I’ve Been Texting My Crush, and He’s Been Mostly Answering My Texts. How Can I Get Him to Engage in The Conversation More?

Last updated on July 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

So we get it, your crush is one of those lame texters. He is fun, interesting, and really cool. But when it comes to text, he transforms into one of the most boring people on the planet, even your grumpy neighborhood suddenly become more interesting than him.

How to change and encourage him into a cool person online and offline? Let's take a look to some approach below.

1. Talk about things he's most crazy about

It's easy to talk on a subject he's interested about. If he is your crush, you probably have researched about what he likes and he doesn't like. Now, find something in common between your interest and his.

He probably likes to talk about the sport just like you, so you can text him messages about sport. Or maybe you both are fans to the same TV series. Whatever it is, find something that makes you guys click.

2. Ask a question, and develop from that

The art of an interesting conversation is to know how to make a discussion over a simple statement or a question. When talking to him, try to stick into a specific topic.

Don't talk all over the place. Stick to the subject. Don't talk about something superficial too. Go in depth and explore the subject you're talking to him.

3. Make him curious

Tell him you saw a man with a cat on his head walking through a busy public square, and he began to play guitar. He would think that was crazy and he would ask for more details.

When you find something interesting, share it with him enthusiastically. It's better that you don't share it on social media yet, because not only that he could have seen that, but also to make him special, because you only tell him.

4. A lot of jokes

Jokes is a sure way into a guy's heart. Being beautiful is one thing, but guys will appreciate it more if you are beautiful and funny. Learn about the art of texting. Send him a short text that makes him think about you for hours.

Texting is not about words, you can also be funny through pictures. Send him funny pictures from humor websites. And ask him to also send you something funny in return. An interesting conversation can develop from exchanging funny pictures.

5. Challenge him to be more interesting and funny

Guys like challenges. Especially if they are very competitive. Jokingly tell him that he's boring when texting and he will prove you that he's not.

Notice that his attitude will suddenly change after you told him that. He will try to impress you because right now, his pride and ego are at stake. Especially if he likes you back, no guy likes to be called boring buy a girl he likes.

6. Don't gossip

If he's not been excited having a conversation with you, maybe you should reflect, do you talk about other people instead of talking about both of you? Spare gossips just for your girl friends only.

Nothing turns a guy off than a girl who likes to gossip or worse likes to talk bad about other people. Having a gossipy mouth is never desirable, both in men or women.

7. Flirty Texts

Spice things up with a little bit flirting here and there. Witty banter that would make your heart beat fast and smile to yourself, you'd both will enjoy the conversation. And sure he will get more interested to see how things going.

Know your limit though, set up boundaries and don't appear to be too easy. You also only do things that make you comfortable, don't do something just because you want to please him. This article will tell you how to flirt without coming too strong.

8. Set up for a date

If all else fails, you got to accept that maybe he's not the best texter in the world. Don't worry, there are many ways to keep in touch other than texting.

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Ask him to go out for a date. Plan to do a fun activity together. If you both like hiking, take him to the woods and have a great time together in nature. Spending time together is more memorable than just texting.

9. He's not interested, maybe?

Now it comes to another possibility, something you probably don't want to hear. What if he is not interested in you? The only reason he's not been engaging in your conversation is that he simply not interested in you. Don't panic at such thoughts.

First, check out the sign of whether he is interested or not, ask his friends, or for the last resort, simply ask him to be honest. That way you can't move on and won't waste any more time with him.

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