How To Make A Girl Tell You She Likes You (43 Easy Ways to Trick Her Into Speaking)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for ways to make a woman admit she likes you?

Perhaps you’ve found a woman who you really like, but you’re too nervous to make the first move? 

Maybe you know this woman from a high-stakes environment like your workplace or the gym, or any other type of place where you’ll be likely to see this woman over and over again after you ask her out?

Whoever this woman is, you’ll be pleased to hear there are plenty of strategies you can use to make her the first one to spill the beans about her attraction. The best ones are listed in the guide below. 

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But if you’re hellbent on ensuring it’s her that makes the first move, scroll down for my list of ways to do this.


43 Ways To Make A Girl Tell She Likes You

It's nice to meet a girl who has the right attitude, love language, and manages her flaws. Someone you can relate with, understand, and a person who can flow with your sense of humor. It's a good feeling to have someone make you feel special. It may be a new girl you just met at the mall or a long-time friend.

It's something that brings you a mixture of feelings; happy, excited, nervous, a bit confused, and anxious. And then, you get to find out she likes you back but wouldn't make the first move to say she does. At the same time, you're afraid to make the first move, too, because you're scared of her reaction and wouldn't want to ruin things.

Whatever the case may be, you've met a pretty girl who has the best standards and you both have a connection when talking or spending time together. No doubt, you want her to be your girlfriend. But, how do you make her tell you she likes you?

If you have that question (or a similar one or more) in mind, and you have no clue how to go about it, keep reading to learn 43 ways to make a girl tell you she likes you.

1. Use body language

Most girls don’t know (or pretend they don’t recognize) when a guy uses body language to express his feelings. The truth is, if a girl likes you, she’ll respond to your body language, even if it may take longer and the right atmosphere. You could try doing this.

Smile whenever she does or says something nice. Rub her back, stroke her hair, open the door for her, adjust or dust something off her dress, and do many other things you feel you should do out of love and respect. This is one way you can make a girl feel comfortable to say she likes you.

2. Talk to her friends to encourage her

Not every girl has a friend or friends. Some relate more with their family members, while others prefer to be on their own. But, if you like a girl who has friends, try talking to them to encourage her to express her feelings or give in to dating you.

Sometimes, girls give more attention to what third parties say than the guy involved. So, they may most likely drop their guards when it comes to listening to their friends, family members, or any loved one they respect and trust. This is another way you can try to make a girl say she likes you.

3. Give her attention when you can

Girls love attention. It doesn’t matter your skill of showing you’re there for them; they want to know they can lean on you most times when they need to. So, try to listen when they talk. You don’t have to respond. You could nod and maintain your focus on them to show you’re attentive.

Ask questions where you think is necessary, and tell her you understand how bad she feels. This is one of the best things you can do to show how much you’re into a girl. It assures her that if she likes you and eventually says it, you’ll be there for her.

4. Go for a drink

go for a drink

It doesn’t matter how you both do it, but going for a drink helps make things work. Going for a drink together means spending time, face to face with each other. This way, you both get to understand each other’s tone, see your facial expression, and read each other’s body language.

You can get a girl’s attention by doing this as often as you’re both comfortable with it. It could be during lunch or as a dinner date. If you’re friendly and kind, she’ll get used to seeing you, which will give her more courage to say she likes you when she’s sure enough.

5. Do a few things to make her jealous

Most girls don't like any guy that kisses up to them. So, if you want to get a girl to make the first move to say she likes you, talk about the things that would make her slightly jealous. Make her feel like you may have other options to choose other girls out there.

But, don't do it in a way that would push her away completely—just a way that would make her appreciate you more. You can talk about how a random girl made advances towards you, but don't overdo it. That way, you'll speed things up from her side real fast.

6. Give her personal space

Every girl likes her personal space no matter how much they like a guy. They believe there is time for everything. A time to focus on herself is the best thing you can do for her, especially when she seems quiet or tired of seeing you. 

That’s because, during this time, she can reflect on her past fun events, reconnect with her inner self, give attention to her needs, miss you a bit, and plan new strategies on how to develop herself further. As little as it may seem, this is one way to get a girl to say she likes you. 

7. Appreciate her strengths

If you’re a guy who wants a girl you like to say she likes you too, you have to appreciate her strengths constantly. Tell her how good she is with suggestions for the best meals, business ideas, how strong she is when things are tough, and good her standards are in making plans work well.

