Easy Ways To Get Him To Miss You Like Crazy

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Being in a relationship is like riding a roller coaster. Nervous and happy at the same time in the beginning. Excited when it's going up and feeling nauseous on the while thrown down. Usually all the excitement is full at the beginning, but the longer you dated, did he still as high as it has been?

Because you spend a lot of time together with him, you become curious did he ever miss you? Or if you have break up, you want your ex you miss you and want you back. For you who is currently in the dilemma, here some useful ways to get him to miss you. Easy and very fun to. Let's check out the list of ways to get him to miss you.

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1. Don't Call Or Miss Him For Some Time

don't call him or miss him for some time

It's a girl habit to always call and text a guy she miss or she loves. Staying away not knowing how is he doing is pretty frustrating, that's why you always keep him in check. Your daily appearance in his life makes him (probably) never miss you. How could he miss someone who is always there everyday. So if you want to get him miss you, don't call or text him for several days and wait if he call you first.

2. Don't Reply Or Answer Right Away

So after "disappearing" for days, turns out he start looking for you. You absence must have make his days different. Then you have 10 missed calls and 15 text messages from him. At this rate surely you want to reply and call him back as soon as possible. Don't make it too easy for him. Take some time before you reply. This little game works most of the time. Just don't make him wait too long because he will lose interest. One or two hours at most is enough.

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3. Be The One Who Ended The Conversation

After everything back to normal, you calls and text often, the next thing to keep him missing you is ending the conversation first. Be the one who hang up the call and sends the good night or goodbye. By playing hard to get like this, he will desire you more, and he miss you crazier than before. He will become curious of why you're acting like this. Well, that's the nicest ways to get him to miss you badly after he dumped you.

4. Reduce The Social Media Activity

He will not miss you if you're too active in social network. What is the meaning of cutting off all sorts of communication with him if your Instagram story always up to date. It will be the same, he won't curious about you or feeling your absence because because he can see you through the internet. You have to restrict yourself from liking his post, or even viewing his Instagram story. Create an image that you are too busy for the social media.

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5. Leave Behind Your Possession

If you want your man to miss you like a crazy, leave something behind to recall his memories of you. Just how you were reminded of your childhood when finding grandma's old scarf, leave your belongings with him. A pen inside his bag, or when your already date him, a toothbrush in his bathroom.

6. Don't Give All Of Your Time For Him

don't give all of your time for him

One rule you must follow when you want him miss you, don't be always available when he needs you. You don't have to spend the whole weekend with him. Instead, spend them together with your friends and show him that you are perfectly well on your own. This will give an impression that you are an independent woman. Well, that was first, and the next is him craving for your company even more as he see you enjoying yourself. A guy is not into a woman who always clinging onto him.

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7. Wake His Curiosity

Men has a big curiosity instinct with them, and it's natural. They have a unique traits of wanting what they didn't have. So make sure he didn't have "something" from you. Don't give at all away because there will be nothing left. He surely want some affection from you, so let him hanging and don't kiss him on the first date. Be a little challenging.

8. Meet And Share With Your Friend

While spending some times away from him, meet with your friends and exchange your stories with them. You might find a new tricks to make him jealous and want you even more. Don't forget to upload the fun on the social media to fan his flame of jealousy.

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9. Share What Only Needed On The Social Media

A man more attracted to a independent woman. He will be dying to see you having fun without him. Show this side more to him via your social media. Go on a trip, spend some short getaways, and make sure to posts every moment. Just don't fake it, so that your fun will be authentic.

10. Give Yourself A Makeover From Head To Toe

You may find this in every mean-girls-like movie you have seen. But this really work! Especially when you want to get back with your ex. A new, fresh haircut will do wonders to your look. Dress the way you never tried before. Go somewhere he usually at, and make it as seems you accidentally meet him. Upon looking at the new you, he won't be sleeping well at night.

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11. Be Happy

Nothing drives people crazy more than seeing you happy. This is a must to show to an ex. Let him know that life without him is fine, even better. Do everything you couldn't while you were together with him. Travel far, learn new things, switch jobs, do your hobbies. Seeing you living like that, he will miss you because you are doing fine with him. The more you show him you are happy, the more he desire you.

12. Give Him Time To Enjoy Himself

give him time to enjoy himself

If you think that keeping him close to you will make him love you more, you are wrong. He will gradually annoyed and try to escape from you. Before that happen, "release" him first. Told him that he can hang out with his friends whenever he wants. He will realizing how much your presence made his day when he's away from you. He can't deny that he needs you.

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13. Choose Your Signature Fragrance

A scent will recall the memories of someone. Stick to one perfume from day one you met him. Make him so get used with this fragrance that he can smell it even before you appear before his eyes. When you are away, he will immediately miss you when he smell it somewhere.

What To Do When He Misses You

One of the defining factor whether you succeed or not in making him to miss you is how you react to it. You have to act smart till the end until he can't get away from you. To accomplished your mission, here are some tips for you.

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1. Do Not Give An Explosive Reaction

You are intentionally making him missing you, so when he start to take the bite you become terrified and cannot hold yourself down. Once he calls or text, you answer it right away because you also miss him as hell. Once you do this, you lose it all.

2. Do Not Make Him Wait Too Long

It's necessary to make him wait for your reply, but don't make him wait too long. He will lose interest and will not try to reach you again. One or two hours is enough, but it will be too much if you give your respond the next day. Come on, who is too busy to touch her phone for the whole day?

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3. Do Not Fake Things

Some women will fabricated things to show the world how happy she is. This is a wrong move. Do real things that make you happy genuinely so it radiates to everyone, including him. Faking this will make you miss him instead of the other way around.

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4. Keep Being Yourself

keep being yourself

Doing some makeover will help you to begin a new start. You want to impress him with the changes so you intentionally going to places he usually at. One important thing is, keep being you. You may change your looks, but don't change you heart.

So we have come down to the end. Have you read the list thoroughly? So, now you know those ways to get him to miss you after he hurt you, so that he will know what he did wrong to you.Prepare yourself and you are ready to go. Make sure you avoid the don'ts so you can succeed in this one sacred mission. Good luck for you sincerely.

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