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Reasons to Marry a Welsh Person - Best Kind to Love Forever

Some people might think Welsh are same like other Englishman. That isn't quite true since Welsh is unique and has a rare breed. Live within country that only have three million people, Welsh has their own reputation and stereotype. You need to make him fall in love and date a Welsh once in a lifetime […]

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Sweetest Reasons to Marry a Bong Girl - A Dream Girl

Have you watched Bollywood movies? As we can see on the movie, Bengali girl or often called Bong girl is attractive and seems into art by their appearance or stuff. Have you also imagined marrying one of them? Because you won't find some sign you'll regret marrying them. Here are reasons to marry a Bong […]

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Reasons to Marry from Another Ethnic Group - Love Is Everywhere

World is full with diversities which include the difference of nationalities, cultures, even races and ethnic group, so that is the more reason you need to know ways to spell love in different language. One of thing everyone should do to make world a better place is to respect all of kind of that differences. […]

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Reasons to Marry a Canadian for Now and Forever

People that wants to date a Canadian would probably be called have a great taste. It isn't for nothing because even one said that Canadian born with a special breed. They tend to be super friendly when you already know them. No wonder if you're falling in love with a Canadian at the second you […]

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7 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Marry A Seaman

Falling in love might not see backgrounds, cultures, even ages. We don't choose who we want to fall in love with, do we? At the right time in the right place, it's just as if a cupid shoot an arrow right through our heart and make us fall in love. We don't know whether we'll […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry A Pakistani Man (Warning)

Marriage is not something to look down on. It's very serious and requires quite a lot of efforts to make it works. When two people fall for each other and decided to become one in a relationship called marriage, that's when they commit to live life together through thick and thin. Here, commit means seriously […]

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How to Make Love with Your Husband in Islam - Key to a Happy Marriage

Love and sex are two inseparable things. For a married couple, sex is a need. Including in Islam, a religion which known to be very strict about this matter. Happy sex life is a key to happy marriage in Islam, and no sexual intercourse between husband and wife for certain period of months even means […]

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Disadvantages Of Marrying A Rich Man - The Unpopular Opinion

You might already watched "Fifty Shades of Grey" and you absolutely know Christian Grey. Like in the movie, you don't who you're in love with someday. Maybe it will be your boss, your work partner, your old friend, your best friend, your neighbor, or maybe a stranger. You don't what a person they are, does […]

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How To Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready For Marriage

You have been together with your boyfriend for years. No wonder you want to bring your relationship into something bigger. Yet, your boyfriend's brain seems dull and can't get what you have been thinking about both of you. Read: Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend Here Are How To Let Your Boyfriend Know You […]

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33 Toxic Reasons Why You Should Not Marry Your Girlfriend

Marriage is not an easy and simple thing that you just decide to do. You need a long time of consideration with enough reasons and proves. This is because you are choosing how the rest of your life will go. Are you making the right choice? The first big step is choosing your life partner. […]

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