17 Steps How Man Fall In Love (Girls Need to Find Out!)

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"Love is a grace that Lord give to Human in many ways." But, how if man fall in love? In everyday, we usually see people fall in love, especially women. We can see the difference about her attitude, appearance, etc. She look so different than usual. Sometimes laugh herself, sing many songs, etc. But how if man fall in love? Is he really show some signs? Is his attitude really change? Is his appearance really change? So let's we discuss about it. Here are the steps and the signs of how man fall in love:

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1. Knows How Male's Attitude Changes 

Generally his attitude is usual, not much change. But the way he look people is different if he fall in love. If usually he always complaining about something, he will reduce complains about it. If talks about the person that he loved, he will say something "strange". Strange in this, means he can not talks honestly. Example: Billy love Anna. Stefan is Billy's friend. Some day, Stefan say,"Anna is cute (or pretty), isn't she? ". Billy will says, "Not really." with eyes looking Stefan.

But for special case, his attitude will be really change. One of it is the girl, that he loved, is friendly with others man. In this case, he will do some "crazy" little thing to attract her outlook. He will do really stupid things or he will do extreme things. Stupid things in this case is he will acts like clown, make others laugh with his doing. And "do extreme things" is means that he will pretend not recognize or not care about the girl. He will act so cold to girl that he loved.

But one for sure, his attitude will be more gently. He will try to look like a gentle man in his version. All the lazy things about his attitude, will wipe out slowly. In this stage, if he got depression from the girl that he loved, everything can be worst than usual. All of his good memories will be blank for a minutes and be blown away.

2. See His Appearance Looks Different 

Generally, his appearance not really change too much. His appearance just a little more gentle. Not like women, if a man fall in love, his appearance will be little confident. But sometimes, he will totally different in appearance, not a man that we know. One thing for sure, that he will always try to use body spray or parfume to keep his appearance looks cool.  In this subject, there is not special case.

3. His Hobby Goes Up 

Generally, his hobby will reduce to selfish area. He will try to change bad hobby and be more gently. He will try to rearrange his hobby to be same with the girl that he loved. At first, this change can not see until he totally ready to confess his love. But sometimes, he will make move to makes the girl love his hobbies.

But there is special case. If he fall in love with girl in same hobbies, they will see "Their World", the world that they create for cooperate and build more trust. In this case, if this walk perfectly, they will have believe each others. Example: Bill love Anna. Billy hobby is read novel about Sherlock Holmes and Anna too. They will try to collect book each others, they will treat the novel very carefully, and they will respect each others.

4. His Activities Move

If a man fall in love, we can see it by his daily activities. His daily activities go to the 'positive' axis. Which means he try to remove all the bad things. Example: Usually he is lazy people, always late go to school, not have effort in study or work, always show 'terrible' face, etc. But if he fall in love, he will be diligent people, early morning in the way to school, show the best effort in study or work, etc. And he will show a 'little' smile often than usual. All the jobs or homework will be more fast than usual. Example : Usually he always not doing homework, but because of it he doing homework for the first time. Usually he always late going home because of all the jobs in office, but because of falling in love he going home in time and the jobs has done.

His activities will be more 'colors' than usual. He will be more smiley, look gentle, etc. And one more for sure, if the girl he loved near him, he will doing something 'strange'. It can be look excited, little proud of, little show off something, etc. Tips for this is you can get information by his best friends. Because his best friend is know him too much than others people.

5. Guy's Best Friends

If a man fall in love, we can know it by his best friends. If we know one of his best friends, it will be an easy steps. But if we don't know any of his best friends, we can see it by his 'companions'.

By his best friends, we can know a lot of information about him. But just for your information, may be his best friends can keep secret everything about him. Especially his best friends know about the girl, they can really shut up and not give any information.

6. Guys Silly Acts 

Tips from us: first, try not asking honestly. Because it can be a awkward moment for you (if you love him too) and his feeling can be unstable, he will feel not precious anymore. Second, you can ask your best friends to asking about it. But your best friends has to be the one you trust. Three, ask to his best friends with a long prologue or a little chit-chat. This will make his best friends not focus to protect the information and make your question easy to answer. Four, you can trade information about him. But make sure this information is only a little people know about it. With this way, they, his best friends, will make a good deal for you and tell everything about him.

7. How to Stalk on Guys 

By seeing his companions, we can know a little blur about him. Remember this option happen because we don't know about his best friends. In this steps, we need technique a little stalk him a bit. Requirement of this steps is we must know the place that he always spending a lot of time. Luckily if he is a type of social people. We can easy stalk him a bit. But unlucky if he is a type of terrible people or mysterious people. We will get a lot more trouble to collect info about him. In this case, we discuss him as a social people.

So, tips from us to know how man fall in love are:

  • First, observe from a safe distance.
    Because if you too close, he will hide everything and act like a normal people. With safe distance, we can observe normally about his companions. That must be something strange, if he is fall in love.
  • Second, ask others people whom know him and his companions. This can be a good one. Because others people, that we ask, will give some information about him and his companions instantly. The purpose is we can obtain some objectives with this. We can get his activities, time he always meet with his companion, the place that they always visit, and their daily activities.
  • Third, make a little chit-chat about his companion without him. This can be your trump card to collect precious information about him. But do not doing this often. It will make him know about you and make him so defensive, not tell everything they feel with his companions.

