27 Signs She Is No Longer Interested In You (No. 6 Hurts)

by Michelle Devani

Has a woman you were interested in dating suddenly turned cold?

Do you get the feeling she’s no longer interested in you? Perhaps you’re unsure? 

After all, a lot of women like to play silly mind games with the men they’re dating. Maybe she’s playing ‘hard to get’?

Hopefully, this guide makes the situation clearer for you. It features 27 clearcut signs that women show when they are no longer interested in a man. The more signs a woman shows to you, the more reason you have to suspect it’s over.  

I would also like to start this guide with a bonus tip. It’s somewhat controversial, but it’s also the easiest way to find whether a woman remains interested in you. 

My bonus tip is to download this communications tracker tool.

This tool can connect with a woman’s personal devices and produce a backlog of data regarding her recent communications.

In this database of information, you’ll learn:

  • who she’s calling or texting the most (is there another man on the scene?)
  • what smartphone apps has she downloaded (is she still using dating apps?) 
  • what other contact details has she registered?
  • on what websites has she created an account?   

That’s just the tip of the iceberg too. If there is a particular reason she has turned cold on you, this tool is likely to reveal it.

You only need to know her most basic contact details to get started, and the tool is 100% discreet. That means there’s no way for her to find out she’s being tracked.

It’s a quick and easy tool to use - but if you don’t like this idea - you can use the following list of behavioral clues that this woman doesn’t like you anymore.

Signs Your Girlfriend Is No Longer Interested In You

When people are in love, they wish that they will forever be with their lovers. They wish that the love between them will never fade away and the feelings they have will stay the same as the first time they fell in love. It's beautiful to find a love like that. But, in the way of looking for true love, we will never know what the future brings. People change. So does the feelings. She loves you now, but who knows if she will tomorrow. Sometimes it's difficult to tell someone's true feeling toward us. It can be different what's in the tongue and within the heart.

It's necessary to open our eyes mind to see if someone is showing different behavior due to the change of the heart. You may think that she will always love you as she did yesterday. But, there's no guarantee that feelings can stay the same. Somehow, the heart wants what it wants.

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If you are wondering if your girl is still interested in you or not, you should take a look at these signs she is no longer interested in you. You should recognize these clues and don't be fooled by the situation that seems normal when it's not. You must know that the love she has for you may be temporary and it's the time to figure it all out.

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1. It takes her so long to reply your messages

While you and her don't catch up, you send her messages to know what she's up to. She takes longer than usual to finally reply your messages. You've been waiting for her to tell you how she was, but she doesn't seem to feel the urge to give you the appropriate response. Seems like, she doesn't care about how long you've been waiting for her.

2. She's always on her phone

Whenever you two are together for watching movies, having lunches, or hanging out somewhere, she always has her attention to her phone. Seems like, she has a better time with her phone than you. Whether she's been texting, scrolling through her social media, looking at her gallery, or just flipping the phone, she always has her phone in her hand.

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3. She can't keep the promise she made

The common thing lovers do is making a promise. It can be a promise to love each other forever, stay together whatever the odds, or any other hopeful promises. There's a time when you remind your girl about the promises she made, but she says things have changed and she can't remember that she ever made a promise.

4. She doesn't notice your change

People change whether they do it intentionally or not and whether the change is to be better or worse. There's a change in you but she acts like nothing has changed. It takes some more time for her to realize that you cut your hair or shave your beard. What happens to you is not even her concerns.

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5. She's okay when you're too busy

It's been a busy week for you cause you have some stuff to do and you barely have time for her. You're really sorry for being so busy and leave her. Instead of being mad, she says it's okay that you are doing your stuff. It's not like she understands your business, but more likely she's okay if you're not around. Why is that so? It's because she's not interested in you anymore.

6. She barely says 'I Love You' to you

Although people often say that the word 'I Love You' doesn't prove the love, it's still believed that those 3 words can impact on someone's day. If it's no longer a habit to say 'I Love You' to end a call or before leaving, there's a chance that she has her feeling changed.

