What Is The Best Answer When A Girl Ask Why Do You Want My Pictures?

Last updated on June 13, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Before you talk to someone or wanting to do anything with that person, you better know what they feel about you. Just like when you are questioning the what is the best answer when a girl ask why do you want my pictures?

You might think that asking a girl for a picture is a normal thing, but girls may feel and start to question on why do guys always want you to send a picture? To help you with that, here are some answer you can use.

1. I Want To Get To Know You Better And It Isn't Wrong

Be honest, tell her what you want to say. You want to ask her picture because you want to get to know her better and it isn't wrong to actually know your interlocutors better.

On top of that, to ask someone's picture also shows that you are concern and being serious about your interlocutor. So, what is so wrong about that? Unless she is that type of person who is just looking for some fun then she doesn't worth your time.

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2. I'm Sorry If You Don't Feel Comfortable With It

i'm sorry if you don't feel comfortable with it

Say sorry and be like a gentleman and sounds like one. Once you feel like she is expressing doubt then you know when to stop it. If you really like the girl then you might want to  send these comforting messages for a friend who is sad.

She can be sad or feel disappointed by you because everything just went to fast for her. So in order to keep her around, you need to comfort her and make sure that you don't force her too hard.

3. Make It Clear That You Are Not Asking For A Nude

Some girls or most girls can be very skeptical when it comes a guy who is asking her picture. They might feel discomfort and think that every guy will ask for a nude picture. So, to make it clear to her, you need to tell her that you are not asking for a nude.

Steps On How To Ask A Photo To A Girl

Knowing that you are still questioning what is the best answer when a girl ask why do you want my pictures, shows that you find it hard to ask for a picture from girls.

What you need to know aside from knowing how to answer such question is to know the best approach. Here are some steps that you can try.

4. Make Her Feel Comfortable By Having A Conversation

You can't directly ask her for a picture when you just knew her and decided to text her. You need to make sure that she is comfortable in having a conversation with you.

Comfort is the key, to make sure that she trusts you. This is the most important thing for you to remember aside from knowing how to impress a girl in chat conversation.

5. Wait For Her Response And See Whether She Is Comfortable

wait for her response and see whether she is comfortable

There are some people who just can't wait for anything including someone's response to a text message. You don't want to be seen as a creep who just can't wait for her response. So, to avoid that kind of impression, it's better for you to just wait for her response and try not to look desperate in wanting her picture.

Knowing the tips to keep a conversation going with a girl also important to make sure that she is attracted to you and keep engaging with you. Because I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people who will just disappear during a text conversation.

6. Ask Her Picture Politely

It is normal to ask someone's picture especially when you already knew her or talked to her for a while. Asking someone's picture is not a sign that we are a creep, but it is human nature to be curious on things that we don't know.

And wanting to know our interlocutors photo to know that person is not a bad thing. Try to know the sweet things to say to a girl that’s not cheesy also a good thing to know, just to make sure that you won't go over react to her and scare her.

So aside from knowing what is the best answer when a girl ask why do you want my pictures, you will also need to know the proper way to approach her and ask her picture.

Just keep it in mind not to be a creep and put your shoes on hers, imagine that you will be her and think whether you will trust yourself with the way you are approaching her or not.

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