Is Tinder a Good Idea to Find Lover? - The Dos and Don'ts

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Love can be found anywhere. In the era of internet and social media today, finding love become much easier somehow. If you find it hard to find the right one in real life, you may go to Tinder. Yes, this dating app has been really popular as how many people have found their love there. Turns out Tinder not only full of people who want to hook up but even if it’s their initial intention, many of them eventually turn into an everlasting love.

The question is, is Tinder a good idea to find lover? The answer may vary.

For those who meet their true love through Tinder, they’ll say it’s not impossible. But for those whose heart had been broken by the app, they’d rather say no. But Tinder doesn’t guarantee that your love will be going smooth. As it’s a dating app, so the options are left open, which means you can get literally swiped.

So if you are new to Tinder or still weighing whether to install the app or not, here are some guidance of dos and don’ts in using it.

The Dos

  1. Ask Thoughtful Questions

If you are looking for something serious so you have to ask about essential questions. Well, don’t force them or don’t be too formal. Just casually let slip some questions like “What’s your passion?”, “What’s your major?”, “What do you do for living?” etc. And the most important one: “What would you like to go?” (Who knows you can have your first date there!) Also read The Best Dating Site for A Serious Relationship

  1. Be Straightforward of What You’re Looking For

Before you took any further step, make sure that both of you are on the same page. Ask them about their intention on Tinder, because based on people who found their love on Tinder, they usually start from the same place: they are looking for a possible relationship. So as the relationship goes deeper, you won’t feel insecure that they might run away in the middle.

  1. Throw Jokes to Melt the Ice

The first time you chat them would be extremely awkward. Say that you have fallen in love with them, but it will be more awkward if you say so. Humor is the best way to melt the ice. Show your humorous side by cracking some jokes to them. When you are in a relationship, humor is the best part to keep last for a long time. But don’t go overboard by making offending jokes.

  1. Read Bios Carefully Before Swiping

Don’t underestimate the bio section in Tinder. Bios give you general picture of someone as well as providing you topics to be talked later. By reading your bios, it shows that you are someone who care about personality more than you care about look. Through their bio you can see whether you’re a match for them or not. Don’t skip bios.

  1. Talk About Your Passions

Is Tinder a good place to find lover? Yes if you know how to do it right. Two people get along well when they find similarity between them. Put your favorite activities, movies, books, music etc. to find the best match in Tinder. When someone come across your profile and they find you have the same taste in music with them, they will chat you right away. Also read Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t Meet at the Same Day You Find Them

It’s okay to be passionate in love, but you shouldn’t be in a rush. Take time before you set up a meeting with someone. Even when you feel like they are your match made in heaven, you should get to know more about them. Everyone can fake their identity easily on Tinder so before you really see them in person, make sure they are not a married person having fun on Tinder.

  1. Texting with One Word Only

It’s normal for people who is too lazy to tap four times on their screen and reply with “Okay” instead of “K”. It’s not a problem if you are texting with your best pals. But if you do it on Tinder, be prepared to be left alone. Replying with one character only shows that you’re not really serious and you don’t appreciate the other person who asked you questions. Also read How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You Over Text Messages

  1. Responding the Horndogs

Not everyone in Tinder is a decent people. In fact, you’ll find more horndogs than the good one. Remember not to respond these kind of people who randomly chat you saying that you look hot. They clearly want to have fun and not looking for a serious relationship. Don’t think twice, block them.

  1. Too Much Editing in Your Photos

So you ask if Tinder a good idea to find lover and the answer is depend on what you’re looking for. Tinder is a place where people fall in love and feel attracted by the first sight, means when they swipe and got interest on your profile picture. Just because you want to look perfect, you overdo your photo editing. Too many filters, v-shaping jaw, artificial make up, etc. that make your face become weird. Be confidence and post your best picture that is not heavily edited.

  1. Displaying Sexual Shots

Okay, so let’s say that you have a killer body and you are perfectly confidence with it. But don’t take it to your Tinder profile. Well, you are looking for your true love and if you ever display too much boobs, butts, or six pack, all you’ve got is only someone who wants to play—they thought it’s what you want, judging from your photos. It’s better to show some lowkey, simple photos that attractive in a positive way.

There are no absolute answer to the question “Is Tinder a good idea to find lover?” since everyone experienced it differently. But if you want to try Tinder, make sure of your intention first. So you can do your Tinder activities using the dos and don’ts that was described above.

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