How to Deal with A Girl You Like Who Has A Boyfriend?

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Love comes and goes. Love can comes to anyone even at the wrong timing, at the wrong place, and the wrong person. This does not always mean that we need to fight for someone that we love when the love comes to us. But it can also mean differently.

It can has the meaning that we are facing a hard situation to test us, our personality. The result will be whether we can learn and grow to be a better person or we can just fall and broken.

And when you are broken, you will need to heal and watch yourself to show the signs you are ready for a new relationship. Isn't it better to prevent yourself to fall into a bad relationship and the wrong person rather than healing yourself from the pain? And if you currently facing the problem on how to deal with a girl you like who has a boyfriend, here's how.

  • Do not text her

The first thing that you need to do in order on how to deal with a girl you like who has a boyfriend is by not texting her. We know how it feels like, when you finally able to get someone's number, especially someone that you like and trying to find out on what to text someone after getting their number. But, of course it will be a different case if that person that you like is already has a boyfriend.

Do not even try to get to know on how to make a girl fall in love with you just by texting message or even text her. You don't want to be the reason of someone's relationship is broken don't you? And even though the couple has a problem, this does not mean or justify that you can actually help her to solve the problem by trying to text her and comfort her.

  • Do not play around with her feelings

There are some obvious signs your hookup has feelings for you. But again, if you can see it clearly, don't take this moment as a chance for you to win her heart. You will never know what she feels about you. Maybe she was just looking for an attention due to the long distance relationship that she currently has with the boyfriend.

You can't read her mind and you can't also know what she exactly feels, she can even confused about what she feels about you. So,there is no need to know the how to get your crushs attention through social media. Because at the end of the day, if she only uses you to shower her with attention when her boyfriend away, it will be you you feel the pain to see her walk away after she uses you.

  • Do not hangouts with her friends

Another thing that is also important for you to know is to not hangout with her friends, especially the girlfriends. Somehow, when her friends were not your friends and you are trying to get closer with them, this shows that you have shown your feelings to her that is so obvious.

Do not let your feelings drive you crazy until you can't see the how to know if a girl is interested in you or just being friendly. Stop trying to get closer or knowing the things about her, this will help you to forget her eventually.

  • Have more activities to do

What if in this case, she was the one who is trying to get to know you first, who flirts you, or trying to approach you first? You still have option and your logical thinking to help you with it. There are things on what to do when a girl ghosts you, that you need to know in order to distance yourself with her.

And in order to help you to get away or get rid of her out of your mind, you will need to have more activities to do. It is easier to measure how many activities that you need in order to forget her. The less you think of her the better. So, make sure that you get yourself busy until you don't have the thoughts about her.

Basically, regarding the tips on how to deal with a girl you like who has a boyfriend, what you need to know is to put yourself in her boyfriend shoes. What will you feel if your girlfriend can break up with you that easy and chooses to be with someone else?

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