What Should You Do If Your Girlfriend Compares You With Her Ex?

Last updated on June 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You have a new girlfriend, however, she always compares you to her ex. So, what should you do if your girlfriend compares you with your ex? We know, it is been so annoying and makes you mad. But, you should do this, if she compares you to her ex. Some reasons below here will open your minds up. Let's check these out and you must do these ways.


1. She Still Remembers Her Ex

Verily, she just broke up with her ex a few weeks ago. She wants to forget the ex. But, it seems she still does not forget her ex enough. She still remembers her ex.

2. Unforgettable Moment

unforgettable moment

There was an unforgettable moment that she will not forget. She keeps that memorize in her mind. You as the new boyfriend maybe did not know about this. How is the big that unforgettable moment for her?

3. She Can Not Move On

In her mind and soul, she wants to forget her ex. But she can't. However, it is so difficult to tell that she doesn't want to be her ex-friends anymore.

4. She Was Run Away

Her ex-has a new girlfriend, so your girlfriend thinks to find a new boyfriend quickly. She does this just to run away. She thinks has a new boyfriend can treat her jealousy, but the truth is not.

5. She Still Not Accept You As Her Boyfriend

As her boyfriend, you do as she wants. You do as the real man, you serve her well, you give some gifts to her and you do everything to her for the sake of making her happy. Unfortunately, all that you do is useless. She still does not accept you as her boyfriend.

6. She Hurts Your Feeling

She always hurts your feeling with compares you to her ex. You feel it is not fair, it is useless. You know what, she wants to find out the way how to get her ex-boyfriend back.

7. She Is Being Pessimism

In fact, day by day as she belongs to you she is being a pessimistic girl. She thinks every man is the same, every man is bad. Just her ex is the best boyfriend for her.

8. This Relationship Will Be End Soon

If she always compares you to her ex, this is the big reason your relationship will end (quickly). You, as a man you do better than her ex. But, your girlfriend still does not accept it. What is your decision? Leave her or stay? 

Signs Of Your Girlfriend That She Still Remembers Her Ex

signs of your girlfriend that she still remembers her ex

Do you feel that your girlfriend still loves her ex? What are the signs that she still remembers her ex? Or maybe she still loves her ex? The below signs will help you to finds out. Please read these carefully.

1. She Talks Lots About The Past Memories

Every time you talk to her, she always talks about her memories. It seems the memory was unforgettable. This sign shows that she still loves him so much.

2. Always Talk About Him

You treat her lunch in a fast-food restaurant. But, it seems she does not like it. Then, she talks about him again (her ex), "Bryan (her ex's name) always cooks my favorite food and it tastes so delicious."

3. Often Praises Him In Front Of You

It is time to break, and as usual, she often praises him in front of you. She says that her ex really bests ever a chef that she knows.

4. Compares You With Her Ex

Every time you treat her well or do something better than her ex. She always compares you with the ex. She says that you are not better enough.

5. She Still Meets Her Ex

Every day she works with her ex. It seems both your girlfriend and her ex-have an intimate relationship. Is your girlfriend pregnant with his baby? No one knows about this.

6. There Is No Right Of You

You have no right in front of her. All that you do is wrong. Do you know why? She still loves her ex so much.

7. She Still Has The Old Things

You go to her house, while you sit on her sofa in the living room. In here you see a portrait of her and it has been painted by her ex. In here, she says she will not removes that picture until her ex-boyfriend gets her girlfriend stuff back. Your girlfriend did not know how to ask about her stuff back.

8. She Wants To Go To The Unforgettable Places

You invite her to spend this weekend to go to the beach. However, she wants to go to another place. Its place is an unforgettable moment for her. She says this place was lots of meaning to her.

9. She Is Angry

she is angry

You talk to her if her ex is a bad guy. You warn her to be more careful. However, she is not listening to you. She is angry, she believes that her ex is a nice guy. That's what should you do if your girlfriend compares you with her ex.

10. She Still Misses Him

You read the status that she types on her social media. It seems it is not for you, it is for her ex. She still needs and misses him so much. 

Tips To Face Your Girlfriend While She Compares You With Her Ex

It is not easy to control yourself while she always compares you to her ex. As a real man, being mad is not the right way to solve this problem. Below here are the tips, what should you do if your girlfriend compares you to her ex? Let's check the following here.

1. Cool Down Yourself

First, colling down yourself. Do not allow your emotion. Please to deep breathy and exhales it. This way can avoid you from your emotion that it can eat you.

2. Talk With A Heart To Heart

Talk with a heart to heart to your girlfriend. You may ask her, what is special about her ex? Talk it openly, in this way you may know what is the real reasons. Why your girlfriend does not forget him enough.

3. Do Not Judge Her

At this time, please do not judge her. If your girlfriend really needs her time. Gives your girlfriend her time. Maybe this is the best solution to clear her mind and soul.

4. Give The Solution

give the solution

It will be good if you can give the best solution for her. Say to your girlfriend that a new relationship is beginning. Life is must go on and do not go back. You may give some tips to your girlfriend on how to stop texting him.

5. Show That You Better Than Her Ex

You can show her, you are the over best of her ex. Shows up your skill that makes her sure about you. Learn something new skill like plays a guitar or cooks.

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6. Prove It

Her ex-was always broke his promise. So, you as her boyfriend do not do these same things. Prove your promise. Then, she will trust you and loves you.

7. Open Her Mind

Open her minds, you can be the prince charming that she wants. You will not do the bad things as her ex-did. Once again, just proves it.

Hopefully, the above tips may help you while you face your girlfriend. So, what should you do if your girlfriend compares you with her ex? You just get to know how is your girlfriend's heart. What is the reason? Just try to talk heart to heart. It will be useful.

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