20 Ways On How To Make A Girl Tell You She Likes You (Guys Tricks)

by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for ways to make a woman admit she likes you?

Perhaps you’ve found a woman who you really like, but you’re too nervous to make the first move? 

Maybe you know this woman from a high-stakes environment like your workplace or the gym, or any other type of place where you’ll be likely to see this woman over and over again after you ask her out?

Whoever this woman is, you’ll be pleased to hear there are plenty of strategies you can use to make her the first one to spill the beans about her attraction. The best ones are listed in the guide below. 

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But if you’re hellbent on ensuring it’s her that makes the first move, scroll down for my list of ways to do this.

How To Make A Girl Tell You She Likes You

It's kind of wonderful when you meet someone who makes you feel special. You think it's just you who catch the feelings toward someone, but somehow you know that the person seems to feel the same. It's a mix of happy, excited, unbelievable and a little confusing. You may still wonder about what you think you know and ask yourself like "Is it true?", "Does she really love me?", or "Is it just me?".

People say true love only comes once in a lifetime. Once you find one, you should never let it go. Or, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Somehow, it's great to have a love that makes you regret if you ever let it pass by. It takes a long road to finally find a love from the right person.

There is nothing better than the time when you find out that someone who you love loves you back. When you find this girl you like and you know she likes you too, you should never let her go. You shouldn't give up your love just because she hasn't told you how she feels. She is probably too shy to tell you. Here is how to make a girl tell you she likes you in the first place.

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1. Give her signs

Signs are the important things that can make someone get the feelings without the person clearly say it. It can be from how they act, how they speak, or how they look into your eyes. You will better give her signs that you like her to make her understand what you feel about her. You can act a little awkward around her, look deeply into her eyes, and talk something sweet. She won't only get convinced that you like her, but she also believes that you're the one she likes. She will also give you the signs and when the time is right she will reveal that she really likes you.

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2. Make her a little jealous

How to make a girl tell you she likes you? We seem to know that jealousy is a proof of love. When someone gets jealous, they actually show their affections. If you want to make a girl confesses that she likes you, you should probably do something that can make her jealous. Once she gets jealous, she can't help but say that she likes you. You can make her a little jealous by flirting with another girl. If she really likes you, she doesn't want to lose you and let you get together with someone else. The first thing she can do to make you stay with her is by telling you that she likes you.

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3. Ask her best friends to encourage her

The ones who seem to have some influences to a person is their best friends. A girl must have a best friend that she can share every information with, including her crush. To make a girl convinced to tell her crush she likes him, a best friend can be a right person to persuade her. She probably has been in doubts for telling you how she feels, and her best friend is someone to encourage her and support her about what to do. So, just have a nice talk to her best friend and tell them what's going on between you and her. Tell them how they can help.

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4. Makes her wonder

Blow her mind of what you're capable of. Makes her wonder that she is right about what she feels that she likes you. She may have admitted to herself that she likes you but she doesn't know why. When you do something that can blow her mind, like sacrifice yourself to her, wait for her patiently, or any other things that make her find the answer of why she likes you. Once she has her mind blown because of you, she will try to make it work between the two of you. She will no longer question her feelings and start telling you that she needs you in her life.

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5. Have face to face conversations

Take her to intense talk where there is only the two of you. Having a face to face conversation in a quiet place, a  place with a pleasant view, or in the middle of the night will make someone become more honest about their feelings. You should talk about something personal heart to heart. Talk about how you and her have gone through a lot and how you understand how you feel about it.

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6. Make her happy

Show her how much happiness can surround her when you two are together. Being happy will make her convinced that she has found love between you and her. Somehow, happiness only comes between two people who are in love with each other. By feeling this way, she knows that there is no more hesitation to keep a secret of her true feelings. Just wait a moment and she will confess her feelings for you.

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7. Throw some side remarks about her behavior

You can drag out something that makes her a little busted that she likes you secretly. You can tell her that you've been paying attention to how she acts and talk that looks like a girl n love. The thing is, you don't have to say explicitly that she looks like being in love with you. But rather, you can tell her that you can spot some weirdness of how she behaves.

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8. Take her to a special moment

take her to a special moment

You can ask her to come to a concert of her favorite singer, theme park, or the beach. That will be such unforgettable moments that can be a perfect time to confess the true feelings toward a person. She will love it when you take her to special moments that makes her feel special.

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9. Let her be honest to herself

Someone first admits to their selves that they like someone else. They need to be honest to their selves before letting someone else know the truth about them. She may or may not admit to herself that she likes you. She needs to be honest with herself about her own feeling until she can be honest with you. You just need to give her a moment and let her be honest with herself and you.

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10. Be a sweet talker

A girl loves to hear any sweet words from a guy she likes. It makes her feel like she is amazing in front of that guy. She wants to be the one adored. When you talk about how pretty you are, how you look cute when you're mad, she won't hide that she likes what you do. You're getting closer to make her say she likes you.

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11. Get to know her favorite things

A girl likes it when a guy cares about her favorite things. It shows that he cares. When you know her favorite things, you become the one who cares and she likes it. She likes you for that and she will tell you that.

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12. Be a guy she dreams of

You have to convince her that you're definitely the guy that she's been dreaming of. When she sees you as the one she looks for, she will not let you go and will tell you how much she wants to be with you.

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13. Give her hope

You should convince her that whatever she feels is priceless and she deserves it. Give her hope that she can hold on to what she loves and you will be there to look over her shoulder.

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14. Don't make her feel embarrassed

You know somewhat that she likes you and she may know that you know. But, that fact shouldn't make her feel embarrassed. Let her be herself and believe having a crush on you is not something wrong.

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15. Don't be such a jerk

don't be such a jerk

Man, you don't have to be a jerk to get a girl you want. No girl supposedly likes a jerk. You won't make a girl confesses that she likes you if you just fool around with no direction. Girls want a certainty. Once she knows that she finds something certain in a person, she will let her feelings show.

16. Don't make her lose power

You should never make her feel like she's not worth it. Make her feel beautiful, wonderful and loveable instead. Losing her power only make her feel doubt about her feelings.

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17. Show her that you are the one she needs

You know she likes you and for some reasons, she must need you. She needs you to be with her always, do anything for her, and be anything for her. If she really likes you, she knows that you are the one she needs.

18. Make her feel comfortable

Don't push her into some kind of situations that only make her depressed. She needs time to realize that her feeling for you is true. When she feels comfortable around you, she will understand that she belongs to you. She will not waste any more time to say that she likes you.

19. Don't disappoint her

Don't do something that will only leave her disappointed. You should not let her wait too long. Make time for her.

20. Tell her you like her

There's nothing more awaited than the words saying the three little words.

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Those are how to make a girl tell you she likes you that you can do to make a girl confesses her feelings about you. No more wondering if she likes you or not.

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