What Does It Mean When You See Signs of Your Ex Everywhere? (19 Possible Meanings)

Last updated on June 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you being reminded of your ex all the time?

Are there tons of seemingly random things bringing back memories of him as you go about your day-to-day life, even though you've been broken up for a while now?

Are you wondering what this means?

Some people see it as a sign that they should give their ex another chance, but it's not always as simple as that.

That's why I wrote this article to help you out. It included the detailed truth about what it's likely to mean if you see signs of your ex everywhere.

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Are You Seeing Signs of Your Ex?

So, you and your last partner have broken up? Why do you keep thinking about him or her? What does it mean when you see signs of your ex everywhere you go? Is it a sign the two of you should be back together, or is it just a coincidence? Is it the universe telling you something, or are you just feeling lonely and missing your ex?

You go to your local coffee shop, and the server has the same name as your ex. You can’t quite get the good memories of your relationship out of your mind. You want to find happiness in a new relationship, but you wonder if the old saying is true: You only get one love per lifetime? It makes sense! You just need someone to point you in the right direction! 

If you see signs of your ex everywhere, the funny thing is that you are not going crazy. This could all be happening for a reason. If you see signs you should get back together, you can either ignore them or listen to the universe and look back at your past. What will it be? My hope is this article will help you sort through the signs of your ex that you are seeing everywhere!

Possible Reasons You See Signs of Your Ex Everywhere

It is normal to see signs of your ex, especially if the two of you just went through a breakup. If you recently had to break up with someone, you may have them in your head! Life revolves around our experiences, so it is completely normal to think about the last relationship you had. If the signs have shown you that the two of you should be together once again, think about it.

Make sure you are ready to trust your brain and listen to the signs that the universe is telling you. If you know that the signs aresilly and coincidental, you should trust yourself and not listen to what the universe is saying. Relationships end for many reasons, and it is normal to see signs of your ex after the end of a relationship, especially if this was recent.

If you have a gut feeling that your mind and emotions are playing tricks on you, you can ignore the signs and continue on your road to relationship recovery! Make sure you analyze the reasons the two of you ended the relationship before contacting your ex because you saw a sign and thought the two of you should talk! Don’t only trust one feeling; be smart about it!

1. You have been dreaming of your ex

If you have had dreams about your ex recently, you may see a sign or two that reminds you of them. This is normal, especially if the dreams were recent. You might dream that you and your ex were in a land far away on a romantic adventure. That does not mean that you must get back together with your ex. It was just a dream - a subconscious thing.

It is completely normal to have a dream about someone you have not seen in a long time. Dreams do not mean that the two of you should get back together or that he or she is thinking of you. They are just weird, which is why they happen when we are sleeping!! My hope is that you will let fate happen and not place too much stock in your sleep.

2. It is a normal part of a breakup

The end of relationships is never fun and can often result in hurt feelings and raw emotions being let out. You might say things or do things that are completely out of character. This does not mean that you need to take stock in every sign that you see that reminds you of your ex. Seeing things that remind you of past relationships is normal.

Our love life often shapes us and the way we see the world. We think about the people we were with and the things we did and said when we were with our exes. It is like a timeline of our lives, really, if you think about it. You may remember a certain memory because of the person you were with when you were there or did that thing.

If the signs of your ex are starting to affect your life in a negative way, it might be smart to avoid places or things that remind you of your ex. For example, if you were in a bowling league together, you might want to stop bowling for a couple of months and see if you can’t just get over your ex during that time. It is worth a shot, right?

3. They were a big part of your daily routine

Just like your memories and emotions are going to remind you of your ex, your daily routine is bound to bring up things from your past. If you and your ex always went for a morning run and then went to grab a coffee at your local coffee shop, you might remember him or her when you go running and grab a coffee. It’s completely normal.

4. You have been thinking of your ex a lot lately

If you have had a lot of thoughts of your ex on your mind lately, you may be trying to tell yourself something. For example, maybe you need to change part of your daily routine or give your ex a call on the phone. If you think about your ex a lot, you may not be over him or her. It may be time to accept that you need to work on yourself a little more.

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5. You miss your ex

It is very possible that all the signs are pointing in one direction: You just miss your ex. If you have been seeing signs of them everywhere you go, there is a good chance you wish the relationship was the way it used to be. Many people feel this way after a breakup; it’s hard to adjust to a new reality! It’s normal to want them back in your life!

6. It is a sign that you need to cut ties or take a break

Is it possible that the signs are telling you that it is time to take a break from your ex? If so, I would highly recommend ceasing all contact for about three months. After that, you can resume contact the way it is now, but take that time to develop new passions or interests. Make new friends and find new people to hang out with.