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Say it in front of her, her friends, family, work colleagues, and your friends. This helps because whenever you’re not there to say it personally, these people will tell her how much you appreciate her. This is what girls love to hear, which will increase your chance of making her your girlfriend.

8. Respect her loved ones

Girls get more attracted to guys that respect their loved ones. This means that no matter what she says, good or bad, whether she is angry at them or not, you shouldn’t say bad things about them to please her. Instead, just listen or tell her to take it easy with her emotions.

Or, you could slightly change the topic to something fun and happy. This is because if you say anything unpleasant while she’s angry because you want to show you’re on her side more, you may end up ruining things. Let her know how much you love hearing about them and excited you are to meet them.

9. Tell her about yourself

A girl likes to be sure she’s moving in the right direction, and your openness to her would make things easier. If you want to make her your girlfriend, you have to be sure she’s comfortable to be with your kind of person.

This means you shouldn’t hide anything you feel is necessary to let her know, even if it sounds irrelevant when you say it; make sure she knows. You can start with your personality, both good and bad, your past if necessary, and your future goals. Let her decide if she really likes you or not. Don’t try to be perfect.

10. Read her body language

One thing you should watch for is a girl's body language whenever she's with you. Is she comfortable? Does she look shy? Is she having fun, or she wants out? These and many other things are what you should observe. If you notice anything unusual, ask if she's okay or would like to go home. 

Girls like it when you understand their moods and follow their body language. So, watch her facial expression when you bring up different topics; if it's negative, you can apologize first before asking to know the issue. This is one way you can get a girl to say she likes you.

11. Tell her some secrets

A girl likes it when a guy can trust enough to let her into his space. One way to do this is to tell her a few secrets. Psychologically, she’ll be more comfortable talking to you knowing you see her worthy of knowing your secrets. They could be funny little secrets.

Or, you could tell her the ones you feel not many people know. But since secrets are meant to be personal, don’t tell her the ones that can land you in trouble if she tells someone else. This is one way you can make a girl get more courage to say she likes you.

12. Make friends with her friends.

One of the best ways to get a girl’s attention is to be friendly with her friends. You don’t have to be in their face, stalk them, or message them inappropriately. You could just ask her about them, send your regards, or volunteer to take them out for a fun event.

But, try not to do this without the girl’s approval, consent, or involving her. Tell her when you invite her friends over, when you help randomly help them publicly in a bad situation, or when they call to check up on you. It shows how much you respect her as a person.

13. Go on a double date

When a girl you love meets another on a date, she’ll become more friendly, relaxed, and happy to relate with you. A double date doesn’t have to be a dinner or lunch date; it could be a games night, movies night, picnic, or a casual walk and talk in a park. 

This is one thing that improves attraction between two people. The reason being that the other couple sometimes gets to rub off on both of you, hence, enhancing the spark of love you already have for each other. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself to encourage the girl you love to say she likes you, too.

14. Don’t force any decision of dating on her

Liking a girl doesn’t mean she likes you at the same pace, or she’s on the same page with you. You could talk to her or make body gestures to show how much you care, but if her words or gestures prove otherwise, give her time to come around.

Forcing a decision on her or constantly talking about dating her is a no-no and will ruin any friendship or attraction you’ve built with her over time. She may get irritated to be with you. This is something you should try to avoid. If you can do this, you can get a girl to be more comfortable with you.

15. Wait patiently for her response when texting

wait patiently for her response when texting

Don’t bombard a girl you love with many messages, especially if whatever you need her attention for is not relevant. If she doesn’t respond to the first few messages, she could be busy with something, not close to her mobile phone, need some time alone, or attending to something urgent.

Additionally, when you’re both texting, give her time to answer or respond to any question you ask before sending another. Let her ask you questions, too. This way, it makes it more of a conversation than an interrogation session between two people. This is one thing you should watch out for, which girls appreciate the most.

16. Ask how she’s doing

Asking a girl how she’s doing, how her day is going, what she’s planning, or if she’ll like to go out and have fun is one way you can use to get her attention more. Girls like it when you’re concerned about their personal welfare.

They want to know how much the guy that claims to like them cares about them. So, you could pick a day to ask the girl you’re into how she’s faring. Don’t talk about yourself; let that day be for her and how you can help her succeed. That’s one way you can make a girl say she likes you.

17. Don’t make any offensive comments about her body

Making a comment or several comments about a girl’s body features is like objectifying, and you should avoid this. You can say how beautiful she is, how lovely her smile is, or how much you love her sense of fashion, but don’t make a specific comment about her butt, lips, or boobs.

