32 Hurtful Signs Your Crush is Interested in Someone Else

Last updated on June 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

So you have been liking your crush for a while, and you have done all the Ways to Get Closer to Your Crush you can. But you still can't figure them out. You can't be sure just yet whether they like you back or not. Since they treat you very well but it's just not enough to be read as the Signs When Guys Fall in Love with you. Could it be they like someone but not you? You need to look deeper into all the possible signs your crush is interested in someone else. It may be hurt, but it's better than having the false hope all along.

1. They Always Talk About Someone Else

Seems like they haven't aware yet of your feeling. Even though you hang out all the time with them, never once they say your name. Their mind is always occupied with someone else and they feel comfortable with you to talk about, just like the Signs a Leo Man Doesn't Like You.

2. They Purposely Bumped Into That Person

So they keep going to the same places not without reasons. They purposely going there because they wish to bump with the other person. It's the same as you did when you like someone else.

3. They Stick Around That Person Everywhere

As if purposely bumping into them is not enough, they stick around with the person they like everywhere. For example when they are attending a party where the person is present, they are following the person around like a puppy.

4. You Become Very Distant with Him

If you don't like a person, you don't want to be around with them. It's what they do to you if you feel like you're getting further apart with them. They cut the communication with you to consider the other person;s feeling.

5. They Flirt with Other People

Not that they are not a faithful person but they simply are not interested in you. That is why they openly flirt with other people. And they don't try to hide it from you. So you will find all their flirtatious message in the internet.

6. They are Not There When They are with You

It's only their body that present, but not his soul. While the are together with you, their mind is roaming around, far away from his body. They are attached to their phone, stalking that other person. They don't even interested to look at your face.

7. Well, They Tell You

Out of curiosity and wanting to make sure about their feeling, you ask them about the other person. You have been very suspicious all the time with that person so that you ask whether they like that person or not. So they say... yes!


More Signs They Interested in Someone But You

The more you look at the signs, the more your feeling will be hurt. However you need to know all the real signs your crush is interested in someone else, so you can decide when is the right time to find the ways to move on from them.

  1. They never like the photos you uploaded in social media even for once.
  2. Their photos are liked by many other people who you don't know.
  3. There rumors going around about them liking other people, and you are the last person to know.
  4. They drive all their full attention to others, even when you're together with them.
  5. They just can't stop talking about that person. As if you haven't show enough that you like them.
  6. They become less and less interested in you.
  7. You caught them stalking at someone else many times.
  8. They got physically intense with that person.
  9. They avoid any eye contacts with you.
  10. They always say yes to that person, but no to you.
  11. They are on their phone all the time, like you never exist. Maybe it's just their Ways to Ignore Someone without Hurting Their Feeling.
  12. They try harder to make themselves look more attractive but not for you.
  13. Somehow they become nervous around that person. Something they never did to you.
  14. None of your friends think they like you.
  15. Your feeling tells you they like someone else.

How to Accept the Reality

Enough with all the signs your crush is interested in someone else. Now you have to think about what to do with the situation. Like it or not, you must accept the reality that they simply don't like you back. Here are the Ways to Forget One Sided Love to get over them:

  1. Cut off all the contacts with them because there is no need to keep up with them anymore.
  2. Keep yourself busy with other things you like. You need some distraction from them.
  3. Drive your attention to other people who deserve it. Meet new people who knows how to appreciate you.
  4. Find some new hobbies and interest so that you don't have time to remember them.
  5. Set a clear boundaries between you and them.
  6. As you need some time to recover, stay away from them and explain why you have to.
  7. It's okay to block them from social media. It may be hurtful for you to see them updating about that one they like.
  8. Avoid going to places where they likely to be in. You need break from seeing their face.
  9. Never, ever ask about them to your friends or their friends.
  10. Don't listen to songs or watch movies that could remind you of them.

It's hurtful to see all the signs your crush is interested in someone else. But it's better than seeing the Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn't Find You Attractive Anymore after dating. Love can sometimes flowing in the direction we never expect it to be.

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