5 Reasons Why You Should Always Make Love With Your Partner In The Morning

Last updated on April 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

What's the first thing that you would always wait in the morning when you wake up? His text? The beautiful sunrise? Well, if you're a married person, then those would probably be number two on your list. You'd possibly be expecting your partner's kisses right when you open your eyes, won't you? Especially if you’re a newlywed couple, then that’d be a must do in the morning.

However, make love might be just the same whenever you decided to do so. But, there are few differences and advantages that you'll be getting if you pay more attention to the timing that you use. Beside the differences from how to make love with your husband in Islam or just usual make love, timing could also give a huge impact. Doing that in the morning, would be awesomely great. There are reasons why you should always make love with your partner in the morning that you couldn't deny.


Why In The Morning?

Morning, some people might find this word amusing, as it's the time when the day starts. Sunrise, calming breezy air, a whole list of things to do throughout the day.

However, that's not just like that. You can get something even more in the morning, that will do so much thing to you later on, which is making love. Of course, this is for the case that you have a partner or married to someone. Take a peek over these reasons why you should do that in the morning :

1. Mood Booster

Ever waking up not in a good state? Feel dizzy as you're still sleepy and end up messing up your work for the whole day? Such problems are very usual and often happen to workers. However, bad mood in the morning could harm your whole day in such a special way. You might not realize getting upset and touchy over little things due to your bad mood when you wake up.

Here, making love with your partner could help you a lot to improve your mood by messing up with your happiness hormones. The best part is that such good mood early in the day will give a long-lasting effect for you. However, if you're not married yet, then you gotta find another mood booster, for sure, since there are reasons why you should not live together before marriage.

2. Ready To Fight

ready to fight

Having a presentation in front of the vice chairman on that day and don't know how to beat your anxiety? Imagining such nerve-wracking moment on the schedule can make you end up getting more anxious. If you're wondering how to beat down such anxiety of facing what you have to face that day, then make love could be the answer.

When you make love with your partner early in the morning, you’ll feel encouraged and brave. Brave for what? For doing your best and let your anxiousness go away. That way, you can be truly ready to face anything you'll have to throughout the day. 

3. Get Intimate

Of course, making love with your partner at any time of the day could get you closer to your partner. However, one of the reasons why you should always make love with your partner in the morning is that you can get more intimate.

Feeling loved, owned, encouraged and embraced by your partner early in the morning can boost your mood and at the same time, make you feel good about them. This can make you think about them all the time until late at night when you both rest together in your bed. Of course you can't deny that you might also end up missing them more than before.

4. Good For Health

Making love in the morning means ‘exercise' in the same time, right? Get yourself moving actively in the morning can be beneficial for your muscle and heart. It can balance your heartbeat and set it at the normal pace. You can also get yourself moving even without doing any sport. Since you do it early in the morning, it can help you to stay away from unnecessary fatigue throughout the day.

The spirit and strength you've gain in the morning will keep you active till the night comes. It is also said that making love in the morning can also improve your immunity system, so you wouldn't have to worry much about catching a flu. 

5. Better Result

better result

Early in the morning when you just wake up, is actually when your stamina and strength is the highest. You’ve just rest yourself and get a good night sleep, so when you open your eyes, you’re recharged. By this, you will also show a better performance while making love with your partner.

You’re fresh and refueled, that’s quite enough to assure you that it would turn out better than how you imagined. If your make love session turns out awesome, then you probably won't even sense any signs your husband is unhappy in marriage or signs of a bored husband in marriage. Keeping your relationship both your heart to heart connection and sexual connection will lead to a happier marriage.

Bonding with your partner even if you’ve been married for long is definitely important. Without such spices to your marriage life, you're prone to get bored later on when your marriage reach 25 or 50. This is why you should not just care about the chores, but always take your time to consider about make love with your partner.

This apply when you're married, for sure, since you know that there are reasons why you should be saving your virginity for the love of your life that will make you think twice before doing sex before marriage.

Remember, there are reasons why you should always make love with your partner in the morning that will never let you down as well. The most important of it all, always love your partner more and more as each day goes by. That's simply the secret recipe for a long-lasting healthy marriage.

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