So, there are the opinion about "How man fall in love?" Meanwhile, how man fall in love is so mysterious and insane. Girls never know it directly but we can find it out.


How to Make A Man Fall in Love With You?

After we discuss about "How if a man fall in love", next we discuss about "How to make a man fall in love ? " There is some clue of this topics. There is seven things that make man fall in love:

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1. First Impression

Well, there is pros and cons about this opinion. But actually, average man always see girl in his First Impression. In this case, the situation not always look about the 'Perfect Body'. It can happen in anywhere and anyplace. Maybe it will happen in in his near place. The point is just to be what you are. Not to be what man 'wants' from woman. Because that's not love, it's just 'temporal love'.

Okay, back to the topics. First Impression in man's eyes is something that can caught his heart. It can be personality, outlook, appearance, attitude, etc. So my tips for you girls is :

  • First is observe secretly daily activities about the man that you like, but remember don't stalking or give some terror. Because every stalking and terror will make ill feel every normal people.
  • Second, try not too aggressive that show you love him. Because some of people not like girl that too aggressive. Just show off a little and not too much attractive. The purpose of this steps is gives a big mark question to him. So you will get great First Impression in his heart.

2. Attraction (Good Memories)

After First Impression, it will be doing nothing if not show a little about your feelings. In this section, we will describe about woman attraction. Attraction in this section is doing something with his feeling or make a good memories for him. For your information, good memories not always talking about kiss or doing sex, it can be describe in others way.

But first of all, you have to see what kind of guys he is. Is he kind of silent guys? Is he kind of smart guys? Every kind of guys will have different approach. For example: silent guys sometimes like a little joke in a letter. Smart guys likes a little challenge. Shy guys likes a support. But for general guys, he likes a realistic girl. Realistic girl in this topic is not a girl that really can touch with bare hands, it's mean girl that think about him simple way and accept the people that what ever they are. Example: You can give him some support but not support him daily. You can give him some advice but sometimes let him choose by himself. In short is, realistic girl is sometimes she can be a best friends, can be a mother, can be a girl, can be a sister. That will be make him always pointing at you and it can be one of good memories.

After you know about what kind of guys do you like, now let's do some practice. Yes, give him some attraction. You can give him support, advice, challenge, etc. So I will give you some tips:

  • First, just do some a simple attraction.
    It means doing something which others people do in his types. The purpose of this steps is 'sneaking' around in his life, to make him not think about you as the girls but as friends first. Do this some times with increase portion.
  • Second, do a little more attraction.
    With this steps this makes him clear that you can be one of him trust people. It means try to become one of his best friends. The purpose is makes him addicted to you. But do not forget to expose a little about you and your life. It means let him know you a little more, but not too much.
  • Three, give him your secret technique as a woman.
    But remember this, this not talking about sex. It means ask him to go with you to a place that will give a good memories. But do not ask him to the place where you have a good memories with your ex-boyfriend. And in this steps, just do a good memories. Do not give him a fake hope or confess your love to him. Just little chit-chat or talking that makes you and him comfort.

3. Signs of Love

Sign, it means give him a 'code' that you love him. But do not tell that you love him so much. It can make you effortless. It can growing pity feel from him than love. Be careful in this steps, because you can trap by your emotions if you give him a code like 'What if he does not love me?', 'What if he wants me as best friends?', 'What if I am in his friend zone?', 'What if I'm doing the wrong thing?', etc. I repeat again, this is the crucial one, the critical one, that will shock your emotions.

If you give him a 'code', please make sure that 'code' is not too hard to understand. If you give a hard 'code', he will think you playing his feeling and will make a distance between you and him. But you do not give him easy 'code' to understand. Because it will make your pride lower in his eyes. Just give him a simple questions, like 'Do you have a girlfriend?' or 'Hmm. As if I have boyfriend, it would be a good one.'. But also a little talks before the 'code'.

So there are the explanation about 'How to make man fall in love', we hope that you can confess your feel my friends. Remember: All of advice may be failure, but not 100% fail. Just give it a try if you want. Happy Fall in Love, Friends.

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Things that Changes His Feelings to You

By the way, there is some thing that make a man re-thinking about his feeling. So let's we checked out:

1. Habit from The Girl

Your habit, can make him re-thinking about his feeling. Why? Because some times and usually, man think about realistic and long-term relationships. If you always spend a lot of time with any cheap trip or something, he will re-think about how much the money that will satisfied you. Or if you have some bad background relationships, he will re-think multiple times about you. Because it will how serious relationship that you and him wants. If you are not serious, please do not give him any care. Just act like a friends. Or If he do not want serious relationship, but you want it, explain to him slowly until he knows.

2. The Exes Relationship

If you want to have serious relationship with him, just tell it to him about you and your ex. In this case, you must be honest to him. So that will remove the 'distance valley' feelings in him. Advice from us is First, tell why you choose him than your ex-boyfriend. With this steps you can calm down his feelings and not make him jealousy about your friends. Second, tell you last meet with your ex-boyfriend. This steps also to make his emotion calm down and can get hist trust. This will make you commit about the relationship with him. Third, tell all your bad experience with your ex. This advice is optional. Because a lot of bad experience that can not be tell clearly to the person that close to us. Also read: Ways to Forget Your Ex

So, once again I will tell you, readers: about the advice, may be it will not work 100% but it can not fail 100%. So every choice is up to you to practice about it or not. Let the Love give you the answer. Happy Fall in Love!

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