What to Do When A Sagittarius Woman Ignores You – Avoid Doing These Things!

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Your Sagittarius woman begins to ignore you for no reason. There’s no explanation from her at all.

What to Do When a Sagittarius Woman Ignores You

You really want her to start talking with you again. Check out these things that will help you:

1. Send Cute Texts

This is one of the best things on what to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you for the whole day. Keep sending her cute texts. Soften up her heart so she’ll respond you.

2. Say You’re Really Sorry

Even if you’re not sure what you did wrong, say you’re sorry. It might make the Sagittarius think twice about her silence.

She’d feel bad for ignoring you. This is also What to Do When An Aries Woman Ignores You All of Sudden.

3. Send Funny Videos

Next up on what to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you is to send funny videos. A Sagittarius woman loves to laugh. Get her to smile and she’ll start talking.

4. Keep Trying to Call Her

You can try to call the Sagittarius woman. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t pick up.

It’s the effort that counts. She’ll look at the missed calls and start missing you.

5. Order Some Food to Her Place

Ordering food is what to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you right now. Make sure it’s her favorite. This will make her happy and push her to get in touch with you again.

6. Wait for Her to Reach Out

Most of the time, a Sagittarius ignores you because she needs space. There might be a lot going on in her life and she needs to think clearly.

You might not be the main reason why she’s ignoring you. Wait for her to reach out to you. Also know the reasons Why Would An Aries Girl Ignores You  as it could apply to the Sagittarius woman.

7. Pay Attention to Her Social Media

Next thing on what to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you is related to social media. Is she active there?

Just check. Your Sagittarius woman might be posting something.

8. Come Over to Her Place

If it’s really necessary, come over to her place. This will force her to stop ignoring you.

Be careful though as that might annoy her even more. So try to be gentle in your approach when you do meet her.

9. Ask What’s Wrong

Directly asking her is what to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you for far too long. Get her to tell you what’s wrong.

It’s not fair on you and she needs to know that. This could get her to start opening up to you. This is also how to get your Reasons Why Pisces Woman Ignores You.

10. Be Patient

Above all, remember to be patient. Dealing with a Sagittarius woman in this kind of situation can be so unbearable. If you truly love her, you won’t give up.

Avoid Doing These Things When a Sagittarius Ignores You

Part of what to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you is knowing what to avoid. These are some things that you should not do when she ignores you:

1. Pick Fights

Emotions could run high when the woman you love treats you like this. You might be tempted to pick fights. But don’t.

That’s why being patient is so important. Also get to know What Does It Mean When a Taurus Woman Ignores You All Sudden.

2. Being Too Demanding

Avoid this when you’re figuring out what to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you. Being too demanding is a turn off for the Sagittarius woman.

It puts a lot of pressure on her. She’ll see that you just care about your needs.

3. Ignore Her Back

Ignoring the Sagittarius woman back is not the right way to go. It just adds fuel to the flame.

She won’t talk to you for a long time if you do this. The same applies to when you’re thinking Should I Ignore A Leo Man to Get His Full Attention?

4. Act Like You Don’t Care

Another thing to stay away from what to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you is acting like you don’t care. That’s not how you get her to talk. That will only convince the Sagittarius woman to stay away from you.

5. Point Out Her Flaws

Never ever point out her flaws in this situation. It’s not the right time to do it. She’ll start to dislike you and end the relationship.

Now you have some ideas on what to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you this time. Remember the things to avoid unless you want her to leave you forever.