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You want to start a family with a woman you can spend the rest of your life with. You're looking for the right woman cause you don't want to regret choosing the wrong woman with fake love. There are some signs you need to watch in a woman you will marry. Don't be fooled by the look, cause some things aren't always like what they seem. You may see a beautiful woman with a perfect look, but does she really love you? Will she always be by your side through the ups and down? No one knows.

These are wife material signs that you need to know so you won't choose the wrong woman. You will find the right woman who will love you for who you are.

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1. She's A Strong Woman

We all know that women are physically weaker than men for any reasons. The truth is women are stronger in every way. They have a monthly period, they get pregnant, they give birth, and they raise their children. Those things are never easy. If you can see that she's strong enough to face her nature as a woman, she will be a great wife for you and the best mother for your children.

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2. Her Tears Are Diamonds

Her heart is so soft. When she watches a beautiful romantic movie, she will shed a tear. It doesn't make her look weak or dramatic, it's just how she put her emotion to something beautiful in a delicate way. You can see her feminine side when she cries. It makes you want to protect her, please her and give back her beautiful smile.

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3. She's Simple

she's simple

She doesn't need any Zara dress, Christian Louboutin's shoes or Louis Vuitton bag to look stunning like a supermodel. She's still a perfect ten even when she wears no makeup. It amazes you always how humble she is. Being simple is somehow the best. That's the wife material signs we wish you found it on your girl.

4. She's Caring

She's not selfish. When she meets another person, she won't think about her only. If she can do something to help the other people, she will do it. The truth that she cares about anyone else must convince you that she's going to be an amazing wife for you.

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5. She Can Tell By Your Eyes That You're Not Okay

When you're having a rough day at work, she can tell by your eyes that you're not doing good. She tells you that everything's gonna be okay and she will do what makes you feel better. Your problem is her problem too. If you see that she put your life before hers, marry her. She's absolutely the one you need to share your life with.

6. She Listens

You need someone who can listen and she's always there when you need someone you can share your thoughts with. She doesn't act like she can speak any thing to give you advice. You only need someone who can listen, that's it. There she is. It's a sign that she respects you and never means to control you. You're the man she wants to obey.

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7. She Apologizes For Her Mistakes

Everybody makes mistake, so does her. She realizes that she has done something she shouldn't and she admits that it's her fault. As long as it's not the worst thing that she has done, you think it's the way to understand her condition, cause you know that nobody's perfect. It takes a process to be better.

8. She Accepts Your Flaws

she accept your flaws

What's more wife material signs? Everybody is special in their own way. You know you're just an ordinary boy who is in love with a beautiful angel like her. She tells you that she loves you just the way you are. To her, you're an amazing man she adores.

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9. She Loves Kids

A girl who loves kids is definitely a wife material. She takes care of someone else's children well and she protects them like they're her children. It shows that she will make a great mother for your children. Is there any thing else better than this kind of girl?

10. She Doesn't Force You To Do Things She Wants

She doesn't like to have any control upon you. Just because you want to please the woman you love doesn't mean that she can make you do all the things you shouldn't. You're the man. A real man isn't controlled by a woman.

11. She Keeps Sticking Around

You're not always on top of your life. There's a time that you have to struggle to keep surviving. Doesn't matter what you do, she's always there for you. She keeps sticking with you through the goods and the bads.

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12. She Knows What You Like And What You Don't

She loves to hear your favorite songs. You play it a lot and she never gets bored hearing it. She hates it when you're too lazy to pick up the stuff you leave on the floor. She knows all the things about you.

13. Her Smile Can Light Up Your World

her smile can light up your world

When you see her smile you know you need a moment to stop and stare for a while. It's amazing how a smile can light your whole world. It's so contagious that you can't help but smile too.

14. Her Face Is Calming

She may not be the prettiest girl with the perfect shape. But, just by looking at her face will make you feel safe and calm.

15. She Encourages You To Chase Your Dreams

She always looks the best on you that there's nothing that you can't do. You're not afraid to make your dreams come true anymore cause you know she's always there for you.

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16. She Forgives You

When you lost your mind and can't help but disappoint her, she still wants for to forgive you. Even when you have done terrible things, she still gives you chances to make things up. You will never find someone like her.

17. She Doesn't Compare You To The Other Guys

You may not the best guy with the best styles, the sexiest abs, and you don't have a fancy car. She doesn't care about that. There are a million guys all over the world, but she chooses you. Those guys got nothing on you anyway.

18. She Makes You Want To Be Better Man

The wife material signs, She gives you the faith that you are a great man who can bring good things to others. You never knew that you're that kind of man. That only makes you want to be a better man than you were before.

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19. She's Smart

A mother is a teacher, a financial consultant, a doctor, to her family. If she's smart enough to be those people, she will make a good wife and mother in the future.

20. She's Sweet

she's sweet

She behaves nice, polite and adorable. The way she talks, she laughs and she gets mad are so cute you can't handle it. Everything about her is just so sweet.

21. She's Loyal

She only sees you. There's no one else who pulls her attention nor her heart. Even when there are many other better guys want to get in between you and her, she only has her heart for you.

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22. She Has A Great Self-Esteem

She's kind of girl who stands on her own feet. A young and independent woman who's proud to be who she is. As long as she can do it on her own, she will do it.

23. She Respects Older

You know she treats your parents very well. She knows exactly who she's talking to and she will respect everyone no matter who they are.

24. She Makes You Feel Like The Luckiest Man In The World

You finally find a girl that you need. She's one of a kind. There's no doubt that you're the luckiest man in the world.

25. You Always Miss Her

There's not a single day that you don't miss her. You always want to see her face, her eyes, her smiles, her laugh. It's like there's something missing when she's not around.

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26. You Want To Be Close To Her Every Time

you want to be close to her every time

Being around her always makes you feel comfortable and home. Seems like, you don't want the time to be over so soon. Doesn't matter how far, you will reach it just to be close to her.

27. You Think It Won't Work Out With Somebody Else

There's a feeling you got when you see her. It makes you feel like you know that she's the one. You don't know exactly why you feel like so, you just know that it's not gonna work out if it's not her.

28. She's Calm

The way she acts and talks, she manages to be calm. It doesn't annoy everyone what she says and what she does.

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29. She's Patient

She can control her anger and she's not easily provoked by the other people who throw shades to her.

30. Just One Look In Her Eyes Can Heal Your Sorrow

You need someone who can be the reason you want to keep living your life no matter how hard it can be.

31. She's Willing To Change To Be Better

She wants to please you, so she tries to change to be better.

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More Wife Material Signs

more wife material signs

There are more signs if she is a total wife material signs:

  1. She understands your circumstances
  2. She's brave
  3. She keeps her attitude
  4. She cheers you up
  5. She warns you when you're doing wrong
  6. She cooks you your favorite food
  7. She's not a shopping freak
  8. She is a best friend to your brother
  9. She's good at financial management
  10. She's great at time management
  11. She's diligent
  12. She can help your mother cooking
  13. She can teach your sister how to dress
  14. She loves to play with your nephew and niece
  15. She takes care of your grandparents

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Those are wife material signs that you should know to see if a woman can be your perfect wife or not. The right person comes in the right time.

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