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What Does It Mean When Your Crush Kisses You in A Dream?

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Kissing is a common thing that you have to do to show your love and affection to someone. You may like or even love someone in your life and you absolutely hoping that the love you feel will replied and everlasting. When you like or love someone so much, even your mind, body, and heart can’t take it. You’ll naturally start dreaming about your crush. First of all, you don’t know it’s a dream and you just feel so passionate and burnt.


Dang! Time is up! You wake up and realize you’re dreaming a magical moment every people who are in love want it. Kissing is good for health even it’s just in a dream, because kissing can make people feeling happy and happiness affect healthiness. So, lovers! Here’s the reason why you dream that your crush kiss you.

1. You’re deeply in love with your crush. 

What does it mean when your crush kisses you in a dream? When you feel so in love and extracted with your crush, you’ll absolutely thinking about them every time and you don’t know what you have to do except smiling.

You think about your crush while you’re eating, before you sleeping, and in every single things you do in a day you always think about your crush. Dreams sometimes reveal our true feeling about someone or something. It would be the last taught in your mind before sleeping. You may also find out about How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You without Talking

2. You want to take a step 

Your dream is a reflection of your social and emotional connection with your crush. You want to develop a relationship with your crush and likely want to care for him or her. It is normal to not know what someone is eating unless you made it for them.

Allow this dream to guide you to determine what you want for your future. Perhaps speak with your crush about your thoughts and feelings. You may also find out about How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You Over Text

3. You actually want to have an intimate connection with your crush

You don’t feel an intimate connection or physical touch by someone you love or you admire for a very long time like holding hands, hugging each other, kissing. When you think about your crush all of your passion increased and you want to do it so badly without you realize that. Because it’s relaxing when you get many forms of affection from someone you love.

Why You Dream of Your Crush Every Night

Dreams about romantic interests are a common occurrence for those who harbor secret desires for another. The dream only shows how you feel though, so there is no way to know if or when this could happen in real life. But, believe it or not, dreams has their own clue for our life and future. So here’s the meaning why you dream that your crush kiss you.

1. Your crush like you back

What does it mean when your crush kisses you in a dream? When your crush returns your affections in the dream, like kissing or anything it shows that you feel confident that he could like you back if he really gave you a chance. Every good dreams has a good sign for your real life. Believe it or not, when you dreaming of someone, your soul are connected to each other. You may also find out about How to Tell Your Crush You Like Him in Middle School

2. You will soon have an opportunity to get what you want 

Instead you want to be with your crush, have a romantic relationship and even kissing every time. This dreams has a good sign for you, maybe you will get a good chance in your job, school, friendship, or anything.

3. You respect them so much without you realize it

The kiss represents your strong bond. It may mean that you want something more with them, more like just talking or laughing together. This dream may be your unconscious telling you that you are missing something in your life, specifically love. You may also find out about How to Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Saying the Sacred Three Words

Love Tips to Get Your Crush Close

The good news is that a kissing dream is positive because kissing is connected to our passion, honesty and also our drive and inner desires. The most important part of a dream of kissing is the actual sensation of the kiss itself. This is generally associated with how you feel in the waking life, so if it was soft then you feel calm.

If rough or unpleasant then things in life may be difficult to digest. So here’s some tips when you dream that your crush kiss you. 

1. More confident about how you feel about your crush 

Show them your affection and love more or even you can tell your crush indirectly about your feelings. Kissing dream is a good sign for you two to get along. Just more confident to show it, because love is hard and need sacrifice.

Like some people said that love is like a butterfly; the more you pursued, the more they will run. But, when you let them fly away, they will come when we don’t expecting them. You may also find out about How to Make Your Crush Happy When She is Sad

2. Give a present for your crush like things that your crush like so much 

Try to find and buy a good present for your crush, like watch, shirt, bag, wallet, or anything. It’s better if you give them something that your crush like so much that will warm their heart. This dream has a good positive vibes, so do something nice without any doubt or question for your crush and it will increasingly affect your relationship with them.

3. Bring the positive impact for everyone around you, especially your crush 

When you have this dream and you wake up. You will feel so happy, because this is a dream that everyone want it. The first thing you do when you wake up in a morning is smile, you can’t holding back the joyful that dreams gives you.

A simple smile in a morning can brighten your day, your day will be a good day because your heart is happy. This case will affect a whole people around you, they will have a good day because the joyful that you bring. This is such a great opportunity you take to build a relationship with your crush.  Your crush will see a good side of you and that’s a good sign when you will start a relationship.

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