Why Does My Crush Look The Other Way When He Sees Me Could He Be Shy?

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Having a crush is beautiful but also complicated. Despite you like that "new love" feeling inside your heart, you can't stop wondering about many other not-so-good things too. Such as whether that man is interested in you or not. We love to analyze their action, subtle clues, and hints. Guys are complicated, the one we like is even more.

You've been thinking a lot about this particular behavior of your crush. When he talks to you, he seems to avert his gaze elsewhere where. What does that mean? Something wrong with her eyes? Are you not beautiful enough? So many questions fill your head that you can't sleep at night.

Let's calm down and think this thoroughly. There are many possible reasons we can think of.

Those are reasons are:

He lies about something

If you ask a behavioral expert or a body language expert, almost all would say that when people lie, they avoid looking straight to your eyes. When we lie, our subconscious self knows that we're doing something wrong. By avoiding your eyes you unconsciously admitting that you're guilty.

However, contexts matter. If you just started talking to your crush like, a week ago, there's probably no reason for him to lie. You both don't know each other long enough to be in this lying situation.

The possibility of him lying is greater if he's your boyfriend already. He could be cheating. See if your boyfriend is cheating and how to find out.

He can't look you in the eye because he's shy

If this happens to you, congrats, there a big chance he might actually like you back. It's one of those signs a shy guy likes you but is trying not to show it.

Especially if he knows you're crushing on him. He's embarrassed and doesn't know what to do(or where to look). When you sense he's being shy, tell a joke, make the awkwardness go away. Set the conversation to be comfortable so he will be less nervous.

His mind is elsewhere

He has a paper due tomorrow. He has an exam soon and hasn't studied yet. He wonders if he has fed his cat.

A guy looking away from you can mean he has other concerns in mind. Simply ask him what's wrong when you see him being absent-minded.

He sees another girl

There's a beauty walk by and he can't resist looking. Some guys are like this. If this happens to you, call him out of his rude behavior.

You deserve to be treated better. It's one of the clear signs your crush is interested in someone else.

He can't wait to go somewhere else

You probably stop him when he's in a hurry for his next class. Maybe his friends are waiting for him and signal him to get quick. You catch him in a bad situation so he's so occupied and can't concentrate on what you're talking about.

If you're a type of girl who's a bit eager when having a crush, you should know when the right time to talk to him. You clearly don't want him to fail an exam because you stopped him beforehand to chat.

He's not that interested in you

If someone is interested in you, they will be eager with the opportunity of talking and spending time with you.

He might be your crush, but are you his crush? You probably aren't sure. If he doesn't lock your eyes when he's talking to you, he's not that excited about you. Also find out how to know if a guy is interested in you.

His culture is different

There is some culture where it's not a big deal when people talk and they don't look at each other eyes.

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He looks at other parts of your body

Oops, players and creeps alert. He's avoiding your eyes when you guys are talking. His eyes wandering elsewhere.

Not far, not another girl. He still looks at you, but a certain part of your body. He checks you out, silently steals a look at your chest or bum.

You know what to do when it turns out your crush behaves that way. It's time to un-crush him, that's the one and the only thing you need to do. His wandering eyes is clearly one of the signs of a man who is a player.

He has lazy eyes

The only reason he's looking somewhere else that he couldn't help it even if he tries to. Lazy eye is a medical condition where it looks like a person looking to another direction when it's actually not. Lazy eyes can be subtle, so you haven't had any idea about it before. You only realize it when you look at him closer.

When this happens to you, you have to be understanding. It's one of his imperfections that can't be helped. If you really like him, this condition is not a problem for you.

In short, the safest way to make sure is that you ask him to pay attention to you. If he likes you, he will correct his error and now you get his 100% attention. Asking is always much better than guessing.

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