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We often find ourselves in a confusion when we are faced with a certain condition or situation that we never expected before. No. I am not only talking about the job interview or other things. Because it can be as simple as someone words to you. Such as when someone is saying that they miss you or when they say they love you. So, what is best answer when someone says I miss you? Related: How to Deal with Missing Your Girlfriend in A Long Distance Relationship

  • I miss you too

The first response or answer that you can give to him is by saying I miss you too. This is an answer that you can use if you have a close relationship with that person. He doesn't have to be your boyfriend to hear I miss you too from you, right? He can be anyone, your friends, your siblings, or your cousin.

If you happened to have a close relationship with that person, then you surely understand how it feels when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesnt respond. So, it shouldn't be that hard for you to say I miss you too.

  • Ah, you just said the sweetest thing to me!

Second thing you can do is by saying anything but I miss you too. As an example here, you can just say, "Ah, you just said the sweetest thing to me!" This type of answer is suitable for you to response someone who isn't really close to you.

So, because you know him, you still appreciate what he said, but not giving him the same impression back if you don't feel like doing it. Maybe he showed some signs that he missed you, but you just don't know how to know when your Aries man misses you.

  • Smile nicely and walk away

Lastly, when you met just a stranger or someone that you don't like and that person said I miss you, you can just smile nicely to him and walk away. This will show that at least you kind of appreciate him, but at the same time you are creating boundaries to him.

This surely not the same with the ways on how to walk away and make him miss you. Rather than saying harsh words or action that may triggered conflict, smiling nicely and walk away seems like a good option for you.

Signs someone is secretly attracted to you

Knowing what is the best answer when someone says I miss you is not really hard. What you need to know more is the feelings that the person has to you, because he directly expressed that he misses you. What if he secretly likes you?

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  • He shows the nervous gesture when he talks to you

When you are having a conversation with someone that you like, there are two possibilities that might happen as a response. The first one is showing that you are nervous and the second one is showing that you are super confidence and ready to impress your crush.

There re some nervous gesture that you can see from someone such as biting his lips and touching hair. A guy that shows the nervous gesture obviouslly is the type of guy who is why and not even knowing how do you ask a girl for her number on Instagram.

  • He looks confident and protective

The second gesture that you can notice is he is being so confident and kind of protective to you. He has the strength to look into your eyes and laugh at your jokes. He pays attention to you even in every little detail and want to make sure that you are not hurt.

He knows exactly how to get your crush’s attention without being obvious and by making you feel happy and loves until you just don't realize it that you are falling into him slowly.

  • He might do stupid things only to impress you

Doing stupid things to impress someone he likes, why not? It might not be the best good ways to make a good first impression, but it surely did make you laugh and he got your attention for it.

No matter what you are feeling to the person who expressed his feelings to you, you need to choose the proper best answer when someone says I miss you. So that you will be able to leave the impression of still respecting someone who has the courage to express what he feels.

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