When She Says I've Never Done This Before, What She Really Means?

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by Michelle Devani

When a girl says I’ve never done this before, it actually has one meaning but different contexts.

Here is the meaning based on different contexts of when she says I've never done this before:



In a relationship, couples tend to hold hands, kissing which is great and all. But what happens when your significant other wants more than just that. Imagine this couple had been to gather for a while and finally, the guy said its time they bring this relationship to the next level.

Probably many would think, marriage, on the contrary, it's actually sexually. If your partner asks you to sleep with him. How would you respond? Most would say this statement “I’ve never done this before”. what does this sentence mean? Its means as it's written, I’m afraid to do it but I’m willing to give it a try.

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Well there you have it, but why would a girl say it? There are some factors as to why this statement is brought out:

1. Love Is Blind

There is a saying “Love is Blind” a person who is in love can see no wrong in the person whom she loves. At this rate, she can’t really tell from wrong to right. Her conscience mind has convinced her that this is the man she wants to be with.

2. Sexual Desire

Basically, it is a state where a person seeks out or engage in sexual activities. This happens based on a person’s sexuality which can vary from one person to another depending on the situation at a particular time.

The time would be when the partner convinces the girl to have intercourse with him.

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The second is a career When deciding on a career path there are certain things we need to consider. For example, does the job excite us or will it help us to develop our skills and many more? But what if you got a job that is beyond your expectation, you might tell your coordinators “I’ve never done this before”.

In this context, the meaning behind the sentence is that I have no knowledge of this task but I will try to master it. It is similar in meaning expect that this is regarding skills.

1. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Being honest is possibly the best option when you are uncertain with a specific task, Otherwise, it might affect your work. From a girl’s point of view, not many would use this expression. Plenty of girls are quite shy when speaking out their mind. Then again, it's best to say something when your not sure of certain things.

The truth behind this statement in this context is that though I have little knowledge of this specific work ill do my best. It's actually a nice sentence because it shows that you are willing to put in an extra effort on a job and not just give up on it.

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2. Drawbacks

The negative point of this sentence is that it could cause problems for not only the receiver but also speaker. By this I mean, the speaker which is the girl if she has no intention on doing things with her significant other. she could easily just say no or simply refuse altogether.

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