For instance, “you’re one of the prettiest women I’ve met” is more respectful, loving, and sweeter than “your lips look like something I can chew” or “I love how round your butt is”. This is one of the best ways you can increase a girl’s attraction to you.

18. Ask questions about the things she loves most

A woman would always talk about the things that make her happy or sad. It’s more like venting, sharing them with you, or generally expressing how she feels. Girls could say many things about themselves to a guy they’re comfortable spending time with. 

One thing you can do to make a girl you like warm up to say she likes you is having an interest in the things she loves most. For instance, she may talk about her family, friends, career, or pet more often than she talks about other things. Take note of those things and ask her exciting and logical questions about them.

19. Talk or chat less on the phone

One thing you should know is not to spend so much time on the phone with a girl. It doesn’t matter if it’s a call, message, or chat on a social media platform. Give her some time to miss your presence and get busy with other things. With this, she won’t get irritated when you reach out to her.

It shows you like her, but you also have other things to attend to. That way, she’ll value you and your time with her more, which will push her to say she likes you. It’s another way you can attract a girl to like you more.

20. Don’t emphasize her mistakes and weaknesses

Nobody likes it when you emphasize their weaknesses and mistakes; girls inclusive. Girls could be emotional, and they could get hurt if you claim you like them but still do things to make them sad. They could tolerate it from someone else, but it will be hard for them to let it go.

So, avoid talking about their weaknesses and not complain or blame them for mistakenly doing the wrong things. You could make them have low self-esteem. And depending on how bad it is, any girl involved will have difficulties trusting you or sharing her personal issues with you.

21. Do the things that will make her happy

One good thing you can do for a girl is making her always happy when she’s around you. Try to keep the atmosphere as fresh and light as possible. You can talk about funny things or past events to make her smile. You can also tease her in ways you know are not offensive.

It doesn’t matter if it’s physically or on the phone. This is one of the best things you can do to make a girl warm up to you. If she tells a joke, laugh. If it’s not as funny as it should, then make a joke out of it. Do anything you can to make her happy when you’re together.

22. Sound a bit jealous when she talks about another guy

When a girl talks about another guy, and you sound or show a little jealousy, you get her attention more. It will make her feel special knowing you care more than she knows. She wants to know that even if she likes you, you value and appreciate her more than she feels.

So, let her know you’re not comfortable seeing or hearing her talk about another guy who is not you. It shows how serious you are about dating her. This is one way you can use to make a girl warm up to say she likes you.

23. Offer to help when she needs you

If there's any girl you love and would want to be with, in the long term, always offer to help her whenever she needs it, and you can make it work. Liking her also means sparing some of your time, physical energy, ideas, finances, anything you can contribute when she needs it.

You could wait until she asks you outrightly, or you could ask her politely to know what she wants precisely. But, if she says she doesn't need your help, don't pressure or force it. Let her decide when or if she needs you to come in. It's a way to make her warm up to you.

24. Only give suggestions when she asks you

Most times, when a girl is venting or ranting, she needs you to listen. She could cry, laugh, or sound sad, depending on how bad or frustrating the situation is. While she’s doing this, you could rub her back or lean her head on your shoulder, a gesture to console her.

Don’t say anything or give suggestions on how she can solve or handle the situation yet, except she asks you. It could worsen her situation or make her feel worse, hence more emotions. With this, you can make a girl open up to say she likes you.

25. Show how much attention you give to her behavior

show how much attention you give to her behavior

When a girl you love does something, you could tease her by relating it to her good behavior. Do it in an acceptable way that will make you both laugh and play about it. Try not to do it with any behavior or attitude that makes her insecure about herself.

It could be the way she looks when she’s trying to make you laugh or how she talks when she’s mimicking a character in a film or animation. You could do this once in a while as one of the things to make a girl more comfortable to say she likes you.

26. Don’t intimidate her with your achievements

Sometimes, guys meet girls they're older than and have gone farther than in career and otherwise. A man may be a top executive in a company, while the girl may still be upcoming and struggling to have a stable income. 

If you fall into this category, don't talk too much about yourself, except she's curious to know them. That's because talking about your achievements whenever you're with her when she hasn't achieved so much sounds intimidating and seems like you have nothing else to talk about. So, try to sound as neutral as possible to balance things out. It's another good way to get a girl to say she likes you.

27. Give her some time to admit she likes you

No girl likes to be forced to make a decision. She wants to take her time, be sure, feel it in her gut, and prepare for it. When you like something, you nurture it. The same thing applies to when you like a girl. She may seem as she likes you, but she may just be nice to you.

