What Happens When You Ignore A Gemini Woman

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Here we go again in the LoveDevani.com, #1 all about love from Devani site. If LoveDevani.com has discussed some articles like how to make a guy fall in love with you through chatting, reasons why you should marry a seaman, and reasons why you should always make love with your partner in the morning, in this occasion, LoveDevani.com will talk about characteristics of Gemini woman.

Communication is one of the most important aspect in human life and communication is needed to keep a relationship alive, whether it is a relationship between lover, friends, or family. And it is important to communicate every problem rather than ignore it, or worse ignore someone and give them silent treatment. It will only hurt people rather than solve the problem. And someone is not always get hurt by physical violence, but also from emotional. There are many cases where people get hurt when they are ignored by someone.

No one wants to be ignored and receive a cold shoulder from people around them. The damage caused by a cold shoulder is not as shallow as people think. The damage can be quite deep, especially if the silent treatment is given by someone close to them. The damage will be bigger if someone who gets ignore is emotional. Gemini woman is affectionate and gentle woman. Gemini woman is also an emotional woman that has deep emotions. Therefore, when they get hurt, they get hurt deeply. And for a Gemini woman who uses emotion often, they can get hurt from a cold shoulder easily. So what happens when you ignore a Gemini woman? Then, here are some things that will happen if you ignore Gemini woman:


1. Gemini Woman Will Give You A Space

gemini woman will give you a space

When you ignore a Gemini woman, the first thing that they will do is giving you a space. Gemini woman know when to go and when to stop. They realize that they have to give you some space so you can clear your mind first. Besides that, she will also need some space to think about her fault. When both of you are ready, it will be better to meet face to face and discuss about it. Remember, if there are any problem, talk about with, because the problem will not be solved by itself.

2. Gemini Woman Will Ignore You Back

However, if you keep ignoring Gemini woman without telling them what did they do wrong, they will think about the reason why you ignore her all the time. They will get hurt because of cold shoulder that you give to them. They will try to contact you to find out the reason, but if you still ignore them, they will ignore you back, because chasing after someone who only ignore you will not bear any good fruit. Besides that, by ignoring someone, you do not solve any problem that happens between you and her. Ignoring her will only looks like as if you want to run away from your trouble.

If you are in relationship with Gemini Woman, you better know that they're the best lover because according to a research, there are 25 Reasons Why Geminis are The Best Lover. Gemini is also an open minded lover, so rather than ignoring her when you have a problem, it is better to talk about your problem together. Time-out to cool your mind is okay, but cooling your mind and ignoring her is at a different side of coin.

3. She Will Be Mad At You

No matter how happy and bright Gemini woman is, but being ignored by someone without knowing a reason why will be quite frustrating to her. After you and her are ignoring each other, it will lead to her getting mad at you. Guessing blindly and trying to find a reason why you ignore her will not help her at all. It will only lead to another problem because of lack of communication between you and her. Guessing without knowing any hint will also get her more frustrated than before. When you keep ignore Gemini woman , she will get mad and cause a rift in your relationship with her.

4. Your Relationship With Gemini Woman Becomes Distant

your relationship with gemini woman becomes distant

If you keep ignoring her, it will lead to her giving up on you and if you are in relationship with her, she will decide that your relationship with her is no longer alive. At first Gemini woman may wonder What to Do When My Ex-Boyfriend is Ignoring Me but I Want Him Back. However, as time goes by, a Gemini woman with her happy and bright personality, will try to let go. And she will even try to keep being your friend, even though it is not easy for her to forgive and forget about what happen in your relationship between you and her in the past. However,  there is one thing you have to remember. She may try to be your friend, but it does not mean that your relationship with her is not affected at all. She will keep distance between you and her. If you want her to be close to you again, then it will be hard and tricky but don't worry because there are 15 Unpredictable Ways to Get a Gemini's Attention.

When she cannot give any attention to you anymore, do not regret it, because that what will happen if you ignore Gemini Woman. Therefore, before you have any regret, talk to her and do not give her silent treatment without any good and rational reason.

And that’s the article entitled “What Happens When You Ignore a Gemini Woman” By knowing these kind of things, surely, you will understand more about your Gemini woman.

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