35 Crazy and Undeniable Signs That She Friendzoned You

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you confused as to whether your crush is attracted to you?

Perhaps she’s pleasant to you all the time, but never lets the relationship progress into a physical one? 

Maybe that has left you to question whether you’re being friendzoned - or if she’s just shy…

It can be a tough dilemma for a man. 

How can you tell you if you’ve been friendzoned - and what can you do to fix the situation if you have?! 

Luckily, I am here to answer both of these questions for you in this guide.

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The guide below will help you work out whether you’re in the friendzone and how to get out.

After a long run of teasing, getting close and opening up to her, you might expect a big finale. All of the flirting is ultimately done to get to the dating phase. But what if she is just not interested? Or what if she wants something completely different from the relationship between the both of you?

A friend zone is a zone where a person is accepted as a friend, not as a lover. Of course, it will hurt the people that have been trying so hard to get her infatuated. So, before you go any further with falling in love with her, read these signs so you do not have to get heart broken by her decision.


The 35 Real Signs that She Friendzoned You

If a girl has put you in the friendzone, you probably want that to change, but how can you know for sure what her feelings are? 

Check out these signs that she friendzoned you, and you’ll know what your relationship really is! That’s right! Today, we’ll cover the topic of being friendzoned!

Often, a relationship starts out as a friendship, where the girl never thinks she will like the boy as more than a friend. Then, something happens between you guys, and all of a sudden, she has romantic feelings for you! It happens every day! That’s why it’s so important to know the signs that she has friendzoned you or not!

Today, we’ll look at the best signs that a girl has friendzoned you, so you’ll know what to look for. If this woman or girl has decided that you belong in the friend zone, you need to decide if you want to keep the relationship as a friendship or leave it altogether. If you are in love with this girl, you may be better off pursuing a new relationship with someone else!

1. She talks about her period in front of you

Typically, talking about your period is not something girls like to do in front of guys because it's personal and embarrassing. If she feels comfortable enough to share this topic with you, there’s a good chance you are in the friendzone. Girls don’t usually like to talk about gross things with guys because it can make them not love them!

2. She asks you to run a lot of errands for you

Are you an errand boy for your friend? I know many times when I don’t have feelings for a guy, I tend to ask him to run a lot of errands for me because I just don’t care what he thinks or feels. I don’t see him as anything more than a friend. This isn’t to say I don’t care about his wellbeing at all, but I just don’t want to spend quality time with him.

3. She has zero physical contact with you

she has zero physical contact with you

Yikes! If this woman has decided you are only to be a friend with her, you may receive zero physical contact with her. Does she drink out of the same straw as you? Does she hold your hand during scary movies? What does she think about kissing you for fun? Girls that have friendzoned guys will typically keep their distance. 

Girls mainly do this because they don’t want to give guys the wrong impression of their relationship status. Instead, they want to be clear that they only want to be friends. She may even love you or have strong feelings for you as a friend, but that doesn’t mean you are out of the friendzone.

4. She tries to set you up with a family member or friend

If this girl has tried to set you up with other girls, there’s a good chance that she doesn’t want you to be more than a friend with her ever. Instead, she just sees you as a friend that she could try to make happy by setting you up with a friend of hers. If you are in the friendzone, she may just want you to be in a relationship that she’s not in.

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5. She won’t go on “dates” with you

Sweet dates where you go to a nice Italian restaurant and go see a movie afterward doesn’t often happen when a chick just wants you to be her friend. Instead, she’ll probably want to go to Burger King or to some fast-food restaurant, and she’ll insist on paying for herself the whole night. 

She doesn’t want you to think she wants more than friendship with you. Also, if she were to run into someone she knows, she wouldn’t want anyone to have the wrong impression. She’s probably careful with her words, too. She may introduce you as “just a guy I’m hanging out with.” She’ll watch her words, so she doesn’t mislead you.

A typical date in a romantic relationship involves a kiss at the end of the night, but to avoid leading you on, she’ll probably just jump out of the car and tell you goodnight quickly and run inside her home. If you are in the friendzone, you can bet she’ll let you know by her words, actions, and behavior.

