You Must Know Things You Should Never Say to Your Girlfriend on Her Period

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No woman would ever love having their period coming every once a month. It is completely suck. From the mood swing that seemed to be last forever to the heavy flow which cause every move uncomfortable. The pain is just hard to explain and things are worse since she doesn't know what could make her feel better. At times chocolate will do but the other time she feels like chocolate would make you look fatter.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Girlfriend on Her Period

While having period is hard for girls, one person would have it harder than her: her boyfriend. As if he hasn't always wrong, having your girlfriend in her period is more that scary. For the whole thing that might happen, at least you must know all the things you should never say to your girlfriend on her period. This will save you for the whole week.

1. "Are You on Period?"

Whatever answer she gives you, one thing for sure: you're in trouble. No need to ask whether she's having it or not. You will find it eventually.

2. "Is the Cramps That Bad?"

Sure you want to have a go with the pain? Since it's nothing you can would understand, be sympathetic instead of skeptic. Every woman has it differently so that when your mom never complain of having cramps, doesn't mean she has it easy too.

3. "Are You Crying? Why?"

The hormones take over when she is on her period. Sometimes she wants to laugh her heart off the other time she wants to cry a river. Nothing is wrong with her, just offer your utmost support to calm her down. It's not like she has reasons to cry after all.

4. "You Sure You Can Eat All of That?"

Food is one thing that could calm their hormones down. When she seems like she eats endlessly, be cool with that. Never ask anything about it ever. Her appetites multiplied two times during period which means she eats more than she can usually take.

5. "You Look Fat"

Whether she is on her period or not, this kind of thing is the last thing she wants to hear from anyone. Anyone. Not just you. Show some consideration by understanding her craving when she's on period. This is the time where she eats without thinking about being fat, and saying those things only make her think you have the signs of a bad boyfriend material.

6. "So This is the Reason..."

Don't make her period as an adjustment for anything. As if it deserve the blame. It gonna pissed her more, hearing you say that all the silly things she's doing is because she's on her period. She also knows it's true but she doesn't like the way you make it clear.

7. "I Think You've Just Had It."

Try to say that to her and the first things you'll see are the Signs That Your Girlfriend is Not Happy with You. It's not she has it all the time and the fact it is not. Women's period hasn't always come exactly every 30 days so when she seems to have it all the time, just keep it for yourself.

8. "Are You Mad at Me?"

Asking is she mad is like asking why did she cry. Both do nothing better for you. Not any Things to Do When You and Your Boyfriend are Fighting come into her mind since you make her really mad. Once these words let slip out of mouth, there are no way to escape for you. You might as well trapped inside the ring of fire.

9. "Tell Me When It's Over."

You think waiting for her period to be over seems to be the best solution and you're wrong. The best signs of boyfriend material is for you to be with her through her mood swings. Being in a period isn't like mentally ill. Don't treat her as if she can't have any serious convo.

Things You Can Do for Her

  • Keep Up with Her Behavior

Don't make her period as judgement for her behavior. Even though it's right in some ways, you shouldn't be so blatant about it. Just keep up with her behavior and enjoy it. It will be over before you know it. It is the best Ways to Love Yourself and be Happy with the World.

  • Fulfill All Her Cravings

This is the rare time when she doesn't care about weight at all. She has so many cravings that her usual self will be scared of. Whatever she wants to eat, even though you are not sure she can eat them all, fulfill it. It's better than listening to her nagging.

  • Be Patient with Her

She will sound irrational and behave ridiculously during that time. Just be patient. As long as she do nothing abusive, you should just keep up with it. It's her hormones doing, not really her. The more you see her behave, the more you think that it's actually cute.

  • Let Her Do Whatever She Wants to Do

Treat her like a princess and let her do whatever she wants to. Thinks yourself as her servants. It might be hard when you do it but once her period over, she will love you more than ever.

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Having your girls on her period will not turn into disaster once you know all the things you should never say to your girlfriend on her period. As long as you can keep up with her, things will be better. When her period is over you can discuss anything you have been keeping for her sake. Remember that she acted based on her impulse, because of the pain you will never know for the rest of your life.

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