Ways How To Propose Someone You Love (#1 Top Male Tricks To Get A Girlfriend)

Last updated on March 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Propose or express love feeling to the ones you love is something special and need to pay attention well. Because, this case involve a feeling either from someone who propose his feeling or someone who loved. It can be fatal if you use with wrong way. Your precious feeling will be rejected because she disappointed or get hurt of the way you express your feeling. The matter of heart is a difficult thing, but it can be handled with several ways. Here is the following ways about how should you propose and express your precious feeling toward someone you love so that she accept your feeling. So, just propose someone you love now and tell then you want to be with them for the rest of your life.


Step 1 - Know Everything About The Girl You Love

Before you express your feeling, you have to know everything about the one you love. It is intended that you understand who your loved ones. Does she have the same principles with you or not. Moreover, to understand everything about her, it also means you are ready with everything in her. You can also consider whether you will continue with our intention to express feelings like her or not if her had a different principle with you.

Also understand her environment, her family, her education and no less important is the principle of her. her environment close relation to how people around her treat him and how her treats people around her. her family is concerned with way of her life everyday. Does matched with you or not, whether you can accept it or not. You must understand this as part of your love. If you can accept it, you can proceed to express love. But if not, it will be quite difficult when forced.

Not to forget, sometimes education is often associated with a person's way of thinking. The better the education her, the better the person's way of thinking. Generally such it. Although not absolute. But knowing her education sometimes make you much more confident. So there's nothing wrong if you know the level of her education.

Then the most important part is a matter of principle for him. Principles that will unite you with the person you love. The principle that will make the relationship last. So try that person that you love has the same principle. If not, make a judgment that the person that you like or you can customize with her principles. If there is a possible relationship would last long enough thin. Here, one of ways you must do to get closer to your girl:

1. Be Her Friend First

be her friend first

Expressing your feeling is quiet difficult. Loving is more severe than being loved. But if no one dared to initiate the relationship it will never established. The matter of whether or not your feelings is answered, it is much better than you just guessing her feelings that not know what the truth. Therefore, you need to be friends with her first, because that girl will know what actually your attitude and how you treat toward your friend.

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2. Understand The Girl’s Feeling

Another main thing you must know is you must really understand about her feelings, at least make sure that she also has little signals that she likes you too. When you get closer to her, you already know a bit her response to you. To find out if her has feelings for you or not, you can see from some things. First, you can see from the way he responds to your every action. is visible no feelings of attraction or not. Secondly, you can also see from the way he looked at you. There seems to be a feeling like it or not. Thirdly, you can also ask questions of the people closest. If she likes you or not.

3. Make Sure She's Single

Make sure that she is still single. Because, when her status is still single, the chance of your success will be more open. Although girl you like still has the relationship, and you're willing to wait her until she break. But this such as cases are rare unless she actually your mate. Therefore, it is better to start hanging out with the single ladies that could be like-minded with you and fits with your criteria and your ideal girl.

4. Do Not Force Her Feeling

One's feelings can not be forced. If the girl you love apparently has no feel with you then you do not need to force her feelings to accept you. This case will actually make you have strained relationship to her. Establish a healthy friendship and be a good person.

Thus, that's all the first four step to get to know about the girl you know. Also, you need to make sure that she opens the door for you. Once she lets you in, you have 100% chances to get to know her better by then.

Step 2 - Show Your Good Attitude

Although you have the principle to be yourself, but you have to underline it that you must show your good attitude toward your girl. So that, she will respect and impress with you. Make sure you do such as sweet act to her and get her surprise.

There is also a good idea, if the good attitude that you show to everyone. Let her judge ye not that ye are really nice to everyone. Moreover, the people closest to her, let him or her comfortable with your presence. Approach her best friend, show that you are conveniently close to everyone.

5. Blow Her A Sweet Smile

blow her a sweet smile

A smile is a powerful weapon for approaching and attract someone. Bring every moment with a smile instead of jealousy. The way you give her your smile it proves that you are someone, someone who can make her comfort because you are a friendly person. By one simple sweet smile, she can evaluate how your feelings to her. The more you smile sincere to her the better. A sincere smile is the part that can not be manipulated. So, you try to do it really because you love it.

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6. Be Friendly And Gentle

How your treatments to the person you love will create a level of trust towards you increasing if you are friendly to her. She will know that you are a good person and easy to make a friend because of your character. Do not force to be friendly or friendly with her because you like her. Everything will look okay. Sincere feelings would make her feel so close to you. You can not lie just because you like her or do things you actually can not do. That's very good if you push yourself into a relationship. Better to be honest from the start.