6. She says she only likes you as a friend

This is the clearest sign that a girl wants to only be your friend. She may want you to be her best friend, but she’ll still just tell you the truth about your relationship. She may even say that she wants you to be only a friend or that she would like you to stay in the friendzone. If you are friendzoned, she’ll probably make it clear.

No one wants to hurt someone else on purpose; that’s true for most people, at least. Instead, if a girl likes a guy only as a friend, she’ll make it clear what kind of friendship she wants. She may call you her best friend or ask if you will set her up with a guy you know. This is a clear sign that she wants you to stay in the friendzone.

If she comes out and just says you are in the friendzone, you should take the hint and move on to another girl. You don’t need to waste your time on someone who doesn’t like you as more than a friend. You can still be her best friend; just pursue someone in a romantic sense that will keep you out of the friendzone.

7. She talks about the guys that she likes

If she likes to talk about other guys she is interested in, she is probably not interested in you as anything more than a friend. This is because you may not be her type, you may have said something about your past relationships that scared her off, or you may have done nothing wrong at all. You may just not be her type!

8. She maintains boundaries with you

Boundaries can come in many different shapes and sizes. According to Well and Good, boundaries can be really healthy in friendships. If your friend has decided to set boundaries, she may have good reasons for doing so. There are many reasons why she may do that, as mentioned in the article, but watch for her signals that she needs them.

Make sure you understand what she needs so that you can be a good friend and stay that way if you’ve determined you are in the friendzone. She may ask for space or bring up boundaries in a conversation. She may talk about how she values you as a friend if she is wanting to set healthy boundaries. Try not to take too much offense to this.

She is just trying to make things clear - she wants you in the friendzone and nowhere else. If she’s decided to set boundaries, she may just need some space and time away from you. If she decides to talk to you about it, she could be assertive in her language. Make sure you are empathetic as you listen to her words.

9. She is never alone with you; she always has friends around.

If a girl has put you in the friendzone, she may think you are just not the right guy for her. In that case, she may like to have her girlfriends around her so that she doesn’t give you mixed signals. That’s okay! Just understand her needs and desires and respect that. It’s a good idea to watch for these signs so that you don’t cross a boundary.

10. She talks about why you and she would never work out

I’ve been in this situation many times with guys. I typically like to let them know why we wouldn’t be a good couple so that they don't have unrealistic expectations. Instead, I want to be clear about my feelings and thoughts about having a future romantic relationship with them. I like men to know what I’m feeling in this regard.

If you are a girl who thinks that a guy should just be a friend, I recommend explaining to him why you think you’d be better off as just friends, so they understand you aren’t playing games with them. Instead, you should be open and honest with them so that they understand what your expectations are. 

If they still think you want to be with them when you feel like you’ve been clear you just want to have a friendship with them, go ahead and let them know you are not interested in dating them. Sometimes, you have to tell them the harsh truth and speak your mind. It’s hard, I know, but you can be honest and open about how you feel.

11. She doesn’t want you to meet her friends or family members

This one is an odd one; if your friend doesn’t seem to want you to meet her friends and family, she may be ashamed of you or not want to give them the wrong idea of what’s going on in your relationship. She doesn’t want them to think you two are “together” when there is nothing romantic going on here!

12. She says your long-term goals don’t match hers

This is a classic sign that a girl gives a guy showing him that they aren’t meant to be under any circumstances because they want different things out of life. She might say that your dreams are different than hers, so the two of you could never be a couple. 

13. She tries to cut your time together short

Maybe someone better came along, and she’s got plans that she considers to be better than what the two of you were going to do. She could just not enjoy spending too much time with you because she thinks she is giving you the wrong idea. She doesn’t want you to think she has romantic expectations regarding your relationship.

14. She talks about her exes a lot

she talks about her exes a lot

When I don’t think of a guy as more than just a friend, I talk about my exes a lot! I complain about how they treated me, or I speak about what terrible boyfriends they were. This way, my friend knows that I have a romantic past, but I’m not looking for anything with him right now. I like to keep my options open, though.