So, give it time, keep being nice to her, make her happy, and laugh whenever she tries to make you happy. Falling in love with someone works differently with every individual, and your timing will never be the same as hers. Take it one step at a time.

28. Ask for her help

One trick you can use on a girl to like you more is to ask her to do things for you. A girl likes you more when she keeps helping you do things. It’s more like a positive psychological effect from you to increase her courage to express her feelings.

If you do this repeatedly, she would try to be as reliable, consistent, and not disappoint you, making her attraction for you higher each time she does it. This would show her how much you want to involve her in your affairs and how good dating you would make her feel.

29. Take her to special fun events

You both don’t always have to remain indoors, chill at a restaurant you’ve been to so many times, or see a movie you’ve seen before. You could take a girl you love spending time with, to a music show, a live drama performance, or a festival.

It could be where she can try out different new things, like food, snacks, a new dance step, or experience a different culture. This will create more memories for you and give you something to reminisce on, even though time passes by. Going for exciting and fun events will take you closer to a girl you love.

30. Learn her love language

People have different love languages. Some are mushy with so much love for attention, a few others love sweet and romantic gestures once in a while, and the rest just want to be left alone. This is something you should look out for as a guy who likes someone. 

Observe her reaction to many things, and you could even openly ask to learn her likes and dislikes. Learning a girl’s love language is one of the sweetest things you can do to get to her heart. If you can do this successfully with the right timing, she may open up to say she likes you.

31. Up your sweet-talking game

Every girl loves a sweet guy. Girls love guys who say sweet nothings to them, sweep them off their feet, try to read their minds even when they’re not sure, and make them blush occasionally. It’s a big turn-on for them to hear a man they like say sweet words to them.

A lady wants to hear you say she looks attractive, pretty, peaceful. It doesn’t matter if you’re flattering her or not; she wants to listen to you say how beautiful her hair looks or how adorable her eyes look when she smiles. Doing this will make you closer to making her admit she likes you.

32. Try the push-pull method

The push-pull method is when you like a girl so much but pretend to be uninterested, yet you enjoy being in her presence more often. So, when you push, it’s more like telling her you can survive without her, but when you pull, you’re telling her you haven’t changed your mind towards liking her.

It could be confusing, but if managed and interchanged at the right time, it could make a girl interested enough to get to know you more. This is one way you can psychologically make her tell you she likes you faster than expected.

33. Apply her suggestions and let her know how it went

You raise your standards in front of a girl by asking for her suggestions in some of your personal decisions, business and career plans, and anything you feel you need someone’s advice on. Girls are always happy to help in any way they can when they like you. 

It makes her attraction for you, even more, when she hears you tried it, and it worked. And if it doesn’t, don’t make her feel bad about it. You could just say a friendly joke out of it. It’s one of the best ways you can encourage to say she likes you faster.

34. Let your presence excite her

It doesn’t matter the kind of girl you fall in love with, do everything you can, comfortably, to make her happy whenever she sees you. Some people tag it as “the positive aura,” where someone gets so glad to see you in the same environment or platform as them, whether you talk to them or not.

This means you should do primarily positive things, and if the negative stuff slides in when you didn’t intend for them to, you apologize. In addition to that, how to talk to her to do things and make her smile. When a lady feels that great to have you around, you’re on the right track.

35. Be consistent with how you relate with her

If you call, message, and go on dates with a woman you like and are sure she likes you too, try to be consistent with any form of attention you shower on her. If you video call at certain times, keep doing it, and if you message her every morning before she wakes up, be consistent with it.

It isn’t very pleasant for a lady to observe you don’t spend much time as you did initially with her. So, keep up with anything you start and give logical explanations if you miss doing it; that way, she’ll be convinced to say she likes you.

36. Encourage her to keep loving anything that makes her happy

You can make a girl say she likes you in little or no time to remind her to keep doing the things she loves continuously. Tell her to open her heart and mind and love anything that makes her happy. 

Of course, this includes you if you’re sure you contribute to her happiness. Saying this to her means you have her back and your back at the same and giving her free will to do anything she wants to do is another assurance for her that you won’t be controlling. Girls love freedom, and doing this with them only makes you more worthy of being with them. 

37. Avoid talks that involve her insecurities

If a girl feels insecure about her body, avoid the topic if you don’t have anything positive to say. Don’t encourage her, accept it, or say things that would make her feel worse. Sometimes girls say these things to hear you discourage them from destroying themselves verbally.

