This is How to Get An Upperclassman to Notice You and Get Close

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Hey there, do you still in a high school? Do you ever like or crush with an upperclassman? So, how to get an upperclassman to notice you? You should do these things first, let's check it out.

1. Watch your image

The upperclassman seems like a boss, very cool, masculine and handsome. So, the first is to watch your image, keep it and just be yourself. Be clean, beautiful as you are.

2. The good attitude

Give a greeting is one of the good attitudes, just say; good morning or hello. Do this if even while you meet him.

3. Being smart ones

Are you good in academic? So, show your brains and let your upperclassman see that you are a person that smart, reach your goal being a number one in school.

4. The achievement

What is your hobby? Make your hobby to get an achievement. If you love to sing, join the choir your school, join the band or be a solo singer. Find out your talent, now.

5. Busy 

Being an active student will make you busy. With this, you can meet him on the whole day at school. So, take this chance.

6. Just be your self

Do not being to feel that you are the beautiful ones or smart ones that can get him, the upperclassman, just be your self. Your bad attitudes will make you down.

7. Good example 

It is very good if you can be a good example for your junior classes. With you being popular, your upperclassman will see that you are a great person.

8. A part of an organization

In every school, there is an organization. If you are really want to notice him directly. Why not be a part of the organization? You will meet him every day.

Some signs that your upperclassman has a crush on you  

Being famous in school or being popular is a fast way to get your upperclassman to notice you. But, how if the upperclassman has a crush on you? Let's see the below signs first.

1. Staring at you

He keeps staring at you on first sight. It is the truth that your upperclassman has a crush on you.

2. Get closer to you 

He has an introvert personality, so he makes a letter to get closer to you. Well, it is so romantic.

3. A smile on your face

While he meets you, he often to smile and laugh on your face. This is a sign that he is very comfortable with you. 

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4. Copy cat

Do you seem to catch that he does that you do? Yes, this is a copy cat. He will copy your habits to be the same as you.

5. Jealousy

Other man tries to get closer to you, he will do everything to keep you safe. Yes, he is jealous.

6. Like to bother you

He likes to pinch even tickle you sometimes. He does not stop to bother you ever.

7. Focus on you

He focuses on seeing you when you work on something, when you smile and how you speak.

8. Hold your hand

Ensuring that you are fine by holding your hand is a sign that he really fall in love with you

Love tips on how to get an upperclassman to notice you 

Here are the love tips on how to get an upperclassman to notice you, enjoy guys.

1. Moves slowly

Let's moves slowly, watch his personality first what is the truth. Seek any information secretly about him.

2. Being popular 

Like the previous point, being popular is the best way to get your upperclassman fast. So, what is your plan, now? 

3. Greet him often

Greet him often and give your sweet smile with this he will remember you.

4. Find out his status

Make sure the upperclassman is single, find out his status correctly. See through his social media.

5. Make a goal

You like him so much, so you have to make goals on how the plan to get his attention. ask your friend for help so that this works.

6. Confidence is a must

You must be in confidence, while you positive thinking you will get his notice. So, do your best an make the best result.

7. It is not matter

Say to your mind that the different age is not the matter. The different age is not a problem. Stay in positive thinking.

8. Pray

Pray, and trust to the God it is very effective. With this, all your hopes will come true.

9. Always patience

Besides, you should be patient too that all the efforts you make will definitely have the best results.

10. Seek the others 

Well, if the final result is really bad, don't feel disappointed. Maybe other the upperclassmen have a crush on you. So, seek others.

Hopefully, the above on how to get an upperclassman to notice you can benefit for you. With these tips, it can make you excited how easy to get his attention. To make these following tips work, you should see these tips too on how to get your crush attention on Facebooktips to calm nerves before a date, the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you, some ways to get closer to your crush and how to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school

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