Signs Aquarius Man Is Playing Mind Games, Because He Has Feelings For You!

by Michelle Devani

Sometimes it is not easy to get to know the signs Aquarius man is playing mind games with you. Since most woman will thinking whether this is real, or only jokes or testing my self. This is why many woman feeling curious about Aquarius man thinking. Specially on what to do when my Aquarius man ignores me in a sudden. There must be something happen between both of you. Therefore, if want to know whether it is definitely signs Aquarius man is playing mind games with you or not, check below lists and tips.

Signs Aquarius Man Is Playing Mind Games

There are several important signs whether a man is playing mind games with you or not. This actually can be see through their act and gesture. Therefore, try to watch out carefully below points.

1. They Suddenly Change Mind

If an Aquarius man easily change his mind, it can be a sign that he is playing mind games with you. Such as in a second he wants to go out with you, but suddenly he changes his mind at last minutes. Mainly if this happen several times, it is such a way that he is not certain and he make you thinking on how to know if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly. Therefore, you just need to be patient when facing this issue.

2. They Try To Seduce

they try to seduce

Becarefull if you find out that an Aquarius man is trying to seduce you. Sometimes it just their tricks to make sure whether you will accept their seduce or not. This is a simple thing, but it can lead to a serious conclusion. A man that wish for serious relationship usually prefer a woman with dignity. Therefore, if they find out that you are an easy woman, then they will thinking twice to get into relationship with you.

3. They Try To Make You Jealous

Another signs Aquarius man is playing mind games is that if he try to make you jealous. Such as he show that he get close with one of his female friend. Or he in a purpose tell you that he try to seduce other woman. Sometimes this is not his actual mean, he might just try to see your reaction. Since he needs to know the signs when your girlfriend has a crush on  someone else or not. This can be his good tricks to find out.

4. They Get Too Emotional

Beware of too much emotional on your relationship. Specially if he is an Aquarius man and he put too much emotion on you. Such as he suddenly feels mad to you without a clear reasons. Or he might feel so happy for a little thing you've done that actually has no meaning. This can be a clear signs that he try to playing mind games with you.

Tips To Win Aquarius Man's Heart And Make Them Stop Playing Mind Games

There are several easy steps to end this mind games and make him definitely fall in love with you. If you interest to know further, look at the following lists.

1. Give him a clue that you crush on him

This will make him sure about your feeling and stop playing mind games with you. His game is over when he feels certain that you also like him.

2. Surprise him with any romantic things

surprise him with any romantic things

Invite him to a dinner and prepare his favorite food. This will make him thinking sorry for playing mind games with you. Plus, it also a good way on how to seduce your Aquarius man.

3. Ask him about what he feels towards you

Ask him about his feelings, and that you wish for a serious relationship rather than just friend. It is sometimes important to be the decision maker rather than to keep stubborn waiting for winning this mind games battle. This can give you the right answer along with saving your effort and power. Sometimes mind games is quite exhausting and takes a lot of time. Therefore, to end it up is a good short cut.

Those all several signs Aquarius man is playing mind games with your self and try to test you reaction. Do not afraid and be your self. This is usually the best approach to decide when an Aquarius man is testing your feeling. You need to understand that nobody can lie about their true feeling. This is including when an Aquarius man has a crush on you, there must be a true signs about his feeling to you. But they just need to make sure whether you have the same feeling or not. So that in the end they will able to conclude that you have that special feeling for them before going to a serious relationship.

Michelle Devani
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