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7. She doesn't recall the special moments between the two of you

You and her have been through a lot. There are many sweet moments between the two of you that were never enough to talk about and memorize. But lately, when you bring up a special moment between you and her, she admits that she doesn't recall. Thus, you may find out the signs she is no longer interested in you.

8. She doesn't call you

she doesn't call you

At the time you two are apart, she barely calls you to know how you are doing. She doesn't make a call you unless you start the call. The call doesn't last long and she sounds a bit like she wants the call to be over soon.

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9. She gets bored easily

It's such a hard thing to find a quality time between the two of you. Whenever you guys are alone together, you can see that she's bored. She can't seem to enjoy the time you and her spend together. Moreover, she looks uncomfortable around you.

10. She doesn't include you in her plan

People in love wish to have their partner for the present and the future. As you ask her about her plan for the future, you can't seem to find where you're gonna be in her future image. She has no idea if there's a possibility that you two are gonna be in the same place.

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11. She seems to start an argument

Whenever you two have a conversation that leads to a conflict, she doesn't try to find a way to make it up. She even starts arguing and pulling another problem. Seems like, she looks for a reason to support her hesitation for being with you.

12.  She doesn't respect you

She doesn't let you tell her what to do. Sometimes it's better if you don't know where she's going. She doesn't see as you as the one she has to respect.

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13. She barely comes to your place

Besides the fact that you and her barely have time to catch up, she also barely comes to your place and does the things she likes with you. It seems like she has another place to call home. Sadly, it's not you.

14. She doesn't get jealous

You're out with her and you meet your ex in the street. Your ex talks about the moments when you and your ex were still dating, but your girl doesn't seem to be jealous.

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15. She makes you jealous

She doesn't get jealous but she makes you jealous instead. There's a time when she sees somebody else and you can catch her being close to that person.

16. She doesn't look you in the eyes like before

If you really love her, you must be able to tell that she has changed. You can see it her eyes that she doesn't look at you the same way anymore. Words can lie, but eyes' can't.

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17. She forgets the things about you

There's a lot of details about you that she misses out. She forgets the simple things that she used to care, like your favorite songs, your shoe's size, your best friend's name, and any other.

18. She doesn't need you to take her home

She thinks it's better if she does it herself the things she can do alone. When you're about to take her home after the dinner, she refuses.

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19. She changes her mind without any reason

She agrees to come with you to an event. Suddenly, she changes her mind and decided to not come. She doesn't give any reasons that make sense.

20. She changes the topic when you talk about getting more serious in relationship

It's normal when people in love are having a dream about starting a family and spending lives together until the deaths do them part.

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21. She doesn't do something to impress you

She doesn't try to make you impressed by the way she looks, dress, or act. Seems like, she has no urge to please you.

22. She goes out with her friends more often

she goes out with her friends more often

It's a weekend but she's got a plan to hang out with her friends. The time she goes out with her friends becomes more often than usual. You hardly succeed to convince her to stay with you. She makes it easy for her to just go on her way.

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23. She's not mad when you make a mistake

She's no longer losing her temper for the mistake you do. It's not like she becomes more patient, but she doesn't have the urge to correct your mistake. It's no longer her business whatever you do. Whether you do right or wrong, it has nothing specific for her.

24. She's not sorry when she makes a mistake

When it's her turn to make a mistake, she doesn't seem to regret it. She doesn't care about how you feel about it.

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25. She says she's fine although something isn't right

She acts like everything is fine when there is actually something wrong with your relationship. You can see that she doesn't want to find a way to make up the mess. She prefers to let it all go unsolved.

26. She seems happier when she's not with you

Her friends say she's having fun while you're not around. They tell you the crazy things she does that she never does with you. That's when you know that she's happier without you.

27. You can't make her happy anymore

Now everything feels empty. You can't find a way to make her happy like you used to. Whatever you do to please her only goes to waste.

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Those are signs she is no longer interested in you that will help you find out if she has already felt different about her feelings for you. You know it's really hard to understand girls' language since they barely show it clearly. But, these signs can't lie. You should realize that something's changing and you can't stay like that forever. If the girl really is no longer interested in having a relationship with you, you will better let her go. There's no use keep the one-sided love. It's not healthy at all.

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