If she feels insecure about her skills compared to professionals, either you bring suggestions of what you can do to help her improve, or you say motivational words with a mixture of humor to make her snap out of it. This is one way you can use to make a girl say she likes you.

38. Be reliable

be reliable

When a girl needs your help, don’t try to please her by accepting to do it if you’re sure you can’t. It’ll make you look unreliable. If it seems possible to achieve but changes later because of uncontrolled circumstances, let her know the situation and the chances of still completing it.

Furthermore, let her know when you can’t make it on time for a date. It’s you being confident to be yourself by telling her the truth, putting in the effort to achieve something, but at the same time, respecting her feelings. This way, you gain more attention and respect from her.

39. Try to constantly develop yourself

As a guy who wants to make a girl you like reciprocate or openly express how much she’s into you, you have to work on yourself as an individual constantly; your physical looks, intelligence, kindness, and how you interact with people, especially girls. 

That’s because if she doesn’t like you for specific things that you can change, put in some effort to try to make yourself better. Don’t pressurize her to get used to it; that’s a turnoff for girls. It makes you look selfish and careful and reduces the attraction they have for you. The better you get, the greater her interest.

40. Display simple attractive skills

This is one simple trick you can use on a woman you know that likes you but wouldn’t say it. Take the lead and display confident body language. But at the same time, soften your face to look warmer and more romantic whenever you’re physically together.

You could use what people tag as ‘the bedroom voice and eyes’ to get to her heart. But let it naturally flow. Doing this would make you unconsciously open up to say how much she likes you. Remember, don’t force it, just be relaxed and let it flow. 

41. Be neat

Your personal hygiene matters for both you and the people you hang out with. It shows in everything you do privately and publicly. Women love clean guys with fresh laundry, sweet cologne, a good haircut, a clean shave, and everything that makes you look yummy.

Try to keep your space tidy in case she wants to pay you a surprise visit, and don’t forget to take a shower when there’s the need to. Your cleanliness would improve your attractiveness by a greater chance, and believe it or not; it will push a girl to say she likes you quicker than you expect.

42. Have a good sense of fashion and composure

Girls love guys that dress attractively. You don’t have to look all sophisticated or colorful to attract a lady. Keep it simple and classy. It makes their hearts beat faster when they see a man they like being the center of attraction in a place.

Furthermore, they love guys that can compose themselves. No matter how much that waitress or waiter pisses you off, how heated the argument is, or how angry you are with someone over the phone, try to keep calm and mature. It’s something that would convince a girl to say she likes you.

43. Tell her how you feel

No matter the hints, good gestures, and best appearances you put up, it’s always good to tell a girl how you feel about her. That’s because, depending on the person involved, she could just feel you’re nice to her in a platonic way.

This is what encourages friend-zoning. Even when she likes you, she may be afraid to say it to avoid misunderstanding or to misinterpret your good deeds and friendly gestures. So, take a bold step and tell her exactly what you want from her to be on the same page.


How do you get a girl to say she likes you?

If you like a girl, let your body language say so. Be yourself, but at the same time, don’t be too relaxed to be nasty; she’s a lady. Bring up exciting plans that will make you both spend time together physically and try your best to maintain the best friendship with her.

How do you instantly tell if a girl likes you?

She’ll be open enough to have time to hang out with you as often as possible in her spare time. A girl who likes you will listen to you talk and correct your mistakes if you’re open to her corrections. Her body language when she sees you physically compared to others.

How do you hint to a girl that you're interested?

You can begin by complimenting her looks, work or career, smartness, intelligence, hard work, or how she relates with people. Girls like it when a guy makes them feel flattered and observe uncommon details about them. Then, you could invite her for an event she can’t reject, hence having a way to get her contact.

What if a girl calls you bro?

If a girl calls you bro, it could be because she’s comfortable being around you, you’re in the friend zone, or she may be rude in a polite way. But, if you’re uncomfortable with it, don’t say it to her face. Instead, find a suitable name you’d prefer she addresses you with.

How do you make a girl miss you?

There are numerous ways to do this. Girls don’t like it when you’re in their face. Talk less about yourself and don’t act too desperate to be with her. Let her spend time by herself or with her friends without calling or messaging. Whenever you spend time together, have as much fun as you can.

In Conclusion

Girls love a generally loving, clean, and intelligent guy who does the right things at the right time. If you’re looking for ways to get a girl to tell you she likes you, you can refer to the 43 ways I’ve mentioned. Also, if you liked this article, please drop a comment and share it with others.

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