22 Fastest Ways To Forget One Sided Love And All Broken Heart

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Someone who is going through a broken heart may feel as if they're facing the end of the world. Unrequited love is painful and full of ache. It's never good knowing that the love you're feeling for someone is one sided. But here are some ways that can help you mend your heart and make you feel happy again:


1. Accept It

The first step to forget one sided love is to accept it. This is a good step to carry yourself into healing. You need to forget about that person that you love so dearly. They won’t ever reciprocate that feeling.

You have to accept that reality. It’s okay to take it slow but you must accept that the sooner you are willing to let go, the less ache you will feel. You may also read Reasons of Being Broken Hearted to help you.

2. Don’t Blame Yourself

Your unrequited love is nobody’s fault. Don’t ever feel the need to blame yourself. Don’t consider this as a failure in getting the person you really want to be yours. If it’s not meant to be then accept it with an open heart. Blaming yourself won’t make it easier for you to forget about the pain that you’re feeling.

You may feel as if you’re not good enough for the person you love but that’s not true. There’s someone else out there for you that will be willing to accept you as who you are. It’s all about attractions. The person that you like just don’t feel that chemistry between the two of you and there’s no use of forcing it.

3. Keep Your Head Up

Don’t let this turn you into someone who is a pessimist when it comes to love. Love is not all about being happy and content with the one you love. There’s a lot of pain that comes with it too.

Right now, you’re experiencing the hurt. But keep your head up as there could be that genuine love coming your way soon. You’ll be happy again once you’re able to find someone who loves you back.

4. Focus On The Future

focus on the future

Another way to forget about one sided love is to put yourself together. Focus on your future as you’re moving on from the pain. The anger and disappointment you’re feeling might make you think of causing hurt to others. But you shouldn’t as that would only pass the hurt on to other people.

You’ll also be wasting a lot of your precious time. Set your eyes on the future and your other goals so you’ll always be motivated to move on. 

5. Try To Forget It

Leaving the past behind is not easy especially when you are still hurt by it. What you should do is try the best you can to forget about it. Reminding yourself over and over again about the bad experience will not make you live in peace. Keep yourself busy with a lot of activities.

They will make you think of other things and you won’t even have the time to remember the bad taste love has left on you. Also read the Signs She's not Interested in You to prevent too much ache later on.

6. Be Alone

Being alone is actually very important. You can have a clear head to think things through without hearing other people’s opinions about it. Write down your feelings, scream or cry your eyes out without any embarrassment. Don’t hold back on all those negative feelings.

You need to let them out so you can set yourself free. During this time, you might realise all the Signs He Only Sees You as a Friend that you've missed.

7. Improve Your Potentials

Thinking about that person you love can really occupy your head. You might start to forget to love yourself. Everyone has potential, even you. In case you’re feeling like a loser in love, remind yourself of the things you’re good at. In trying to forget about the pain, remind yourself on the reasons why you’re great.

Get to know yourself again and recognize your strengths. Improve on them as that could be a factor that will make others to be attracted to you.

8. Widen Your Circle

widen your circle

Widen your circle and meet new people in your life. It's one of the Ways to Forget Someone who Broke Your Heart. Disappointed feelings may make you want to stay in your comfort zone when actually you need to get yourself out there even more. Talk to people with the same interests as you.

They’ll keep you busy and are great companies when that ache hits you again.

9. Stay Hopeful And Grateful

Holding on to hope is never a bad thing. The disappointment will appear every now and then but stay hopeful. There’s always other things to be grateful for despite the bitter feeling of having someone not love you.

Be grateful for your supportive friends, family or even your pets. Be thankful for the life that you’re living as your current situation could be a lesson.

10. Focus On Your Hobbies

You must have a hobby that you really love. Even if you don’t then it’s time to find one. Getting too absorbed in your ache will keep you down.

Your hobbies will make you feel good about yourself. Knowing that you’re great at something will give you hope and make you happy. 

11. Stop Talking About It

Stop talking about it at all cost. This is another effective way to forget one sided love. If you’ve been ranting to your friends for too long then it’s time to say enough and move on.

Don’t talk or think about it anymore so you can forget. Forgetting is one of the good Ways to Get Over a Relationship Break Up.

12. Turn Over A New Page

turn over a new page

Perhaps it’s time to turn over a new page in your life. Be willing to forget and prepare yourself to start a whole new chapter. You can start over your life again.

Detach yourself from any leftover feelings for that person you love. Create a new version of yourself where your main goal is to be happy again.

More Ways To Move On Right Away

Here are the fastest ways to forget one sided love and all the hearth broken:

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  1. Call a best friend to hang out
  2. Go on wild vacation
  3. You can be drunk, but be sober real fast when the morning arises
  4. Spend some 'Me Time'
  5. Eat a lot, darling
  6. Party a lot sometimes is good for you
  7. Go to know someone else
  8. You can cry but stop it real soon
  9. Call your best friend again
  10. Sleep

Remember that you must be willing to really move on so that you can finally forget. It takes time and effort. Believe in yourself that you will be strong enough to get through it.

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