How to Get a Guy to Notice You Without Talking to Him at School

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Even though you may think that school is boring and stressful every day, there is a lot of things that make it both fun and exciting. One of the excitement is when you find a guy that you are interested in. This boy probably the one that gives you the reason to wake up early in the morning so you can see him walking by in front of your class.

However, somehow he doesn't even know you and you want to do something about that. The question: how you do it? You can also learn about How to Get Your Crush to Talk to You at School to help you.

Here are how to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school

You are dying to find a way for your guy crush to notice you. It's going to make you happy when you can start a conversation or even say a simple hi. Your problem prevents you to do so which you are too shy neither do have some courage to step ahead. Actually, there are ways you can do to get a guy to notice you especially when you don't want to do the talk

To help you with this matter, here are how to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school. Knowing about this What to Do When Your Crush Has a Girlfriend in Middle School is good for you.

1. Come to School Earlier

If you have a problem waking up for school, then you should start to set your alarm earlier because it can help you. This is one of how to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school you can at least try to search for a clue on what times he comes. That information is really useful for you so the next day you can also come around that time.

2. Hold Your Head High

First thing first, you should boost your confidence. Why someone would notice you if you have no confidence at the start? Hold your head high and put your sweetest smile!

3. Pass Him in the Hall

How to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school? We know that you may be in between too shy and craving for a conversation with him. Don't worry! To solve that matter, you can walk passing him in the school hall so you'll see his cute face. Oh, you might want to make it looks natural so don't do it too much.

4. Mind Your Body Language

Following the point above, it is important to maintain your body language. If you want him to notice you, you should try to charm yet flirt him without he even knows you do that. Play with your hair sounds good to do.

5. Glance at Him a Little Bit

How to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school? Even though you find it hard to look him in the eyes, but this way also contributes a lot if you want a guy to notice you. You can glance at him a little bit to make him curious about you.

6. Wear Cute Dress

Ordinary t-shirt? Boring! Denim? Not bad though but still too basic!

Try to wear a cute dress or anything you haven't try before. It can help you to make your crush notice you.

7. Get A Good Grade

On how to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school, what is more important than having a pretty face? Yes! Being smart all the way!

If you happen to be in the same class as him, you can make him interested in you by getting a good grade. Time to study hard and reach for the top of your classmate's scores! Or you can read this Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date in High School to focus on your school more.

8. Time for Your Talent to Shine

Not only a good grade, but you can also increase your popularity by polishing your talent. If you are good at sport, join the sport club activities, and if you are a musician, then the music club it is!

Pretty face, well dress, smart and talented, such a lethal combination, isn't it? There is no way a guy won't pay attention to you at school.

9. Hang Out with Everyone at School

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Wider your connection with everyone at school and befriend with especially his friends. By doing this, he would notice you and try to get in touch with you.

10. Sending a Warm Regards to His Friend

How to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school? You can simply ask his friend to say hi for him. This way, he might want to know who are you and start to learn more about you.


Sign A Guy Notice You at School

After know about how to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school, you obviously want to know too neither you success or not. So here are the signs a guy notice you at school. Also check this How to Get Closer to Your Crush in School

1. Find More About You

This is the first thing you should look out if you are wondering about him notice you or not. Without you even know, he may be trying to find more about you by asking his friend which is your friend too about you. At one time, your friend would let you know about this and that's when you know he notices you.

2. Smile at You

While you are walking in the school hall, you glance at him like you always do. But now, he suddenly smiles back at you. This is a good sign that he notices you!

3. Greet You

Not only smile at you, in some chance he even says hi to you. It's obvious now that he knows who you are.

5. Ask for Your Number

You can be happy that you have a great success to make him notice you without even try to talk to him because he asks for your number.

More Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You at School

Here are more tips to get a guy to notice you at school. This also can help you signs You’ll Marry Your High School Sweetheart

1. Be Confident

Of course, this is a really important thing to do first. You are basically nothing when you have no confidence!

2. Be Yourself

Try to look cute is fine, however, make you sure you're not out of track for being yourself.

3. Don't Overdo It

Give your all may give you a higher possibility to succeed. But, you should remember not to overdo it.

4. Always See the Chance

You may want to see all the chance to get close to him without talking to him.

5. Try to Start a Conversation

This is your last resort. If you want a guy to notice you at school, then you start the conversation first!

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