7. Don't Be Too Aggressive

No matter how much you fall in love with her, try to keep control yourself. Do not be too aggressive in chasing her. Sometimes it is also hard to get at her let her feel curious about you. Give an affection to her within reasonable limits, keep guard your attitude in front of her. Women really do not like the aggressive nature. While women love attention, it does not mean he likes in the bridle. Generally aggressive nature will bear restraint. And whoever does not like the nature of the case. In a relationship, aggressive is the most hated. Meanwhile, one of the girl's deepest secret is they will only love you when you become a little bit ignorant that makes her feel so curious about you.

8. Show Your Best Performance

You will want to show your best performance when you want to express someone's feelings. But not too excessive. If you are usually dressed casually, do not suddenly use a shirt and fabric trousers. You certainly do not want him to suspect first or false stamped before it could express a feeling or doing nothing. Try at least a little neater and more attractive than usual to increase self-confidence. Still, just be who you are.

Step 3 - Be Gentle And Sweet To Her

Man who have a gentle character respect and impress the girl. Be gentle is one important thing you must do. Women are like men who can show an attitude as a man. Especially, if it shows a mature manner. Many people argue that women often show a feeling rather than thinking. And it is true. Men should be able to compensate for it. Men should be able to act as befits men and mature thinking.

For women, men are leaders. Although the policy or when the decision has been jointly taken together. But for women, men should be able to guide women. That is to say, men should be more mature than women. So you should be able to act like a man. Here the examples of it:

9. Prepare All Decisions

Strong will and ready to accept all the possibility that will happen, because when you are rejected, it possible make your relationship that during this time close being far, or even do not know each other anymore. But, it better is rejected because you dare to express your feelings to her, beside you buried it when in fact she likes you too, but she just going date with another person who dare express the feeling.

10. Make Sure It's A Love

Love means accepting all its good and bad. This means that we are ready with all the good things and bad things in her. Love also means being happy if she is happy and felt sad when she sad. Love does not demand disinterested and reciprocal. Before you express love to your dream girl, you first have to believe that it is love, not lust or ego. Make sure that you do love her and prove it to her.

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11. Take Her To Walk 

take her to walk

If you are too nervous to express a feeling, you can step over the stage for a moment and asked her to go or a walk together. Take it to the usual entertainment venues such as cinemas or eating and drinking coffee at a cafe or a restaurant, or just walk and talk in a public place like a park or mall. This way, you can feel more comfortable with each other, and may go back to step expressed the feeling. Even though this may only be a formality only, or even her expressing the feelings to you.

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12. Be Confident

Show your feelings to the girl that you love is the only option left. Most of the girls like a man who firmly and gentle in expressing their feelings. Confident attitude will make a good impression because you are not seen as being playful or not serious to her. Meanwhile, you can express your feeling in many things like you can say it directly or express it by actions. You can tell her good things like how beautiful she is or send her gifts.

Step 4 - Get Into Her Relatives

Meanwhile, may be you need also get closer to her family, best friends, relatives, brothers-sisters, and her things to know her better. Also, talk to her closest friends can give you more information about herself inside and out. Indeed, they may also help you to get with her deeper.

13. Talk To Her Best Friend 

Well, it's an old man sayings that if you want to make her your girlfriend, then you need to ask permission from her best friend. As her best friend knows everything about her. Indeed, you can call them for a help. Let's say if you want to give her a surprise, or take her somewhere, you can ask her best friends to give you tips and tricks.

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14. Get In Touch With Her Brother/Sister 

Well, maybe this is an odd style yet it works. If she had a tough big brother, then you need to figure it out. You need to be brothers with him too. Then, if she had sisters, that may help you. Indeed, you may walk to her home and create a fine talk with them about you, but not being too much. Meanwhile, you just need to blend together with her family.

15. Know Her Things 

know her things

Well, this is everything. You can never be her boyfriend if you know nothing about her. At this step, this is your big opportunity to get know her better from what her relatives said. You may talk to them about her likes and dislikes, her childhood, her songs, her habits, and anything. Thus, you need also always talk to the girl about it and fit in.

16. Fight And Pray To Get Her 

Everything starts with a good thing is praying. Your effort that you prepare and looked forward to every day will not be successful if you are not accompanied it with praying. Praying first, so that you feel calm and it can make you success. Especially for some people, prayer is a must do. Sometimes prayer is also a source if we are really confident with the people we love will bring goodness to us or not. So start everything with prayer.

Step 5 - Never Do This

Everything will be realized with wonderful if you act in accordance with careful consideration. Similarly when you express your feelings in women. Must be calculated carefully when are you going to reveal it. Also there are some things you should not do when you want to express love to someone. For if you do it can cause a person you love does not have any sympathy for you. Any that?

