Signs Of A Girl That Likes You So Much But Won't Say

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God creates a girl as the most beautiful creature to make your world even more beautiful than ever. And the girl become exceptionally more beautiful when they are falling in love. The flowers bloom along as she walked in and everywhere she goes luck is always follow them along.

And a girl who is liking a guy will show the signs everywhere even when she doesn't intended to. The signs is often obvious to other people but the guy we talked about is the one who doesn't get it all along. Here come some help for the guys who are not tactful enough to notice the signs a girl shows that she like him. Read the list carefully. You may find one of them from a girl recently. Let's check the signs of a girl that likes you:

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1. She Loves Spending Time To Talk To You

When a girl fall in love, she would like to spend her whole time to be with him and will never get enough of it. And she will stealing time to talk to you! She want to know about you more and more and she would engage in the conversation with you as long as possible. Every little detail is important to her.

2. She Likes To Laugh With You

she likes to laugh with you

People in love is usually nervous when she is with the guy she likes. The cure to push away all those nervousness is a laugh. Not an awkward giggles, but a real belly laughs. Things would get better for both of you if you are laughing together. Who knows it can get you two closer!

3. But She Is Afraid To Meet Your Eyes

Eyes is the mirror of our heart, and everything is crystal clear in there. So does when you fall in love. It's like every person she sees know what is going on inside her heart. That is why a girl who is liking a guy will try their best not to meet him in the eyes. She is afraid to get caught while her pupils is dilated with love.

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4. She Plays With Her Hair All The Times

A girl who likes you will absentmindedly (or intentionally) touch her hair a lot when she is around. It could mean so many things: she probably fixing her hair to look prettier in front of you; she is just playing with it out of nervousness; she wants to catch your attention. This trick was old but really gold. Even up to this day, girls still doing this when she likes a guy.

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5. She Faces Her Body To You

she faces her body to you

If you want to know whether a girl likes you or not, observe her body language carefully. Especially when she is talking with you. Read these signs carefully: Her body is facing when you talk to her, she slightly leans her body towards you, she push her chest out (but not in a seductive way), and even her toes are facing you. Then you can come to one conclusion: she drive all her attention to you.

6. She Always Seeks For Your Presence

Suddenly you find this one particular girl is always in your sight no matter wherever you go. She never forget to leave a smile, as if telling you that she was there. Some guys maybe get annoyed because of this, but the girl is just can't help herself! She had you in her mind all the time and she has no other choice but to come and find way. That way she will get a good sleep at night.

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7. She Accidentally (But Actually, intentionally) Touch You

Well, well. A girl will tells you physically if she likes you. Not so much touch, but something that would seem accidental to you. Let's say that you walk with her together and suddenly she (intentionally) tripped and almost fall. And you will have no other choice but to help her, right?

8. She Is Throwing Smiles Everywhere

A girl who is falling in love or liking a guy will send the shine everywhere. She looks happy all the time as if nothing bad could happened to her. Her heart was so overwhelmed as she feel the joy all the times. And it resulted to one thing: she is smiling a lot. She looks like the happiest person on earth, especially when you are around.

9. She Talks In A Higher Tone

A girl sometimes can't contain her feeling and it will give an outcome that she herself can't even predict. It may be because she is nervous, or it's just the way she flirts with you. Making a high, childish voice tone that will make her sound attractive. But some guys find this annoying and... fake. Uh oh

10. She Uses The Word "We" The Whole Time

she uses the word "we" the whole time

Words could mean a thousand meaning. A simple replacement on a word with another can turn the meaning wholly. The first hint that a girl like you is when she start to use the word "us". It creates a sense of belonging between you and her. By the word "we" and "us" it would give an impression that you both are taking the same path and heading to the same goals. And... she is seeing the future with you.

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11. She Doesn't Like When You Talk To Other Girl

The ultimate signs of a girl that likes a guy: sense of jealousy. She clearly doesn't like it when you talk to other girl. She is afraid that you might like the girl instead of her. She wants your attention only for her.

12. Her Friends Suddenly Got Friendly With You

You walk casually through the hallway as usual, and then a bunch of girls you never knew before is calling your name and say hello to you. Quite strange, right? But they are not strange girls that have been spying on you. They are "her" friends! Someone that is constantly appear in your sight recently. Who would know better other than her friends!

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More Signs That Shows A Girl Wants You

more signs that shows a girl wants you

Beside of those major signs that when girl like you, you also have to notice every little signs that the girl is showing. It is so obvious that you can notice it right away. Here are more signs of a girl that likes you so much:

  1. She laughs even at your poor jokes
  2. She responds to every little things you say, even when it unnecessary
  3. She licks her lips
  4. Her friends is giving you clues that she likes you
  5. She lingers around you
  6. She starts doing your hobbies (so you share a common interest)
  7. You bump into her a lot (because she means it)
  8. She lefts her conversation she had with her friends to talk to you
  9. She gives you hint that she likes you (she might say that you are her ideal type)
  10. She shares her stories with you
  11. She follows your social media account
  12. She likes all of your posts, even the very old one
  13. She texts and calls you frequently
  14. She runs her fingers through her hair
  15. She is flipping back her hair a lot
  16. She plays her lock between her fingers
  17. She tilts her head to the side when she talks to you
  18. She runs her fingers across the lips
  19. She bits her bottom lips often
  20. She retouch up her lipstick all the time
  21. She always available to hangs out with you
  22. She is giving a hint that she will be free over the weekend
  23. She likes to stand close to you
  24. Her friends start to giggles whenever they see you
  25. Her friends suddenly stop talking when you come into the scene
  26. She got teased by her friends when you walk into them, she would be shy and say "Stop it!"

Well, after knowing the signs of a girl that likes you, now let's check out what guys should do to reply it:

How A Guy Should React To A Girl Who Likes Him

how a guy should react to a girl who likes him

However, there are many signs of a girl that likes you and if you found one, do this tips to react to her.

If You Like Her Back

  1. Ask her more questions to show that you are interested
  2. Talk about things she likes (music, books, movies, or the sport team she is in)
  3. Throw a compliment to her
  4. Make an eye contact with her
  5. Communicate through the social media
  6. Text and call her frequently, but not too often

If You Dislike Her

  1. Do not respond to her too much, this will give her a false hope
  2. Give her hints that you don't like her
  3. Tell her that you are busy every time she asks you to hang out
  4. Tell her about the other girl you like
  5. Refuse her body contacts

So those are the signs of a girl that likes you. If you are not sensitive enough to feel or see it, you will may start to after you read these articles. And if a you find many of these signs from a girl that you like, waste no time to say that you like her back.

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