I try not to rule any one friend out as a potential boyfriend until I’ve really gotten to know him because you just never know. I’ve been with my boyfriend now for almost a decade, and he was originally a friend I thought I’d never date. Over time, I became attracted to him because of his personality, so you never know what could happen!

15. She won’t cook for you

Cooking is kind of a romantic gesture, so if she doesn’t do this for you, she may not be interested in anything more than friendship. I know when I don’t like someone, I don’t cook for them. However, I also really hate cooking, so I guess it depends on you. 

16. She says that she can’t date anyone right now

If she has made it clear that she can't date anyone right now, she may want you to just be a friend. Maybe she says she is on a “guy ban,” where she isn’t going to date anyone for a while. I did that once, and the friend I was hanging out when all the time kept asking me when my ban was going to end so we could date!!

I just needed a break from guys for a while because I kept picking losers and needed to find someone who could treat me right. She could be doing something like this, which means you might have a chance in the future. (I eventually gave up my ban and started dating that friend for a long time!)

She might be saying this because her parents or some other influential person has forbidden her to date right now. If that’s the case and you really like her, you could wait it out or just realize that dating isn’t in the cards right now. You might be better off as friends and find someone who is interested in dating you.

17. She won’t hold your hand

Any touch is meaningful, so if she doesn’t even hold hands during a time when it’s normal to do so, like during a prayer, you might consider that she wants to only be friends with you. You might want to find a girl who is interested in dating you and would be honored to hold your hand!

18. She invites you over for a movie but wants you to leave right after

As a man who has been “friended” by many women, my man said this is a key sign that a girl only wants to be friends. I guess if you find that she doesn’t want to just talk after the movie or event, she isn’t really all that interested in you. You should consider keeping her as a friend but find someone who values you as a boyfriend. 

19. She talks about sex with other guys

Usually, when you like someone, you don’t talk about sex with other people. So, if she’s doing this, she may not think of you as more than a friend. Instead, you are her buddy, someone she can ask questions to, but it doesn’t mean anything to her. If you are interested in her, try changing the subject.

20. She asks if you have any hot, single friends you could set her up with

Wow! I’m pretty sure if she asks you this that she isn’t interested in dating you. Instead, she wants to find a boyfriend and will settle for one of your hot friends! She obviously doesn’t think that there is anything romantic going on between you two, so she’s wondering if you could hook her up! If you don’t care, go ahead and play matchmaker!

21. She doesn’t care much about your welfare

This is a key sign that she doesn’t want to be anything more than friends, but it’s also a sign that she isn’t that great of a friend. Do you really want to hang out with someone who doesn’t care about you? Doesn’t it break your heart that she is treating you like this? You might be better off finding a chick with a heart!

22. She talks about your flaws

We all have flaws, but who wants to hang out with someone who points them out all the time? That’s just annoying. Instead, mention her flaws if she does this or find someone better to hang around with. You don’t need to be around negativity all of the time if she makes you feel bad about yourself. She’s surely not perfect, either!

23. She points out the differences between you two

Often, when I’ve had male friends that I only want to be friends with, I have mentioned why we are different and how it would never work between us. This way, I am not leading the man on with how I act or what I say. Instead, he should be clear that I am only interested in friendship and nothing romantic is going to happen!

24. She describes the perfect man to be nothing like you

So, you are both chatting about your dream mate. Does hers sound nothing like you? Is he tall, blonde, funny, and has blue eyes? Is that the opposite of you? If so, she may be trying to give you a hint that you are not what she is looking for at all in a mate. Take the hint and go with it. Leave her alone if you have plenty of female friends.

25. She asks if you will set her up with another guy

Once again, if she is trying to get you to set HER up, something is up. She considers you to be a friend and nothing more. You may want to either set her up with a loser or just avoid her altogether.

26. She says that she thinks she may be a lesbian

There’s nothing wrong with this unless you think she’s saying this only to give you a hint that she is not interested and never will be interested in you. Think about the context and tone she is using when she brings this up. Is she being serious? Do you think she is trying to scare you off? Is she trying to determine if you will stick around anyway?