17. Things That Should Be Avoided

There are some things you should not do or avoid when trying to express your feelings in order to be accepted by her. Do not expressed your feelings through a friend. If you want to look up, to express ourselves. Stated through other people will make you look like a coward. Do not expressed through chat or online. You will be impressed not serious or too timid even to talk directly. Do not go overboard, relax and stated simply. Express feelings with "I love you" is much more effective and more likely to be accepted than overdone as "I've liked you since five years ago ..." or something like that.

18. Don't Do It In A Hurry

To express love or feeling to one who loved. Certainly do not do it in a hurry. Make sure you choose the right and good time so that your love received. There are several theories reveals that the time is right to express feelings is at night. For women, the evening at 10-12 o'clock at night, the women have a feeling of calm and comfortable. At the time, psychologically, women have a feeling of calm and comfortable. So hope to start a very open relationship.

19. Talk Heart To Heart

The fatal error when express the feeling by phone, mail or short message. Because it allows for her to think and change their minds not to accept your love. Better express directly and give a little firmness. How do I express it? You can read point number 6. There are some phrases that you can use. To be sure, reveal only what is in your hearts and what was the intention of you next to her. No small talk. Don't talk about the weather. Don't talk about things that could tear her.

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Step 6 - Be Romantics

Well, it's a clique. But, girls always love romantics things like flowers, chocolates, hugs, kisses, cinemas, and diamonds. You may think about it then. Meanwhile, be romantics to the girl you love and thats the best way how to propose someone.

20. Follow Her On Social Media

follow her on social media

Talking about social media effect then, you need to follow here wherever. Look into her Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever to know her daily activity. Also, she may love it when you put love on her current photos. For some girls, it may be cute things the boys can do. For some don't, but you just need to know every single thing about her.

21. Know Her

If she is the kind of that girly girl, then you may do sweet things like take her to a fine dining, candle light dinner, cinema watching romance movie. If she is into basketball so much, take her to the game. If she loves reading books, bring her novel. If she is a gamer, then compete into an online game with her. That's would be fun. Just then find out what would make her feel excited to be with you.

22. Bring Her A Surprise 

If it's about her birthday, gifts are general things for her. Still, make it for her, maybe a party of the two of you, or sing her a song, or just a slice of strawberry cake.

Step 7 - Things to Say to Propose A Girl You Love

Sometimes, every girl’s heart will be melted if you say something gentle and sweet. Here the examples sentences of love that maybe you inspired from this.

"I’m just an ordinary boy who have a lot of weakness and maybe un proper to accept your love. But if you willing be my girl, I promise I will do my best to give you a happiness. Will you be my love?"

"I have ever imagine how beautiful we are live and getting old together. So that, I will make you know that I love you and need you live in my life too. I love you now, tomorrow, and forever. Please, be mine."

"You are my best friend to me. And I need you to be my ultimate friend, my forever person who I trust, because I love you, and love you until the end of time."

"You are beautiful and I thing we fit together. Won't you hold my hand?"

"Well, it's funny and you will laugh if I say I love you. But, if you laugh then, it means you love me too."

"Would you please be mine?"

Well, there are millions ways how to propose someone, yet you may use one of these best flirting quotes to propose her. You can express your feelings with something. You can say it with flowers, or it could be chocolate. Flowers believed some women as an expression of love. The same with chocolate. So there's nothing wrong if you also express your feelings by using flowers or chocolates. Just make sure that you do it right. Look at her eyes, hold her hands, and say is gently that you really love her.

If She Says 'NO!'

if she says no

Well, if you have done all those things said above but she still ignores you, then you need to thinks about these then:

1. Maybe She Is Not The Right One

It's okay, buddy! You will find someone better than her.

2. You Are Too Good For Her 

After all the best things you have done and she still says no, then she may be just too bad to accept your goodness.

3. Let Her Go

You gotta just let her go, move one, be in crush with someone else hotter than her.

4. Move On

Maybe you need some holiday and build abs six packs.

5. Find Someone Else

There are another thousand girls out there, boy!

Meanwhile, there are times where in love gets you in pain too. You gotta just deal with both of the situations. Indeed, love is everywhere, so don't be broken.

It is simple right? but the most important thing you must know to all of the ways above is keep praying, keep confident and calm. Whatever the result you must be wise to accept it. Love is not like work business that could be forced, but it involves the heart. you need to sacrifice so that the results you obtained are not in vain.

As well as in the first point, in the term of expressing your feeling is quiet difficult. Loving is more severe than being loved. But if no one dared to initiate the relationship it will never established. The matter of whether or not your feelings is answered, it is much better than you just guessing her feelings that not know what the truth. So, the point in here is you must express and propose your feeling than buried and hidden your feeling alone. Because, hide the feeling is such a stupid thing that can make your heart hurts.

Then, that are some powerful ways that can be used as inspiration for you to express your feelings to someone you like. May be useful and make a good result. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner. Good luck, Love Catchers!

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