What Is The Best Answer When A Girl Ask, “Why Do You Want My Pictures?” (7 Great Answers)

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Are you afraid of giving a bad impression when asking a lady for her picture? 

If yes, then we’ve got you covered. This common question can be tricky for a girl you like. She’ll inevitably want to know why you asked for their photos and might not feel comfortable with the act. If you can’t think of a plausible response, you’ll find some ideas here.

This article answers the question, “What is the best answer when a girl asks why do you want my pictures? Since your answer can make or break the relationship, we’ve carefully listed the best replies to keep you on good terms with this special lady.


7 Best Answers When Someone You Like Asks Why Do You Want My Pictures

1. I admire you

The major reason why a guy would ask for a girl’s picture is that he admires her. It may not be because of her body but the unique connection he has with her. Keeping someone’s picture is a way of expressing approval of that person. You like something about them that you can’t deny. 

Therefore, if a girl inquired why you wanted her photo, you should be honest about your reasons. Tell her how much you hold her in high esteem. More so, try to be particular about why you cherish her. This process will make things less awkward. 

For example, you can say, “You’ve been an inspiration to me. I like how much you’ve influenced my life and I thought keeping a picture of you would show how much I respect you. I don’t want to forget what you’ve done; so can I have your photograph?”

2. I really like this picture of you

i really like this picture of you

If you’ve established a relationship with someone, asking for their photos wouldn’t sound so bad. Therefore, telling them how much you like a particular picture of them is a great response to erase any wrong impression they might have of you.

There are various reasons for liking a photo and wanting to keep it. For example, it has an excellent concept or something specific that resonates with you. On that account, asking for a photo with this ground is likely not to upset her.

You can say, “I really like this picture of you. The truth is, I don’t really know why. Perhaps, it’s because you were at the beach. I love the beach and always crave to go there to have fun. You’re also my friend and that’s why I want to keep the photo.” Starting with a great conversation will also help her understand your point of view better.

3. I want to strengthen our connection

Keeping pictures is an interesting way of holding on to the past. It’s why people take photos with their family and friends. This mere act increases the bond between individuals and gives them something to hold on to. If you’re just getting to know someone, requesting their picture is an easy way to strengthen the connection you have with them.

It’s essential not to be open about this reason. In fact, the person would cherish your efforts even more. They’ll see how much you care for them and wouldn’t hesitate to give you their photos. Once you show you value your association with them, making such demands wouldn’t be a problem.

You can tell them something like, “I really want to build the bond I share with you, and I think having your photo is a great way. I don’t want things to seem awkward, which is why I’m making an open request. I keep the photos of those they value the most, and you’re one of those people.”

4. I want to remember this moment

i want to remember this moment

If you feel comfortable around her, you’re likely to ask for a photo. Even so, you’d want to keep memories of that moment. Telling her how much you want to remember her might encourage her to take photos with you or give you hers. It’s a genuine reason that’s almost too hard to resist. 

However, it’s necessary not to avoid passing the wrong impression with your request. If you barely talk or have a connection with her, it will be weird for her to comply. There are different ways to get someone to be comfortable enough to give you her photo. One of them is ensuring you have a good association with her.

You can tell her, “We’ve been having an excellent time together, and I want to remember this moment. Would you mind giving me your photo, or perhaps, taking one with me?

5. I want to show you off

Girls mostly like when guys take a bold stand for them. Things like publicly declaring their affection or showing them off can indeed make them feel special. Therefore, if you want to connect deeply with her, choosing to flaunt her photos might get you in her good books.

Nevertheless, the worst thing you can do is to try to impose this request on a girl when you’re barely close to her. She might not be interested in giving you her photos because there’s no prior connection. To that effect, talk to her before telling her you want to showcase her.

Hearing something like, “I enjoy your company so much, I want others to know how much I appreciate you. Care if I upload your photo on my profile?” will make any woman happy. They’ll be eager for you to showcase them.

6. I like you

Liking someone is a prudent reason for wanting their photos. If you feel affection for them, having their picture is an easy way to keep them close. If a woman inquires why you want her photos, it’s an easy avenue to confess how you truly feel. 

Tell her how much you enjoy talking to her, think she’s funny, and generally adore her company. Anyone that has a good relationship with you will like to hear these things. You don’t have to pressure her into dating you. You should take things slowly by merely requesting her photos.

Say something like, “I have so much fun when I’m with you. There's no doubt that I enjoy being around you. Would you mind if I saved some of your photos? I like spending time with you and wouldn’t mind saving your photos.”

7. I’m sorry if you’re not comfortable with it

i'm sorry if you're not comfortable with it

If your request to have someone’s picture sounds funny, it’s best to apologize. You don't need to pressure them into doing something they’re not comfortable with, it might ruin the relationship. Instead, respect their boundaries and take a step back when they’re not complying.

You can focus more on building a better connection if you desperately want a picture in the future. Always try to start a healthy conversation and get to know them more. 

Nonetheless, you can apologize with something like, “It’s okay if you’re not comfortable with my request. I’m sorry about that, by the way. It wasn’t my intention to intrude. I just wanted to have a photo of you, but not in a bad way.”

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What do you say when a girl asks for your picture?

If you have a comfortable relationship with someone, sharing your photos with them shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, it’s never a bad thing to ask why they requested it. This can help you assess their motives better.

How do you ask a girl for a picture?

The best way to ask girls for their photos is to know how to strike up an interesting conversation. Show you appeal to her and make her happy. The more comfortable a woman is, the likelihood she’ll agree to give you something personal like her photographs.

Why would a girl take a picture of you?

She’ll take a photo of you if she’s your girlfriend or part of your family. However, taking photographs without any romantic relations could mean that she likes you. It could also mean that she’s comfortable around you and wants to safeguard her memories with you.

Is it rude to ask a girl for a picture?

If you feel close to her, it’s not a bad thing to ask for a photo. Nevertheless, barely owing someone and making such a request is usually a negative sign. It’s much better to build a connection before asking for something personal like that.

How do you respond to a beautiful picture?

Expressing your interest is a great way to respond to a nice photo. You can also tell them how beautiful they look or how glad you are about their accomplishment. In a nutshell, tell them anything that will make them feel happy.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on ‘what is the best answer when a girl ask why do you want my pictures?’ Remember not to make anyone uncomfortable with your request. Make sure you respect their boundaries before trying to win an argument. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with others. 

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