7. It is time for you to move on

Maybe it’s time for you to move on from this relationship altogether. A break may not be the answer for you if this person really broke your heart. You may need to cut all ties with them. Consider asking for your stuff back and returning their belongings to them. Use a third party if you need to, so you will not have to actually see your ex.

8. You are not over your ex

you are not over your ex

This is typically the most obvious answer. You may just not be over your ex yet. However, if you give it time, you may be able to see some resolve in this area of your life. Consider talking to a good friend or therapist about what you are going through to get an outside perspective about everything.

9. It is time for a change in your life

If you are always seeing things that remind you of your ex, you may need to make some changes in your life. Take up a new sport, hobby, or interest. Take a night class or develop a new passion. Find out why everyone loves gardening or decluttering so much!

10. Your ex was the last person you were in love with

Our minds often go back to the last person we were in love with. It is hard not to think about that person when your mind goes blank during the day. It has to fill your head with something, and that is what is handy to your brain. Consider developing a new hobby or interest to fill your mind up with something new.

11. It is all a coincidence

Too often, this is the case when we see signs of an ex. We are just seeing coincidences. That means that it is all happening because of chance. At some point in your life, you are likely to run into someone you once knew. Just like that, there are many chances that you will see something that reminds you of your last lover.

12. You were in love with your ex and are not over them

Love is a tough thing to get over. If you are still madly in love with your ex, it may be time to take stock of the situation. Do you need to talk something over with them? Were you meant to be together? Was the breakup rash? Why did the two of you end things?

13. You are still heartbroken

If you still have your heart broken over the situation, you may want to speak to a trained therapist about what you are going through. A good friend who is wise in the ways of love may also be able to give you some sound advice.

14. Something subconsciously reminded you of them

If something reminded you of your ex, you are likely to see other things that remind you of them throughout the day. Life is funny that way! When your mind gets one thing in your head, you are more likely to think about that thing a lot - for the rest of the day! So, try thinking about other things if you want to change the way your mind is working!

15. You have been lonely lately

It is completely normal to feel lonely after a breakup. You may wish things hadn’t ended and regret the way things turned out. Find a close friend to hang out with. Play board games, gossip over the latest celebrity news, or watch a funny romantic comedy!

16. You are still healing from the breakup

you are still healing from the breakup

If you are still in a lot of pain, you may be still in the healing process of the breakup. The best thing you can do is to swallow the pain and work through it. Ignoring it won’t help matters at all. You need to face it head-on.

17. You are feeling guilty over the breakup

If you cheated on your ex or had a bad breakup that was your fault, you may be feeling some guilt about what you did. Try to realize that we all make mistakes and this is normal. Don’t beat yourself up too much; just learn from your mistakes.

18. You need to talk to your ex about something

If you have a nagging thought of something that reminds you of your ex, it may mean that you need to speak to him or her about something. Maybe you just remembered a wedding you both committed to and you need to determine what you will do about that. 

19. Your ex is thinking of you

Some people view signs as signals that their ex is actually thinking of them. I don’t know if I believe this to be true, but it is definitely a possibility. Just remember why the two of you ended things before rushing to his or her doorstep to talk about getting back together! You don’t need to make rash decisions like that before thinking it through.


Why do I keep seeing signs of my ex everywhere?

You may have some unresolved hurt in your past that you need to address. Your brain may be trying to tell you something, to remind you of something wonderful, and to get you to take certain actions. The subconscious part of your brain is very powerful!

How do you know if your ex still has feelings for you?

If you were the one to break up with your ex, he or she may still miss you and have feelings for you. If your ex and you ended things on good terms, you could try to contact him or her to see where they currently stand and to see if they miss you

How do you know an ex will come back?

If they did not want to break up, there is a good chance that they would like to get back together. However, some people get hurt easily, and they do not easily forgive the person who did the hurting. If you are still in the process of a breakup, you might just remind yourself why you are ending things.

How do you know if the universe wants you to be with someone?

Some people believe the universe will tell you if you should be together or not through one or more signs. If you see a sign that clearly tells you that you should be with your ex, it may be the universe trying to tell you to be together again. The universe is funny like that!

How do you know when love is coming?

A relationship built on love is found when two people feel care for one another like none other. If you put your partner’s needs ahead of your own, you know you are in love. Often, love will happen when you least expect it to, so be prepared for anything on earth!

To Sum It All Up

If you see signs of your ex, either ignore them and forget you saw them, or notice what they are and see if they mean something. Avoid making rash decisions that will affect you negatively in the long run, though. What is your take? Leave a comment!

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