27. She says that she never wants to get married and have kids

If she says this and knows that you want these things, you might take the hint that she wants nothing romantic with you. She is giving you a clear sign!

28. She does things that you hate doing

If you hate bowling and she decides to join a bowling team or league, you may be hanging around the wrong girl. Instead, find someone to be around that shares your interests and likes you for who you are!

29. She says she dreams of being a single cat lady

One of my best girlfriends told me that this is what she says to guys when she only wants to be friends. I think this really is the dream of some girls, but you may find that she just doesn’t like you romantically, so she is giving you a clear sign by saying this.

30. She says that she is not allowed to or won’t date right now

Who knows the reason behind her saying this? However, if she’s made it clear she won’t be dating anyone any time soon, you may be better off enjoying your friendship with this chick or finding a gal who is interested in dating you. You don’t have to settle for someone who says they won’t date anyone right now.

31. She does gross things in front of you

I’m thinking going to the bathroom with the door open or picking her nose in front of you would be examples of doing gross things in front of you. If she is open and does these things, she may not have a romantic viewpoint of you at all. 

32. She uses you

Does she hang out with you because you have a car and can take her places, and she doesn’t have one? If she is clearly using you for one reason or another with no sexual benefits in the works, you may have been friendzoned by this chick. Don’t let anyone use you; you deserve to be treated with respect. You can do better, too!

33. She keeps her distance from you

she keeps her distance from you

If you are in the same room, like the living room, and she scoots her chair away from yours because you are almost touching, she may need some physical distance from you because she isn’t interested in anything romantic with you.

34. She won’t kiss you on New Year’s Eve

I did once have a male friend who I hung out with all of the time. We were practically inseparable, but nothing romantic ever happened between us even though we were both single. 

I thought because we talked about dating that things were moving in that direction, but on New Year’s eve, when I tried to kiss him, he made it clear we were only friends. He pulled away! It was New Year’s!! I thought everyone kissed on that day. I knew I was friendzoned at that point. We are still great friends, but it’s clear that’s all we are.

35. She introduces you as “nobody special”

If you’ve been hanging around a chick for a long time, and this is how she introduces you to her friends or family, you should probably find someone new to hang out with. You don’t deserve to be talked about like that. You have to remember that your self-respect comes first. Be confident in yourself and know that you can find the right gal!

Sometimes, it doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, you have to wait for the right moment before a girl will decide you are boyfriend material. But, you deserve to be with someone who values you and all you have to offer as a person, so make sure you find a person who will treat you right. You don’t want to waste your time on the wrong gal.

Also, keep in mind that not all girls are the same. Some will be upfront and let you know their intentions when they are your pal. Others will play passive-aggressive games, making you guess what they are thinking and feeling. You should watch for the signs mentioned in this article if you are unsure of her true feelings.


How do you know if a girl has Friendzoned you?

If you are in the friend zone, the girl will keep her distance. It’s no coincidence that she scoots her chair far away from you; it’s a sign that this woman doesn’t like you as anything more than a friend. Try to get out of the friend zone ASAP!

How can you tell if she wants to be more than friends?

If a girl is ready to have more than just a friendship, she will put on make-up and dress her best in front of you. If she’s in love with you, you will notice a change in your interaction with her. The girl will want to move you to her bed.

What do you do when a girl friendzones you?

If the girl you like has put you in the friend zone, you may want to change your relationship. Tell her sweet words, and watch her put on make-up in front of you to impress you and gain your interest! The girl you like will want you in her bed!

How do you know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

It’s no coincidence she takes you to a scary movie to cuddle close to you when something bad happens. Girls like to tease guys and play hard to get from time to time; if you are out of the friend zone, you can bet she’ll want you in her bed!

Can you escape the friend zone?

You can get out of the friendzone if you know how to use the right words with her. Make her fall in love with you by being your best! This girl will want more of a relationship than just friendship, and she’ll show you interest by how she acts!

To Sum It All Up

Are you a man who is trying to prevent being friendzoned? Are you a girl wanting to keep a friendship as it is? This is a tough thing to get past, but from experience, I can tell you that you can move a relationship from a friendship to a romance!

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