14 Most Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

To think about a genuinely perfect marriage proposal can be really difficult as much as the things to consider before getting married.

On the other hand, you want to be authentic but not to overdo it. You want your partner to say “yes” and you want to make sure that your idea is special, too.

Therefore, we put together a list of the most unique marriage proposal ideas just for you.


1. Do It Before The Year Ends

do it before the year ends

Take her aside on New Year's Eve and tell her there is one more thing you will do before the end of the year.

Take out the ring, ask the major question and toast with the champagne and fireworks.

2. The Internet Meme Proposal

Recently, you might find your girlfriend reading an article on how to let your boyfriend know you are ready for a marriage, and this can help you to get an instant "yes" for your marriage proposal by using internet memes.

The internet continually brings up emerging trends and challenges that can be integrated meaningfully into the plan.

However, it will be best for you to keep away from the more dangerous or horrible ones, including the challenge of "Cinnamon" or the challenge of "Shell On,".

Some of the more mild ones may, well, serve you fine. The Mannequin challenge for instance, all the way back in 2016.

3. Helicopter On A Golf Course Proposal

Many entrances are intolerably sucky in everyday life but function differently when it comes to proposals.

Takeoff in a helicopter on a golf course is one of the most unusual concepts for a marriage proposal.

We would write you off as a smug, richie-rich kid if you pulled this while joining friends for lunch, or for a business conference.

Still, it's just the kind of crazy, over-the-top move you're going to take for the crazy, over-the-top leap.

4. Crossword Puzzle Proposal

Nerdy guys realize there is a path through her brain to a nerdy girl's heart.

There is a number of free crossword developers and you can still make your own and print it out.

Yet, real smooth operators are leaving everything to the experts.

One man hired a longtime crossword editor and brought the outcome somewhere through The Washington Post's Saturday version. Like we have already said: easy.

5. Use Your Pet

use your pet

If you have enough faith in your pet to get the job done, then use them for your plan.

With a new puppy or kitten, you can tie it around the collar, and impress your girlfriend. Why could anybody have said "no" to this?

Except if your relationship has been consistently showing signs of incompatibility in relationship with your partner.

6. Fake Art Gallery Proposal

Put up a fake art gallery full of photographs related to you two. Walk through the display, and ask for her hand in marriage at the end. Just a thought for a plan, right?

Okay, the premise is clear but the implementation can require a bit of time, of course.

You'll need to find the venue, design the artwork, employ the actors to portray the other visitors in the gallery, etc.

Our recommendation is to talk to a professional if you decide to do something to see how they can help you set things up.

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7. Water Ski Proposal

An outdoor proposal at a speed boat pace. The key to successfully proposing while water skiing is to leave the ring on the boat.

It is bad enough when a guy drops a ring in a waterfall – dropping it in a lake while speeding at 30 mph means it is gone forever.

Listen, going down on one knee during the process is very remarkable.

Another benefit is whenever you plunge through the sea, it's just part of the festivity.

8. Tattoo Proposal

The intrinsic danger of your idea getting tattooed on your body is that your partner answers "no".

Also, if she secretly has been looking for some ways on how to tell your fiance you don't want to get married.

So, if you're fairly confident she would say yes, then there are certain definite benefits of a tattoo.

Firstly, it’s there to remind you that your relationship will always be there. Secondly, while not legally binding, it is purely signed evidence that she has decided to marry you.

9. Beach Art Proposal

beach art proposal

Great beach art is extraordinarily sweet and one of the most unique marriage proposal ideas ever.

Firstly, because it's hard to imagine someone would build something spectacular from the sand.

Secondly, because you realize it's going to be swept away by waves or carried away by wind shortly.

Also, we're not talking about writing those letters with your feet in the sand: pair up for a personalized piece of art with an exceptional sand artist!

10. Use Pumpkins

Invite the friends and relatives to take part in a pumpkin carving contest where everybody ends up unveiling their creations.

Write or carve your idea for the big surprise on your pumpkin, or let your friends or relatives cut out a word of it each.

11. Photo Booth Proposal

The proposal for a photo booth has many advantages:

First, you don't need to cover your photographer throughout the shrubbery.

Second, if timed properly, it helps you to catch beautifully the open-mouthed excitement that most people feel when presented with a ring.

Third, you'll even see the joyful stream of excitement as they truly know what's going down.

Fourth, you won't have to pay professional photographer rates.

Last, you wouldn't have to pay a videographer either, because many new photo albums contain recording.

12. Flip-Book Proposal

If you are creatively driven, you may construct an animation of a flip-book as a way to propose.

The animation will present the story of your relationship together, a glimpse of your future, or whatever you want.

Cut a tiny square from the back pages and at the end of your storyline you can make a little ring keeper. An easy concept for the clever proposal.

13. Breakfast-In-Bed Proposal

breakfast in bed proposal

Breakfast in bed incorporates two aspects that every right-thinking individual loves, such as laying in bed and enjoying breakfast food.

So, consider the effect of incorporating a proposal for a wedding.

Moreover, it has been proven that there are many beneficial reasons why you should always make love with your partner in the morning.

Only note the proposal would push you to raise the component for breakfast.

You can not suggest a cup of instant coffee over any hurried scrambled eggs.

This calls for luxurious service-level hotel room, or the nearest you can come to it.

Present each plate with a stainless steel food cover, and suddenly expose what's underneath. The last plate is intended for the ring, of course.

14. Use A Caricature Or The Cartoon Artist From The Park

Set a plan to write "Will you marry me?" with a cartoon artist or caricature artist on your illustration in quotation bubbles.

Pretend to get one unplanned to make sure that when the designer passes in the final product you are down on one knee.

Those most unique marriage proposal ideas mentioned above could help you aware that whatever amazing thing you intended to do, it probably would not be as impressive as you anticipated.

However, bear in mind, if you bring all the special aspects of your relationship into it, any proposal would be special.

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