What Does It Mean When Your Crush Kisses You In A Dream? (9 Possible Meanings)

Last updated on February 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering what it means when your crush kisses you in a dream?

Maybe you know that dreams can have a subconcious meaning, but you have no idea what to make of this one? 

Perhaps this one particular dream has been playing on your mind for this reason. Maybe it’s a recurring dream? 

Either way, you're in the right place, because I am about to break down the most common interpretations of what this dream could mean for you.

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While your dreams can't reveal what your crush is thinking, they can tell you a lot about your subconscious thoughts. 

So, let's get right into unpacking this dream kiss and finding out what it’s likely to mean for you...


What Your Dream Means

Dreams can be hot! Dreams about your crush can be even hotter, especially if you are crushing hard on this guy! But, what does it mean when your crush kisses you in a dream? 

Some people think that your dream is based on what you want to happen in real life. You may be hoping your crush will come up to you, like in your dream, and plant a wet kiss on your lips!

Have you been dreaming about your crush, but you don’t know what it means? Sometimes, when you dream about someone else, it’s just a dream and doesn’t mean anything. However, there are people who believe that every dream has a meaning. In that case, we need to examine exactly what kissing in dreams means. Will your dream come true?

There’s only one way to know for sure. We need to examine what is meant by kissing a crush in a dream. Your dream may mean that you hope this will happen in real life. 

What would you actually do if your dream were to come true, and your crush planted a kiss on your lips? Could he be your Prince Charming? Let’s explore this some more!

What It May Mean When You Dream Of Kissing Your Crush

What It May Mean When You Dream Of Kissing Your Crush

1. You are wanting to kiss your crush in real life

Do you think your dream is telling you that you really do want to take things to the next level with your crush? What would that look like in your world? Consider striking up a conversation with this person to advance your relationship.

2. You think your crush likes you, too

Do you believe that your dream is telling you that he also has a crush on you? If so, you should give him some hints that you are interested in him. Maybe flirt a little bit more than usual or tell him a story you’ve never told anyone. Do something to build a bond.

3. You don’t have eyes for anyone other than your crush

If you think your crush is the only one for you, you may want to take some initiative to let him know you only have eyes for him. You might want to hint that you are available.

4. You really want to be with your crush (more than you knew)

Really, how much do you want to be with your crush? Is it more than you imagined?

5. You should make a move on your crush and ask him out

It’s a bold approach; I know, but sometimes, with shy guys, especially, we have to make the first move!

6. You think your crush is Prince Charming

Are you idolizing him to be someone he is not? Make sure your expectations are reasonable.

You think your crush is Prince Charming

7. You really want to kiss someone

Your dream may just be trying to tell you that you are a little lustful right now. When was the last time you kissed someone?

8. You have not kissed anyone in a long time

It could be a dry spell, but your body may be telling you something here. Listen to it to see what you really need out of life.

9. You feel emotionally connected to your crush

Do you feel an unbelievable connection with your crush? Do you look forward to your interactions? Do you get lost in conversations with him to the point where you just feel like it’s just you two in the world? There may be a sign there. 

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What Is Wish Fulfillment in Dreams?

Freud first called dreams “wish fulfillments”. He was obsessed with dreams that had a sexual component in them, probably because he was an expert on the subject and one of the few to speak out on it in his time. He believed that the primary function of dreams was to fulfill our wishes and deepest desires, even the things we didn’t know about ourselves.

He said that we shut off reality when we went to sleep and started to become satisfied with the things we were missing in our daily lives - our deepest wishes.

Is it true that during the day, we live our lives, but at night, we fulfill the deepest desires in our dreams? I believe that is up for interpretation! Think about what you believe when you analyze your dreams each night.

The Meaning Behind A Dream With Kissing Involved

The Meaning Behind A Dream With Kissing Involved

Kissing in a dream symbolized encouragement, approval, or other kinds of supportive behavior. It may have nothing at all to do with your desire to kiss someone physically. Instead, you see this person as a supportive individual in your life. While that may not be as juicy as wanting to get it on with your crush, there are benefits.

First of all, you see this person as a positive force in your life; that’s good! Also, kissing can reflect the fact that you are supporting yourself in some way in life.

You may be encouraging yourself to go after a goal you’ve always had. Kissing can represent approval or respect. It may actually mean that the person in your dream encourages your talents or skills. 

Finally, kissing can mean that you feel a close connection with the person in your dreams. Do you think about this person often during the day?

Maybe this is a sign you should reach out and get back in touch with this person to get the encouragement they have to offer you. You never know where things might lead after that. Stay encouraged and uplifted by your dream!

The Meaning Behind A Dream With Your Big Crush

The Meaning Behind A Dream With Your Big Crush

When you dream of someone you secretly are crushing on, it means that your one true wish, your ultimate goal is to be with your crush. However, you may believe he is too good for you, leaving you with feelings that you will never measure up to your expectations of who he would want to be with. 

You may not think you are attractive enough for him or something similar to that. However, the truth is that you are spending way too much time looking at what you want and think you can’t have rather than spending time on getting what you want out of life.

Adjust your expectations and realize you are enough for any person. You can do anything you set your mind to!

If you have dreams of your crush and feel like you could never measure up to be someone he would like, you should adjust your expectations of what you think of yourself. Don’t let a dream tell you that you are not good enough for another person. Dreams are meant to tell people the possibilities of what they can accomplish, not on what they cannot do, so dream big!


What does it mean when your crush kisses you?

It may mean that you feel close to your crush and want to pursue the relationship to have more of a connection with him than you currently do. In your waking life, do you feel the same as you do in your dream? If you do, you should take action!

What does it mean when you see your crush in your dream?

It means that you want to be with your crush in your waking life. You hope that the crush in a dream becomes a crush, in reality, someone who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them. Your dream may help you sort your feelings.

What kissing does to a man?

If the man also has a crush on you, he will probably be delighted to get a kiss from you. Kissing often turns men on, making them think about sex in their life. If someone random kisses a guy, he might be flattered or shocked, depending on the circumstances.

Which type of kiss is best?

I think probably a French kiss is the best kind of kiss because you really unite your soul with someone—people who enjoy French kissing like making out, too. Making out often involves petting, touching each other all over. This is also called foreplay because sex is next.

Why do guys kiss with their tongue?

Kissing with the tongue is called French kissing. It is usually the most intimate kind of kiss because you are putting your tongues in each other’s mouths. It can be quite passionate and meaningful if you already feel close to the person.

To Sum Things Up…

Have you been dreaming of kissing your crush? What does it mean to you? Do you think it could mean that you want to be with him in real life? I’d love to hear your interpretation of your dream! Please comment below, and share this post!

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