Signs You Are A Psycho Girlfriend (No.8 Is Insane)

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Falling in love is said to be the most wonderful feeling ever. Even flowers bloom in the winter for those who are fall in love. So you met this guy and fall for him. You have dated him for a while now and you gradually feel insecure about him. The longer you dated, the more you afraid you might lose him.

Well, nothing wrong with that. It's a sign that you do love him. But your unreasonable feeling turns out really, really bad. You become overprotective to him, call and text him every minute and always want to know what he's up to. He has no more privacy. Well then, these are the signs you are a psycho girlfriend.

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You have to stop it, girls. You start to show the signs that you are a psycho girlfriend. This can be dangerous for the future of your relationship. Here are more signs of a psycho girlfriend you have to know so you won't be one.


1. You Have All Of His Passwords

As a girlfriend, maybe you feel that all of his are also yours. Including the access to all of his social network, emails, and phone pass code. It is okay to have them, you it's a big no to abuse it. Actually he needs privacy and you should know the boundaries.

2. You Stalk Him Endlessly

you stalk him endlessly

After getting all of his password, what's next? You start to stalk him all the time. You have his Instagram account logged in on your phone, you check his email inbox every now and then, and you check his phone when both of you meet. You have to stop this habit. It's unhealthy for your relationship. Phone and social network are the biggest factor why a relationship got ruined.

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3. You Forbid Him To Hang Out With His Female Friends

In life we need to socialize with as many people as possible. And let's face it, all of us have these opposite sex friends and hang out with them a lot. But your psychotic mind has a very negative thought and becoming overprotective towards your boyfriend. You strictly forbid him to hang out with his female friends, even when there are not only just the two of them.

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4. Because You Afraid Of Him Being Unfaithful

What more signs you are a psycho girlfriend? You use a solid reason that you don't want to lose him, so you told him you don't want him to hang out with females. There's no need to be paranoid. Every people has their own limits, and don't let your boyfriend to reach his. Guys don't like the feel of a bird stuck in cage.

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5. You Pick Fight Over Small Things

So his phone got a new message in the middle of dating. Following your psycho girlfriend instinct, your reach for it first. The sender was a female asking where the meeting tomorrow will take place. You become angry about this and start a fight. Come on, she's his office mate asking about office matter. No need to emphasize things.

6. He Reply Your Texts Fifteen Minutes Later And Your Imaginations Gone Wild

You can't expect your boyfriend to always on stand by mode 24/7. He's not 911. There are times he's busy doing work and other activities. It's normal that he's a bit late to reply your text. But what's in your mind is he's cuddling in other woman's arm at the time, and surely forgetting about you.

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7. Your Jealousy Is Uncontrollable 

your jealousy is uncontrollable

Jealousy can a glue that stick two lovers even closer. It is a proof that you care about and love each other. But jealousy that went overboard is a fire that burnt down a relationship. You close down his communication with every female, including his first cousin and co worker. You want to be the only woman in his life, literally.

8. "You" Become "Us"

Somehow you feel become one with his boyfriend, while in fact you two are different body and soul. But then you always refer "his" to "us". For example, he got a text message and about to check it. You sneak a peek behind his shoulder and say, "Who's texting us, babe?" That's the signs you are a psycho girlfriend, huh.

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9. You Became Unnecessarily Close With His Family Members

It's good to be in a good terms with his family. But this went overboard and you're like the part of his family, even when you are only dating. Every information from his family reach you in a speed of light. You talks to and calls his family too often that makes him wonder who's the part of the family actually.

10. You Appear In All Of His Stuffs

You know this is cheesy and childish right? You still do this though. To make sure everyone knows to whom he belongs, you set your photos as the wallpaper in all of his gadgets, his bedroom walls covered with your photos in every side. This is very annoying.

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11. You Do A Faith Test To Him All The Time

So you want to know how will he react if some other girls text him. You use your friend's number to text him random things. Being polite, he reply the text in not-so-flirty way. Do this once is tolerable because you want to check on him, but doing it so many times is a waste of time really.

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12. You Threat Him To Harm Yourself

This is insane. You want to get his attention so badly that you make such a childish threat. You have to seriously consider getting a counseling at this level. This is unhealthy and you have to quit now.

13. You Put A Dread Look To Every Woman Who Look At Him

As if all them want to snatch him away, you wear this dread look on your face. While you have a lunch with him, your eyes are going around the room, searching for someone who might look at your boyfriend. Everyone will surely laugh at you if you do this.

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How To Get Rid Of Your Psychotic Habits

how to get rid of your psychotic habits

You really have to stop being a psycho girlfriend. All the things you do will scare him and he will run away from you. The future you imagine with him disappear right away. Here some useful tips to get rid of that scary habits of yours.

  1. Put your trust on him. Trust is a foundation of every successful relationships
  2. Live your own life no matter how much you want to spend everyday with your boyfriend. Do your hobbies and have me time for yourself.
  3. Your boyfriend is not the center of your world. Your life is not all about him, your happiness and sadness not depend on him.
  4. Be independent. Men prefer women who can do well on her own, rather than the one who sticks to him all the time.
  5. Give him some freedom, let him hang out with his friend, give him time to do his hobbies. This will make him appreciate you more.
  6. Don't do drama. Don't fight over small matters and make it big. Control yourself and cool down every time you are upset. Show him that you are mature.
  7. There's no need to call and texts him often. Remember that he has his own life and so has you.
  8. Do not accusing him of something even you haven't sure of. This will lead to an endless fight between you and him. If you really suspecting him, as him slowly and calmly.
  9. Be patient to wait his reply. An understanding girlfriend is a dream girl for every guys.
  10. Do not check his phone! You are not a cops and your boyfriend didn't commit any criminals.

Have you understand all the signs you are a psycho girlfriend? If you feel related to them, you have to really stop it now. Acting psychotic will make you the parasite of your relationship and instead of making him more drawn to you, all those this will make him run away from you.

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