationship. She wants to stick to a casual relationship where there are no ties between each other. If you are in a relationship with this kind of girl, that means you are already in a danger zone. Do not commit your life to a person who can’t even commit on a short-term.

6. In Public, Your Relationship Seems To Always Be In Jeopardy

The signs that she does not want to marry you is when she tries to destroys this relationship in public. A woman know that being in public can lead to public embarrassment. So she tries to be angry at you in public to embarrass you and to let you and the world know that she is ashamed to have you as a partner. When she starts making you feel guilty about being herself, leave. There is no use in keeping a relationship that is completely one sided.

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7. She Is Not Interested In Your Life

she is not interested in your life

Normally, in a relationship, it is such an honor when your partner starts introducing you to their friends, family or even workmates. This is a sign that you are trusted and that they really want to be in a serious relationship with you. A joy of this kind will not be anywhere near a girl who does not want to be married to you. Because of their hatred for the future with you, they are scared to make the next move with you.

So, they do not ask to be introduced to the people in your life. They will even turn down your offer to introduce her to the people in your life. Even if she does says yes, she will look completely bored, unattached and she will complain right after it. Do not go anywhere further with a girl who is not even interested to you.

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8. She Hates Conflicts And Will Do Anything To Shut It Down

Conflicts, a little shouting and a little silence treatment is a completely normal part of a relationship. A lot of people even say that these conflicts and disagreement is the part where your relationship gets stronger. If you can go through it, you can even love each other more than before.

With a girl who is scared to be married with you, she will try to avoid a conflict. She will tell you lies to make you feel better, threaten to break up with you or even just leaving you. She will do anything to avoid a conflict this is a sign that he is not ready to love you in your darkest time, sending you to a grim and risky marriage with her.

9. She Blatantly Always Says That She Does Not Want Marriage

To truly know what your partner is feeling towards your relationship, really listen to what they have to say. If they say that they do not want a marriage, then there is your answer. Sometimes they do not show this fright explicitly. Some mixed signs that they will give are changing the topic when you talk about marriage, being irritated when the topic is marriage and hating you for even talking about marriage. This is, by far, the biggest and most effective sign to know that they are not ready to marry you

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More Signs That She Doesn't Want To Marry You

more signs that she doesn't want to marry you

Here are more signs that she doesn't want to marry you:

  1. She loves to make you feel insecure.
  2. She does not miss you when you are gone.
  3. She does not make any first moves.
  4. She does not open up to you.
  5. Her friends and family barely knows you.
  6. She intentionally don’t return your text or calls for a long time.
  7. She does not defend you if her friends or family do not like you.
  8. She makes excuses on your relationship all the time.
  9. She often flirts with other people.
  10. She rarely checks up on you.
  11. She does not want to listen to you.
  12. She got mad at you pretty fast all the time.
  13. She makes you feel guilty for wanting a family.
  14. She doesn't like to be around couples.

The signs have shown you the real color of your girlfriend in this relationship. It might not be what you want or it might just be exactly what you want. Well, for the heart broken people, we have got some tips for facing the inevitable news that there will not be any future for your relationship.

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How To Deal With Her Not Wanting To Be Married

1. Know The Source Of The Problem From Within

After break up, some people usually go through a phase of self blame and self hatred. They do this because they think that the relationship is crumbling down because of them. What you need to do instead is do a little self introspection. Maybe the reason they do not want to get married with you is because you are not the right guy. After all, everyone have a different ideals. Or maybe it is just because of her fear of a long term commitment that will be tied to her once she get married. If that is the reason, you should not blame yourself. You did nothing wrong and the only problem is her.

2. Ask Her

To clear up the problem, you need to know the roots. So be brave and actually ask her what made her not want to marry you. Once you know the problem you can start moving on to your next step.

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3. Forgive Her And Forgive Yourself

forgive her and forgive yourself

A relationship will break people to pieces once it has ended. And after that it will be a line of blaming. There is no use in blaming and hatred. What you need to do is find happiness, starting from forgiving her and yourself for whatever both of you have and have not done in this relationship. What is in the past does not matter anymore. What matters is how you use the present.

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4. Move On

This is a quite obvious thing to do after a break up, move on. Break free from the image of her and even get back in the game of relationships. But beware, do not jump into any relationship if you have not completely cut the ties with her. Or else you will just hurt the person you are currently in a relationship with by reminiscing the past over and over.

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The signs are crystal clear and we have packed your heart with a ton of advice and tips on how to deal with a big rejection. Now, mend your heart and get back on your feet!

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