How to Get Your Crush’s Attention without Being Obvious

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by Michelle Devani

There are lots of ways to show your love. But we all know that showing love to someone that has not become ours is not easy.

So here are some tips to get your crush’s attention without being obvious:

  1. Try to know what he likes

How to get your crush’s attention without being obvious? You can start by paying attention to him. Try to know what his hobby is, his favorite food, his favorite music and others. It’s a good beginning for everyone who tries to get closer to someone. It shows that you don’t just see his physical appearance but also everything about him!

Well girl, takes for example that your crush likes to do jogging, so on the weekend, ask him to go out with you, you can also ask other friends to join with you. So this thing can hide your real purpose, right? lol :v

If he likes eating pizza, ask him to hang out together with you and your friends. If he likes to watch a concert, then ask him right now! But please be honest. Try to enjoy what you are doing with him and other friends. Because in the future, whether you like it or not, you have to like what your boyfriend like. Your crush will start paying attention to you because he thinks that you have the same hobby as him.

  1. Text him. But don’t do it regularly

Whenever you think about him or miss him, just text him! But do not do it too much. Because it will show you like him so much. Text him! But do not do it regularly. Give it a space. Give him a room to think about your real purpose.

  1. Be a fun person

A fun girl will attract many boys. So be a fun person! Talk about something fun when you are texting with him. Be smart in looking for great topics to talk to. It becomes an important thing when you are speaking with him directly. There you go: How to Get Your Crush to Notice You at School

  1. Follow his social media account, and try to know more about him!

Do you have instagram or other social media?

Well, why don’t you use this to know more about your crush. I know it is heard like a stalker but hey, what he just posted on his social media can be a very good topic to talk to, huh? There you go: What to Do If Your Crush is 3 Years Older than You

  1. Get closer to his friends

Listen girl! Trying to get close to his friends is a good way to see and even be with him everyday. It shows that you like to make friend to everyone. You are a very friendly and have a good personality in your crush’s eyes. Yes, that's how to get your crush’s attention without being obvious.

  1. Give a present on his special moment

Do you know his birthday? I know of course you are! When will his graduation day?

or is it his friend’s birthday that is also your friend? Well, give present!

Giving a present can be an indication that you like him sometimes or that you care with him. Buuuut, giving a present to his close people can be as sweet as a romantic music. He will think that you are so kind and sweet. There you go: What to Do When Your Crush Blocks You on Facebook?

  1. Smile at him!

Smile is the best make up for every girl in the world. Smile everyday. Smile when you are talking to him. Smile and laugh naturally to every joke that he does.

  1. Stare at his eyes

Everyone likes to be listened. And a signal that someone is listening to you can be seen whether he stares at your eyes when you are talking or not. Listen to every word that he is talking. Probably someday he’s going to tell everything about his life to you. There you go: What to Do When Your Crush Likes Your Best Friend and She Likes Him Back?

  1. Be kind as always

You need to be kind to him is the second point but, to be kind to everyone especially to his close people is the first point you have to do. It shows that you are naturally a very good girl. Just being kind to your crush will indicate that you like him obviously. But, being kind to everyone and not only to him will describe that you are totally someone that he looks for to be with him. As you know, everyone likes a good girl, right? 

  1. Be confident

Do you know girl? Confidence is an important thing. It does not matter whether you are fat or thin, whether you have big nose or flat nose. The most important thing is be confident and be grateful to your self!

No one likes an confident girl. It will decrease your beauty, personality and intelligence. Be confident to everything that you do for him. He will know that you are an interesting girl because you are confident in everything.

  1. Praise him!

Do you like to be praised when you just did something that you think it’s awesome?

Well, your crush is a person that is as same as you. So you can do the same thing to him! Praise him when he does or reaches something which is important in his life. Do not hesitate to do this thing. But don’t forget to do it as natural as you can.

  1. Make him be comfortable

There are many things to make someone feels comfortable. Different person has different way to deal with it. Actually, only you who know how to make him feel comfortable whenever he is with you even when you are texting with him. You can’t pretend. Let your heart guide you. But the thing that you have to know is that, try to avoid the thing that he doesn’t like. Let your luck manage the rest! There you go: What Does It Mean When Your Crush Unfollows You on Instagram?

  1. Let him look for you

When you finally make him feel comfortable, the next step is to let him look for you. He probably has already welcomed about his life to you. So it is time for you to know whether your crush likes you back or not.

Try not to contact or text him first. Let him do it for you. When he finally text or call you first! Well, it is time for you to get your present. I’m totally sure that he likes you!

Well, here are some tips for me. Hope can be beneficial for you all girls! Let’s try and good luck!

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