What Do Capricorns like About Scorpios? Zodiac Signs

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When it comes to the compatibility between a Capricorn and a Scorpio, they are actually highly compatible and make an interesting couple. The Scorpio highly trusts the Capricorn, and when it comes to communication, they both communicate respectfully with intellectual understanding. (Also read The Most Loyal Zodiac Sign in Relationship.)

It is also important to note that the Scorpio is a water sign, while the Capricorn is an earth sign. This means that while Scorpios are deep and highly intuitive and sensitive, Capricorns are more well grounded and steady. Thus, this creates the interesting mix said earlier. (Also read How to Make a Capricorn Man Fall in Love with a Scorpion Woman?)

So, what do Capricorns like about Scorpios? What can you, a Scorpio, can do to get a Capricorn to like you back? (Or vice versa.)

What Do Capricorns like About Scorpios?

  1. Patience.

    In order to reveal the true emotions of a Capricorn, it takes someone patient and nurturing like the Scorpio. The Scorpio also radiates a type of energy that draws the Capricorn like a moth to a flame. Capricorns can also be blunt and direct, so it takes someone patient like a Scorpio to handle them and not lash out. (Also read Signs Capricorn Man is Not Interested with You.)

  2. Learning is Important.

    Before getting to trust the other sign, it is important to point out that there must be a learning period that takes place. Even though the bond between a Capricorn and Scorpio is extremely powerful with their high trust towards each other, both must walk along the process of learning. (Also read Reasons Why Capricorns Are Hard to Understand.)

  3. Challenge Them to Think.

    Capricorns are more practical when it comes to problem-solving such as “how to.” Meanwhile, Scorpios focus more on hidden meanings and the truth about life. Challenging a Capricorn to think deeply like that can get them to think critically and will intrigue them.

  4. Change Things Up!

    Though Scorpios normally prefer new experiences rather than change, the Capricorn likes changing things up. Take them on a weekend off to hike or camp, somewhere that’s a contrast to their maybe busy city life. (Also read Tips to Date A Capricorn Woman and Get Her Heart.)

  5. Commit.

    Both the Scorpio and Capricorn usually look for someone who will return their investment and can build a life with. Once you’ve committed to the Capricorn, you can draw them out from their shell. In return, they will help you gain a new perspective in case trouble occurs. (Also read How to Get A Second Date With A Capricorn Man.)

Overall, the Capricorn and Scorpio can make a great match as long as one can handle the other. They both need to have a large amount of trust for the other person, but once that trust has been established between the two, a serious committed relationship may form. Don’t be surprised if the relationship lasts for a long time too.