Why He Takes Forever To Text You Back And What To Do Then

Last updated on June 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It is many reasons why he takes forever to text you back. Below here these are some of the reasons why he takes forever to text you back.


1. It Looks Like He Is Busy

He seemed to busy took the time to reply to your message. Wait, if he is not busy for sure he will reply to your message it.

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2. He Wants To Enjoy His Time Alone

This weekend it seems like he wants to spend his time for himself. He takes a short break from a busy during this time.

3. He Is Doing His Hobby

he is doing his hobby

On a sunny day is very suitable for swimming or surfing. He utilizes this beautiful weather to do his hobby. It is better if you joining him. It is really fun.

4. Fun With Friends

A long time ago he is not to meet friends for long, it's time to get together and reminisce about the past when at school. He was fun to chat with a friend even he almost forgot the time.

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5. The Subject Is Not Attractive

Try to look for topics that are interesting and fun so he can replies to your messages faster. Try to speak a little bit of a joke to make him laugh.

6. Forget

Maybe he worked too hard until h toe forgot the time. Try to remind him back, so that he will be remembered.

7. There Is Nothing To Talk About

You got him, so maybe it is no longer needs to be talked about, and he is remembered time to reply to our message, he's thinking what else? This is enough.

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8. He Avoids You

You write the message that you are disappointed and angry. He actually knew this, and now he is trying to avoid thee in no reply to any message you.

9. He Has Someone Else In His Heart

It could be that he has to have someone else. If you have this, you should just give up and find someone else.

10. He Is Not Interested With You Again

He's not interested in the type of women like you, you're a woman who's possessive, flirtatious, and you are having a bad temper.

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11. Too Chatty

too chatty

You too often ask everything, you're where, with whom, and what are. All these questions that made him tired. You are too chatty and he is away from you now.

12. He Is Confused

For a shy man the things that make him confused, in his mind; I must speak what and how? He is confused about how to talk to you.

13. Do Not Like Working On The Same Thing

Some studies reveal that turns men don't like to do things simultaneously. They prefer to deal with what is being worked on. This is indeed very different from a woman did.

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14. He Is No Mood

He is no mood at all to answer messages from you. It looks like he needs a lot of time to makes it back again. It has been very rare he did not write a message for you.

15. He Is Tired

Within a day he was willing to spend one and a half day to work hard. He was very tired. He works hard for the sake of the future that he dreamed.

The Signs That He Is Not Interested In You

1. A Lot Of The Reason

You brought him to meet, he always just say a lot of the reason to avoid you. We suggest you re-think.

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2. More Talking About Himself

He always talked about a lot of things about himself. In here he will not allow you to speak. Everything is all about him.

3. Always Re-Thinking

You invited him to go to your house. If he is indeed interested, he will surely fulfill your invited to your house and meet you’re the parents. Is he still rethinking? Just forget it, ladies.

4. Inconsistent

Please listen to his words, is he consistent with his words? This is important as a man he should be consistent with what he was doing and saying.

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5. Avoiding To Meet You

avoiding to meet you

He avoids to meet you. He seems not interested in you and his acts are so strange.

6. Never Talk About Your Relationship

He always talks about his future, how he will be successful and become rich. He is not interested in talking about how the future relationship both of you, guys.

7. Intuition

The things that can only be felt by the woman is the woman's intuition itself. Does your intention say he was interested in you or not? Remember the woman’s intuition is always the truth.

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How To Face A Guy That Is Not Interested To Reply Your Message Back

What can we do if we face with the guy that is not interested to reply your message back? Below here are the tips for you. 

1. Give Him A Ping

If you used the application of Blackberry Messenger you can give him a Ping. As a sign that he should be quick to reply to a message. Please be patient he may reply in no time.

2. Send A Message Back

For you, the user of the application Line or WhatsApp send a message back with adds emoticon features and please to write "reply". Surely he will respond to your message.

3. Comments On The Status Of His Social Media

If he did not reply to a message, you can try to view the status of him on Facebook or on his Path. You can write a comment on the status or the ones of his photo that he is uploaded.

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4. Use The Free Phone In Application

Tired of waiting, it better uses a phone or video call for free from your application. In addition, to save money, this is a cheap one.

5. You Can Call Him

you can call him

The internet signal is trouble, what to do? Sacrifice a little bit of your money and call him. You can instantly get the answer in straight away.

6. Go To Meet His Closest Friend Or Relative

If he's hard to be reached, try to contact his closest friend or relative. It would be better if you know the parents. Maybe they will tell you some information about out him.

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7. Meet Him In College Or The Workplace

Are you classmate with him or his partner in his Office? Meet him and ask him the be better he avoids you.

8. Meet Him At Home

If he still avoids you, try to meet with him in his home. Is he, still reviews you? He still does not want to meet you. Please forget about him.

Hopefully, this reviews helpful to you who want to know what the real reason why he takes forever to text you back. Please finds and notices his signals. Leave him who are not interested in you and find someone new who is able to love you. Good luck.

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